World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0316 - Potential


Only those alchemists who had a certain basic knowledge were able to detect what made it difficult for the Elemental Spirit Dan to refine. They noticed that those rising dense Herbal Spirit Qis were absorbing something, and after absorbing their amount would increase by a lot, then they would once again be compressed by Chen Xiang, lest the Herbal Spirit Qis expand because of their increasing mass.

These Herbal Spirit Qis were also somewhat similar to the spiritual power, however, the spirit inside the herbs was, pure, uncontrolled yet very oppressive.

"So it was like this, this little rascal had truly opened my outlook, really made me admire him! No wonder, an honorable Empress like you will have a soft spot for this little rascal." Hua Xiangyue mischievously said with a smile, she had been staring at Chen Xiang's transparent alchemical furnace, she too was an alchemist, but she had not refined the Elemental Spirit Dan, so of course, she would intently observe the refining process.

Liu Menger tenderly scoffed and said, "Aren't you too?"

"Are you jealous? Worried that I'll steal him?" A charming smile appeared on Hua Xiangyue’s face, as she replied while stroking the silky hairs draped over Liu Menger's bosom.

"If you can steal him, consider it your win." Liu Menger stuck out her tongue, her pretty eyes glistened with a complex look, while looking at Chen Xiang's serious and handsome face, she couldn't help but admit, she really liked this little rascal.

Bit by bit time slowly passed away. The originally glittering in colorful lights Illusionary brilliant Furnace of Chen Xiang, now after the fusion, the Herbal Spirit Qis turned into a dazzling white light, moreover, all the fused herbal powder and the Herbal Spirit Qis had been divided by Chen Xiang into three groups. Much to everyone's dismay Chen Xiang was going to refine three Elemental Spirit Dan, which once again scared the hell out of every other alchemists.

From the records, they remembered only one dan was possible from one set of herbs, however, Chen Xiang had subverted their knowledge, and was even refining three!

Everyone who knew about alchemy, knew if they wanted to refine many dans at once, they need to retain some of the Herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, and need powerful divine sense to suppress the instability which would occur during the solidification process of many dans, if during the solidification process, even one dan was unsuccessful, then the entire batch would fail.

In order to ensure success, many alchemists would chose to let out a part of Herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder from the vent of the alchemical furnace, this way, although the dans would be less, at least they would be successful, they would not waste these precious herbs. This was also written in many textbooks of alchemy, and over time, alchemists happened to believe this was a matter of course.

But Chen Xiang rarely implemented this, that was why the dans he refined happened to be a lot in number, and also of top quality!

Inside the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace everything was happening same as Chen Xiang has visualized in his refining simulation, it was exactly the same, which made Chen Xiang even more familiar with a kind of foreseeing feeling, so long as he could grasp this feeling, it would then take him one step closer to mastering the Refining Simulation Technique, this superb alchemy technique.

Chen Xiang’s refining three dans was also for the sake of increasing the price a bit, even if he failed in refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, he would still have the opportunity to win first, if he could refine the building Foundation Dans, he was sure he would be able to obtain victory.

If not for him not carrying the Azure Profound Fruit with him, he'd probably have finished the three low-grade profound level dans, moreover refining a set of four Building Foundation Dans would have scared a bunch of alchemists.

Now the dawn was just an hour away, and inside the transparent furnace of Chen Xiang, the three groups of mass of qis shining in white light, after a burst of violent jolt, suddenly started gathering together. The mass of qis started rotating insanely as they slowly began to contract, before the prototype of dans appeared.

At this point everyone was watching anxiously, while in the simulation the refining of the three Elemental Spirit Dans had already been finished. He for the first time had refined three Elemental Spirit Dans, and only because he had learned the Refining Simulation Technique, he dared to try. This kind of success made him feel a kind of inexplicable joy.

The three Elemental Spirit Dans had been successfully refined. As Chen Xiang held them in his palm, upon his serious face a sliver of smile appeared, on the other hand the other fourteen alchemists on the stage felt a lot of pressure. Chen Xiang refining the unconventional Elemental Spirit Dan was totally out of their expectation, moreover, it was three at once, they had heard that during the auction, one Elemental Spirit Dan sold for 50 million crystal stones, if its value was calculated in accordance with this, they would definitely lose.

"Last time this little rascal could only refine two, not to mention he was using that powerful furnace of his to refine, now he had not even relied on any alchemical furnace, yet he has refined three dans! I've really squeezed out his potential." Hua Xiangyue's face was filled with a smug smile, she felt she had done a good thing, now her mood was as if she was guiding a proud disciple, and this disciple had also performed very amazingly.

Chen Xiang now felt very grateful to this seductress, Hua Xiangyue, he suddenly understood why Hua Xiangyue intentionally made him draw that tattered alchemical furnace, it was all deliberately done in order to make him get rid of his dependence on the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace.

Chen Xiang speculated the last two games had all been arranged by Hua Xiangyue, because during the last assessment, he felt that the secret of his Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace had been exposed.

His speculation was not far from target, it was also because of this that he was having a kind of strange feeling.

"This brat is definitely going to refine the Building Foundation Dan, his swindling had made me suffer miserably!" Gu Dongchen wanted to cry but he had no tears, thinking of spending 20 million crystal stones to buy ten Building Foundation Dans, his heart once again secretly throbbed in pain.

"Brother Gu, you mean to say the ten Building Foundation Dans in the auction was his?" Lian Yingxiao asked, he was slightly shocked.

"Yes!" Gu Dongchen sighed and said.

"Strange, when you were bidding for the Building Foundation Dan, Liu Menger was increasing the price with you! Even when Yue Jianglin was bidding for Elemental Spirit Dan, Liu Menger was also competing! As far as I know, Liu Menger's apprentice Xue Xianxian is Chen Xiang's wife, among them..." Lian Yingxiao's word shocked Gu Dongchen.

Gu Dongchen clenched his fist and cursed, "This brat definitely must have instigated Liu Menger to increase the price, Liu Menger is a very proud woman, why can this brat break a deal with her?"

Wu Kaiming also felt it was highly likely, "Yue Xiangling had been swindled most miserably, Chen Xiang must have guessed Yue Xianglin will definitely buy the Elemental Spirit Dan, so he must have ask Liu Menger to continue increasing the price."

"I know Liu Menger the best, when I was pursuing her, she didn't even pay any attention to me, I have stalked her for thousands of years, it was still the same, she will never do such kind of things! Is it because of her beloved disciple?" Lian Yingxiao said.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming also could not understand, an honourable Empress, how could she mix in with their insidious young martial uncle, and do such wicked deeds? It should be known that Liu Menger was not lacking crystal stones or True Elemental Dans or any other thing, they had no choice but to ask about it later.

Lian Yingxiao was now even more shocked with Chen Xiang's ability, much to his dismay Chen Xiang was even able to move Liu Menger. In the past he had invited Liu Menger to his birthday, but Liu Menger never came.

"It seems I have to manage my Lotus Island's people, I can not allow them to offend Chen Xiang, this brat is too terrifying!" Lian Yingxiao muttered, because he knew Liu Menger's character, if Chen Xiang could make Liu Menger lower herself and do illegal things, then he could also ask Liu Menger to fight for him too.

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