World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0314 - Learning And Applying At Hand

Learning And Applying At Hand

Except for Chen Xiang, the rest of the remaining alchemists on the stage all took out some rare and precious spirit herbs, which could be identified by many among the audiences. Only Chen Xiang stood still.

Chen Xiang had actually started long ago, however, he was performing the simulation of the refining of the True Elemental Dan in his mind, because this was the dan he had most refined the most. He was also the most adept at it, which was why it was better to test run with it.

"Little rascal, go ask Mrs. Li, whether you can refine other dan for practicing, you have a lot of time now!" Su Meiyao said.

Although Chen Xiang was running the refining simulation of the True Elemental Dan in his mind, he could still divert his attention to do other stuff.

"Mrs. Li, can I refine other dans for practice?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There was nothing mentioned about this in this rules, if you are not worried about getting yourself tired or about squandering your time, you are allowed." Mrs. Li replied. Alchemists practicing before alchemy was common thing, and not to mention, he was going to be using his own time and resources, which was why it was allowed.

Chen Xiang wanted to practice, which made many who were preparing to leave immediately halt their footsteps. Chen Xiang refining dans was a pleasure to watch, they could watch dans in the transparent furnace as they were being formed, moreover, the process was very frequent and very beautiful. In particular, those Herbal Spirit Qi exuding colorful lights almost seemed like they were dancing.

"He is finished, this little rascal wanted me to take him back to the Extreme Martial Sect to get the Azure Profound Fruit, at that time, I had one on me and gave it to him." Liu Menger suddenly thought of this and then lightly stamped her foot. She was regretting her decision to not take Chen Xiang back to the Extreme Martial Sect, otherwise he would not be lacking the Azure Profound Fruit right now.

Liu Menger learned from Hua Xiangyue how Chen Xiang became 5th level Alchemist, she knew he could only refine the Building Foundation Dan, the Elemental Spirit Dan and the Hundred Beasts Dan. This accounted for three kinds of low-grade profound level dans, and during the assessment Chen Xiang had already used that lone Azure Profound Fruit from Liu Menger.

"I don’t think he has the herbs for the Elemental Spirit Dan!" Liu Menger was extremely worried, she looked restless.

Hua Xiangyue was also a little surprised, "You gave him the Azure Profound Fruit? He’s in trouble, if he don't have the Azure Profound Fruit, he can’t refine the Building Foundation Dan! I hope he has the herbs of Elemental Spirit Dan and the Hundred Beasts Dan upon him at least, maybe he could win by the virtue of these two dans."

"The Elemental Spirit Dan is much more difficult than the Hundred Beasts Dan, I don't know whether he can hold on or not. He should be trying to familiarize himself with that alchemy technique from before."

Chen Xiang was already running the refining simulation of True Elemental Dan in his mind, but he was only refining in his imagination. Of course, he was successful in the end but now it was time for the real stuff.

He quickly processed the herbs of the True Elemental Dans, thankfully he had a lot of these herbs on hand. And after he was finished processing the herbs, he released the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, and then placed the herbs inside. At the same time, he had already began running the simulation, moreover a step ahead. The shape and size of these herbs, the texture upon the herbs had all been simulated in his mind. Even the entire square, the environment all around him, along with the sounds from the audience had been simulated.

He placed both his hands upon the fire entrance, and began pouring the flames inside. While the simulation was a bit faster in his mind, he had already began incinerating the herbs.

If no problem arose during the refining simulation in his mind, he would refine in accordance with the refining simulation. Temperature or everything else, everything would all be same as in the refining simulation.

Soon, Chen Xiang deeply felt the formidability of the Refining Simulation Technique. Unexpectedly, everything was exactly the same as expected. What happened inside the alchemical furnace was exactly the same as what he had simulated in his mind.

Chen Xiang was refining the True Elemental Dan, this was a most commonly used dan by many, nobody expected they would be able to see how it was being refined today.

The Herbal Spirit Qi of the True Elemental Dan were also colorful. After they had been incinerated by the flames, they rose to the top. Various colorful Herbal Spirit Qis sometimes intertwined, some repelled. The flames too were sometimes large and fierce, yet the next moment they were small and fine. Unexpectedly, sometimes the flames were not even present...

The various changes occurring inside the furnace were the same as the changes transpiring in the refining simulation running in Chen Xiang's mind. Even the various movements of those Herbal Spirit Qi were exactly the same.

At this point, Chen Xiang truly felt as if he was looking what was happening inside his own alchemical furnace early on. In reality, he was only refining the dan once, but for him it seemed he was experiencing the same thing twice, it was a very magical feeling.

The 7th level Alchemists all intently stared at Chen Xiang's transparent furnace. They wanted to have a look how Chen Xiang was refining the True Elemental Dan without using any Spirit Crystal Essence, but they could not notice anything out of the ordinary. This was because Chen Xiang had poured in a large amount of water attribute True Qi inside, which transformed into an invisible mist, wrapped around those herbal powder inside, rendering it impossible for anyone to see.

In less than half an hour, Chen Xiang had refined a set of True Elemental Dans. He had slowed down his speed in order to cooperate with the Refining Simulation Technique.

After he had finished refining one set, he continued refining. He wanted to familiarize himself with the Refining Simulation Technique. Only then could he run the refining simulation for more complex dans.

To everyone’s dismay, Chen Xiang kept on refining the True Elemental Dans without stop. From the evening to the late night, he had been refining. He had almost refined thirty sets, moreover, each set of five dans, and as usual all of top-grade quality. His alchemy skills had already left many in deep admiration, some alchemists held an even deeper respect for Chen Xiang, which was apparent in their eyes.

"I knew it, little rascal, your talent is very good! You have already grasped this technique in such a short while. However, you should know, when refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, the difficulty will rise many times compared with the True Elemental Dan! At that time, the consumption of your divine sense and your power will also be a lot more." Su Meiyao praised before reminding Chen Xiang to not take his future task lightly.

"Next, refine the Hundred Beasts Dan, and then the Elemental Spirit Dan. Use the Refining Simulation Technique for these two dans, before finally refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan!"

Although Su Meiyao didn't show any surprise on the surface, deep within her heart she was extremely shocked. In the past, she had taken many years in order to master this technique, although Chen Xiang had only ran the refining simulation for the dan he was most familiar with, there was no doubt he had already crossed the threshold because his refining in reality was exactly the same as the refining simulation! This was clear proof that Chen Xiang was beginning to master this technique.

Seeing Chen Xiang take out the herbs of Hundred Beasts Dan, everyone was suddenly excited. It was quite clear that Chen Xiang was now going to compete and finish his two other dans soon. However, he had already used a lot of time for practicing, and only about three hours were left before the sunrise.

Everyone was even more curious, which three kinds of low-grade profound level dans was Chen Xiang going to refine? This had always been a secret, even Mrs. Li was not aware of it! The invigilating alchemists had kept everything confidential.

A lot of people had already left the square, only a few people remained, majority of which were the alchemists.

Obviously, Yun Xiaodao and the others would stay, they all sat closely to the stage, watching the furnace exuding five color rays.

Lian Yingxiao was together with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming. They were all very interested in the final results. After all, Chen Xiang was the young man they most admired.

"Dean Lian, you better control your son! I'm telling you, this brat fear nothing on heaven or on earth! If angered, he would even dare to slaughter the Emperor's son!" Gu Dongchen said. His tone was very serious, he was warning Lian Yingxiao that if one day, because of the wrongdoings of his son, if he made of move on Chen Xiang first, Gu Dongchen would definitely stand beside Chen Xiang.

"After returning I'll strictly discipline him. Even I'm afraid of Chen Xiang's Slaughter Qi! How the hell did this brat kill so many people at such a young age to possess such a frightening amount of Slaughter Qi?" Lian Yingxiao solemnly exclaimed and nodded, he didn't doubt Gu Dongchen's words for a second.

"Later, when you learn of everyone he killed like he was slaughtering cattle, it will definitely scare the hell out of you!” Gu Dongchen said while laughing. Everyone happened to believe that the Dean and the Elder of the Beast Martial Sect, as well as the those Nirvana Realm martial artists of the True Martial Sect, had all been killed by Gu Dongchen. But the fact was, it was all due to Chen Xiang.

Gu Dongchen could be regarded as Chen Xiang’s scapegoat in this matter, but he carried it very honorably.

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