World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0315 - A Step Further

A Step Further

Everyone has watched Chen Xiang refine Hundred Beasts Dan, but now specially in the evening they felt it was even more stunning. The colorful beautiful rays radiating from the transparent furnace were even more dazzling, it made the onlookers feel intoxicated.

Chen Xiang was running the refining simulation of Hundred Beasts Dan in his mind. Although the process was somewhat complex, but he could still see every fine detail in his mind, his refining simulation was exactly similar to his refining in reality.

In less than hour, Chen Xiang had successfully refined a set of Hundred Beasts Dan!

"Start refining the Elemental Spirit Dan!" Su Meiyao's tone turned a little grim, because the Elemental Spirit Dan was a lot more difficult to refine compared to the Hundred Beasts Dan, moreover, its requirement for divine sense was very high; most of all its alchemy process was quite a lot different compared with other common dans.

After watching Chen Xiang complete the refining of the Hundred Beasts Dan, everyone in the square cheered up, for everyone was extremely curious as to what second low-grade profound level dan was Chen Xiang going to refine.

Everyone saw Chen Xiang take out a spiral shaped white grass and a thumb-sized flower, once these two spirit herbs were taken out, many were discussing about it in succession, particularly the alchemists, because they had never seen those herbs.

Those 7th level Alchemists were also discussing in low voice, according to their knowledge, these herbs were not for refining common dans, it should be some unconventional dan.

"Qianqian, what is he refining?" Yao Haisheng asked, he knew Wu Qianqian had been learning alchemy from Elder Dan, not to mention she was very close with Chen Xiang, he guessed she should know about it.

Yun Xiaodao, Xu Weilong and the others all turned their heads and looked at Wu Qianqian, waiting for her reply.

Wu Qianqian has been skimming through the memory in her mind, but she did not find any information related to these two herbs, she slightly shook her head and replied, "I also have no idea."

"Dean, you are knowledgeable, do you recognize what is it?" Wu Kaiming asked.

"I don't know." Gu Dongchen also had a pondering look on his face, he was recalling all the herbs he knew in the past ten thousand years, he gazed at Lian Yingxiao next to him, "Dean Lian, you are a lunatic collector, do you know what it is?"

Lian Yingxiao shook his head and said, "I have no idea, it seems we should wait till the end for the announcement."

When everyone was in anticipation to know the answer, an arrogant yet unenthusiastic voice came over, "It is the Divine Spirit Flower and the Raising Soul Grass, these are the herbs for refining Elemental Spirit Dan!"

Hearing this voice, the entire square suddenly broke into argy-bargy in low and deep voices, to everyone’s surprise, it was the Elemental Spirit Dan, rendering everyone to think of the Elemental Spirit Dan from before, which had once appeared in the Danxiang Tower, and then again in the auction. And finally sold at a hefty price of fifty million crystal stones.

"This is Yue Jianglin's voice! It seems that the Elemental Spirit Dan from the auction was refined by Chen Xiang, this guy had been screwed over completely, he must be fuming in anger." Gu Dongchen said while laughing.

Lian Yingxiao and Wu Kaiming too bursted into laughter, at the same time they were surprised that Chen Xiang could unexpectedly refine such a difficult dan, moreover, also could find such rare and precious herbs.

"Yue Jianglin, this guy still has not returned to give the Elemental Spirit Dan to his son, I presume he wanted to see whether or not he could find the person who screwed him off of his fifty million crystal stones." Hua Xiangyue said with a mischievous smile, Liu Menger too had a naughty smile hanging on her face, as they too were the participants in swindling Yue Jianglin.

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger heaved a sigh of relief, because Chen Xiang had the herbs of Elemental Spirit Dan, this meant that Chen Xiang still had the chance to win the first place.

Zhu Rong enviously looked at Chen Xiang, "So it was Younger Brother Chen's Elemental Spirit Dan, after returning I'm going to make sure to get a treat from our rich friend."

Fifty million crystal stones even for these family juniors was considered a fairly large sum, Yun Xiaodao and the others were making preparation for a big treat.

But they all didn't know that Chen Xiang had spent it entirely for buying the Dragon Soul.

Chen Xiang happened to be refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, realizing this the eyes of every alchemist lit up, for them it was a rare sight, because they would be able to clearly witness the entire refining process of the Elemental Spirit Dan, although they were not sure whether or not Chen Xiang would be able to last till the end and be successful.

Chen Xiang processed the herbs before placing them inside the furnace. This was his first time using the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to refine such a difficult dan, and also his first time using the Refining Simulation Technique, moreover, the deductions he would have to run in refining simulation would be much more.

Because when refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, the herbal Spirit Qi would need to assimilate with his divine sense, and the assimilated amount needs to be taken in count during the refining simulation. But as he had already refined the Elemental Spirit Dan in the past, it would not be very difficult for him, he could run the refining simulation according to his memory!

But, if he was refining those high level dans which he had never refined, it would be difficult for him to run the refining simulation, instead the most needed would be his sense of perception, his perception would show up while precepting during the refining simulation, then according to the error occurred in the refining simulation he could correct those errors in the reality.

This was the essence of the Refining Simulation Technique, it needed an extraordinary perception and powerful divine sense to support!

There were variety of aged auxiliary herbs, Chen Xiang needed to make an accurate estimation depending on the age of those herbs, only then could he carry out the refining simulation.

Everyone could see, after a large number of herbs were burned under the intense flames, one after another dazzling glows surged out. In the middle of the night it was extremely beautiful, Chen Xiang's transparent furnace was as if it was bearing a peerless treasure inside, making everyone marvel again and again, and making everyone in audience feel it was worth watching the tournament overnight.

At this point, a frown appeared on Chen Xiang’s forehead, and he became extremely serious. Because he must pay attention to the situation inside the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, he must control the flames, must use the divine sense to suppress those tyrannical Herbal Spirit Qis, must control the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace congealed out of the mana... and simultaneously he must do exactly same things in the refining simulation, which was quite taxing, and exactly for this the Refining Simulation Technique indeed had a very high requirements.

Presently for Chen Xiang it was like refining the Elemental Spirit Dan in two different furnaces at the same time, yet it was more difficult than to simultaneously refine in two furnaces, because in his mind he must precisely carry out the refining simulation, the visualization must be similar to that of reality, if some problem occurred in the simulation, then he would be have to make the following adjustments in reality, in his visualization he had to make sure he crossed the t’s and dot the i’s, otherwise if the visualization in itself was wrong, then it would lead to failure!

Therefore, in order to reduce the failure, the refining simulation could not be too fast, yet it needs to a bit faster than the reality!

Suddenly, Chen Xiang knit his eyebrows, the things he was expecting finally happened, because in the refining simulation of the Elemental Spirit Dan a problem appeared, which lead to an immediate failure, and the furnace happened to blew up!

The instant he found the problem, he quickly calmed down! The furnace blew up because he had allowed the Herbal Spirit Qis to assimilate too much with his divine sense, he immediately made the adjustment, and stopped those ownerless Herbal Spirit Qis from absorbing too much divine sense, this way, he rectified the problem arose during the refining simulation in his mind.

After he had successfully rectified the mistake, once again in Chen Xiang's mind appeared another furnace of Elemental Spirit Dan, and he once again began carrying out another refining simulation, but this refining simulation started from the point where he had rectified the mistake.

This allowed him to once again experience the fierceness of the Refining Simulation Technique, if the refining simulation was correct, he could know where he was making a mistake in advance, and then he could rectify it!

Other only thought that Chen Xiang was only concentrating in alchemy, and it was very difficult. However, nobody knew Chen Xiang was learning another alchemy technique! However, everyone watched him in relish, those alchemists watched him even more dumbfoundedly, because they could watch the refining of the legendary most difficult to refine Elemental Spirit Dan.

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