World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0313 - Refining Simulation Technique

Refining Simulation Technique

In Chen Xiang's cognition, the more high level dan it was, the more it would be difficult to refine. The alchemist must try refining a dan many, many time before he learns refining it successfully. But according to Su Meiyao, alchemists at a certain level could have a 50% success rate at the start without ever refining a high-level dan!

This was very difficult for Chen Xiang to accept. Because even after he became familiar with refining the Elemental Spirit Dan and Building Foundation Dan, when he refined the Hundred Beasts Dan, he didn’t have anywhere close to a 50% success rate at the start.

"Liu Menger is collecting the herbs for the alchemist by betting on these very odds. After all, it is Earth Level Dan. The herbs are even rarer than the ones required for the Building Foundation Dan, and their maturity period is extremely long. If we follow the most basic way of alchemy, just to collect all the herbs, the alchemists would have to spend tens of thousands of years. In light of this, even in hundred thousand years, there would not be a single person who can achieve the rank of Dan Ancestor." Su Meiyao once again explained.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Before, he was also having some doubts on how these high-level alchemist could go so far. If one had to amasse so many herbs, that would be far too unrealistic, especially the herbs for those earth level and heaven level dans. These herbs couldn’t just be found anytime you wanted them.

"This technique has very high requirements for divine sense and the perception of alchemy. When you use this technique, you'll enter a very peculiar state. And then in your mind, you will simulate the alchemy process. This alchemy technique is called ‘Refining Simulation Technique' and many high-level alchemist need to master it. Generally, one begins to learn this method when they are refining Low-Grade Earth Level Dans. If you master this method, you'll at least be able to refine Middle-Grade Earth Level Dans."

Although this technique had a relatively common name, Chen Xiang was aware it was a very difficult technique to master. In this Refining Simulation Technique, the alchemist would have conduct the simulation of the alchemy process a few steps ahead of its real life equivalent while refining the dan. Within their mind, one would deduce what would happen in the near future and then adjust the alchemy process in advance for that particular refinement.

"You'll use this method to refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. There is still a bit time left, I'll teach you how to simulate in the meantime. For this technique. you need to be familiar with the characteristics features of the herbs and then rely on your perception! Your alchemy perception is lot more sensitive compared with other alchemists. Many times I’ve envied you because of this, which is also why I believe you are ready for it. Plus, you also cultivate Shinto, so your divine sense has already reached the level to cast the Refining Simulation Technique." Su Meiyao's voice turned serious, like a strict teacher teaching powerful and difficult technique.

Chen Xiang also listened very attentively like any faithful student should.

"I'll first describe the process of the Refining Simulation Technique in detail, pay attention..." Next, Su Meiyao quickly describe the process. Time was very pressing, but she had confidence in Chen Xiang, she was sure he could definitely master it in time. As long as Chen Xiang could take this step, he had the potential to become a Dan King.

Su Meiyao had seen a lot exceptionally talented Alchemists, but the alchemists who could take the last step along with her; were none. Everyone got struck in the afore-mentioned bottleneck, that was the so-called Refining Simulation Technique. Only she was able to completely master this step, allowing her to refine a few high level dans many times successfully.

While attentively listening to Su Meiyao, Chen Xiang was secretly marvelled at the complexity of the process. At the same time, he was also extremely excited, because there was a challenge in front of him which would allow him to break through the challenging bottleneck of alchemists in advance.

"That's it, that's all of my experience. I'm sharing it with others for the first time! You comprehend it yourself, you have Fire Spirit, so you'll be even more familiar with your own flame. This is also your advantage, plus you cultivate Shinto. With all this combined, you have larger chance to successfully master it than most." Su Meiyao thought it was an opportunity, since Chen Xiang wanted to become the champion of the tournament, and he also didn't have the alchemical furnace, the situation was very bad but also perfect for this sort of breakthrough. People tended to break past their limits under these pressured situations.

Which was also why when many people encounter a bottleneck, they would take some sort of risk in order to pass it. They would go fight with some powerful spirit beast, and breakthrough the bottleneck in course of the fight. When people fell into adverse situation, the likelihood of producing a miracle is far higher.

Chen Xiang past deeds were a clear example of this fact!

The tournament had not yet started, but Chen Xiang was already running the simulation of refining the True Elemental Dan in his mind. He closed his eyes, and in accordance with the method taught by Su Meiyao, breathed in a unique pattern which made him enter a state where he forgot everything, forgot himself and everything around him and achieved an unparalleled degree of focus. At this time, he felt he was inside a big white space. He sat cross-legged there, released the 'Illusionary Brilliant Furnace', and then began placing the herbs...

"Bang", Chen Xiang was suddenly awake with a jolt. His forehead was slightly drenched in sweat. Just a moment ago, it was as if he was in a dream, dreaming about refining the True Elemental Dan. But while refining the dan, an error occurred, which lead to the furnace blasting into pieces.

"This won't do, a while ago you have completely fallen in your consciousness. You need to be awake, and let your own consciousness do the simulation of alchemy process! When you are applying it, you need to do alchemy, while running the simulation in your mind. Moreover, your simulation need to be a tad bit faster than the actual alchemy. During the simulation when you encounter the same problem in refining, you have to immediately adjust it in reality, while at the same time immediately run the simulation from the end of your adjustment." Su Meiyao explained.

Chen Xiang slightly sighed and said, "I understand, the technique is to deduce the problem we are going to encounter in the future during the refining! Suppose I'm in a fight, I'll be able to predict the actions of opposite party, and be ready for it in advance. If I’m going to be stabbed to death, I can prepare to either avoid or block the strike."

"Yes, the refining simulation is exactly this, it will let you predict the change going to occur in your alchemical furnace. Once there is a problem, you can immediately adjust to fix it and continue." Su Meiyao nodded and said.

This time, Chen Xiang didn't close his eyes, and once again ran the refining simulation. When he was running the refining simulation, he could increase the speed, because it was happening inside a world of his consciousness, where he could do as he wish. In just a few blinks, the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace appeared in Chen Xiang’s mind along with the herbs already entirely processed. He placed them inside the alchemical furnace, and began refining the dan.

"The speed can be a little faster, but make sure you cross the t’s and dot the i’s. After the herbs are incinerated, how will the herbs will change? How the flame will release the Herbal Spirit Qi, and so forth! In short, you can not let any bit of details inside the alchemical furnace pass. So long as there is a bit of error, you can adjust in the reality but you need to perfectly replicate it first." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang now knew why the ‘Refining Simulation Technique' could allow the high level alchemists to have high success rates when refining unfamiliar high level dans. If he could grasp this technique, it was equivalent to encountering the situation in alchemical furnace beforehand, and he could adjust and even avoid the mistake.

This kind of method was very powerful, but the requirements for divine sense and perception were very high. Chen Xiang was almost unable to bear it, he felt very tired, his mind too exhausted.

"Preparation time is finished, let the round begin! When the sun rises tomorrow, that will be the end of this round.” Mrs. Li said.

It was already late evening, Chen Xiang didn't expect they would get so much time until tomorrow morning. This was totally out of his and Su Meiyao's expectations.

"The time is actually not that much. No one can complete it quickly because they are all using those broken furnaces, Danxiang Taoyuan is definitely aware of this! After all, these alchemists had to refine three kinds of dan they are most adept in, the most expensive low-grade profound level dan. Not to mention them having to use these broken furnaces, even if they have better furnaces they will need a long time." Bai Youyou said.

Many in the arena saw the time was far too long to remain waiting here, so they left one by one. They all thought they could just get up before tomorrow morning and see the results.

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