World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0317 - Challenging The Limit

Challenging The Limit

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Chen Xiang placed all the Hundred Beasts and Elemental Spirit Dans into a box, which had also been specially prepared by the Danxiang Taoyuan in order to prevent cheating.

After he finished refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, Chen Xiang closed his eyes to recover his strength and spirit he had consumed a while ago, because he had to next refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

During the auction, he had bought two Five Color Profound Fruit, and later Elder Dan had given him Five Color Lotus Seed, Colorless Lingzhi and Five Leaf Grass, two of each.

In other words, he had two of each herb, but he could only refine a single set because he must keep the other set for planting.

Now, others once again began to speculate which low-grade profound level dan was Chen Xiang going to refine, many of them reckoned it was the Building Foundation Dan, in particular Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others; they had all obtained a lot of Building Foundation Dans from Chen Xiang.

But, if he had the Azure Profound Fruit, then he would have already begun refining.

"Is he still going to refine? He doesn’t have the Azure Profound Fruit. If he had it, he would have already began refining the Building Foundation Dan. The Building Foundation Dan is even easier to refine compared to the Elemental Spirit Dan." Liu Menger doubtfully said.

Hua Xiangyue glancing at resting Chen Xiang, started frowning, her face was filled with an inexplicable seriousness, moreover, also a little surprise, it seemed as if she caught sight of something, but she could not confirm.

"What?" Liu Menger noticing Hua Xiangyue's complexion, suddenly asked.

"I'm not sure, I've to look again! Who the hell taught him these alchemy techniques, he unexpectedly arrived at this point." Hua Xiangyue shook her head and said.

Suddenly, she saw Chen Xiang came up with a lot of herbs, her pupil fiercely contracted, her tender body slightly shocked, her breathe turned extremely rapid, "Impossible, have this brat accomplished that step?"

Seeing the astonishing change in Hua Xiangyue's complexion, Liu Menger could tell Chen Xiang was definitely going to do something astonishing, she asked, "Isn't that the Five Color Profound Fruit he had bought in the auction? There are still some other herbs... are they the materials for the Five Elements True Elemental Dan!"

Hua Xiangyue took in a long deep breath, closed her pretty eyes, nodded her head, "Yes, that is Five Color Lotus Seed, Colorless Lingzhi, Five Leaf Grass! He certainly had not refined the Five Elements True Elemental Dan before, but now he wants to try..."

"What?!" Liu Menger was surprised, her complexion also took a turn, "He wants to refine a dan he had never refined; under this situation, does he... he know the Refining Simulation Technique that you spoke of?"

"En! That's why I'm suspicious, if he knew the Refining Simulation Technique, then he must have an alchemist with extraordinary alchemy techniques guiding him from the back!"

Some alchemist with good insight, with one glance recognized those dazzling five color herbs Chen Xiang had taken out, making a bunch of alchemist discuss in low voice.

Five Elements True Elemental Dan was the most favourite dan for geniuses possessing multiple veins, for martial artists with multiple veins it was greatly advantageous. Rumor had it, a Five Elements True Elemental Dan could allow a 1st level True Martial Realm martial artist to advance to 2nd level, such was the amount of True Qi contained inside it. Even the martial artists who didn't have multiple veins could still take it, because after the Five Elements True Elemental Dan had been congealed, it would produce a kind of very special kind of True Qi.

Chen Xiang speculated this unique True Qi was precisely the Universe True Qi, this kind of True Qi was indeed extremely mystical, it could very easily be assimilated into any kind attribute, such as, after his five elements True Qis were fused, it could be applied to the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, yet could release powerful wood attribute True Qi, and its strength would be several times before the fusion.

"In the auction the Five Color Profound Fruit definitely must have been bought by this brat." Lian Yingxiao said, at that time he was competing with Chen Xiang.

"The Five Elements True Elemental Dan is rather more expensive than Building Foundation Dan, it also comparatively sought-after thing in the auction, if taken a few of them, then it can make its user to breakthrough, it is also known as king dan among the low-grade profound level dans!” Gu Dongchen exclaimed.

The Five Elements True Elemental Dan's herbs weren't so rare as that of Elemental Spirit Dan, now and then they would appear in the Chenwu Mainland, because of this many alchemists rather had some understanding on the Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

Chen Xiang began processing the Five Elements True Elemental Dan's herbs, beside the four main herbs, there were still some other auxiliary herbs with more than three thousand years of age, generally the auxiliary herbs were Ginseng, Lingzhi like things with a large number of pure Spirit Qi contained in it.

Chen Xiang processed the herbs a little slowly, not as proficiently as before, everybody could tell he was not familiar with the herbs, other couldn't help but doubt whether or not he had refined the Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

One must know the herbs of the Five Elements True Elemental Dan were as precious and rare as the herbs of the Building Foundation Dan, but the difficulty to refine it was same as the Elemental Spirit Dan. With one set of herbs the number of dans which could be refined was similar to the Hundred Beasts Dan, six or seven. If Chen Xiang could successfully refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, there was no doubt he would be getting first.

At this time, one after another, all the other alchemists on the stage finished refining, all these alchemists had refine the Hundred Beasts Dan, their alchemical furnaces were very simple and crude, the success rate of refining the Hundred Beasts Dan was rather high, and then refined some unconventional dans, some of which were costlier while some were cheaper, they were not like Chen Xiang who could take out so many rare and precious herbs to refine some noble low-grade profound level dans.

These alchemists were indeed in 6th level, they could all successfully finished, and not one of them had their furnace explode, or any failure, after all they had refined a massive amount of dans, all of them had certain strength.

Only Chen Xiang was not finished, he had not refined the final low-grade profound level dan, and the time was pressing, it would very soon be over.

They could unexpectedly watch someone refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, which made these alchemist's hearts throb rapidly with emotions, they could not control themselves, yet all of them didn't know; Chen Xiang was refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan for the very first time, he was under a huge amount of pressure.

The alchemists on stage naturally didn't want Chen Xiang to be successful, otherwise they would not have the opportunity to win.

"This little rascal is truly going to refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan for the first time, he is really daring, if he is successful, then he would have grasped the essence of Refining Simulation Technique!" Hua Xiangyue frowned, when she had to learn the Refining Simulation Technique, she had to suffer a lot of bitterness, while Chen Xiang had not even reached thirty, he had already started learning, she felt very jealous of Chen Xiang's talent.

When Chen Xiang was resting a while ago, he had been carefully listening to Su Meiyao describing the essentials of refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, only now was she finished speaking, and now, he was also finished processing the herbs.

He was slowly processing the herbs, it was all to meticulously observe those herbs using his divine sense, he must thoroughly understand these herbs, only then could he carry out an accurate refining simulation, now he felt it was just about enough, he slightly took a deep breath, and released the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace.

Watching Chen Xiang stopped processing the herbs, everyone knew he was ready, everyone holding their breath, watched carefully, they were worried they would miss some details, because this kind of seen was rarely seen, maybe in their life they could only see it once.

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger were also very tensed, if Chen Xiang had truly master the Refining Simulation Technique, such kind of talent was very heaven defying.

The same was true for Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi, all of them were a little tensed.

The entire square was suddenly enveloped in a very stifling and tensed atmosphere, making it difficult to breathe.

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