World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0312 - Brilliant


Chen Xiang drew a tattered alchemical furnace, which then blasted apart during the alchemy. Yet even when everyone thought it was hopeless for him, even in the adverse circumstances, Chen Xiang had not only turned the tables, but also cleared the round with best result!

Mrs. Li, along with few other 7th level Alchemists, carefully inspected Chen Xiang's Hundred Beasts Dans. Each dan of his was of top quality, a lot better compared with the other alchemists on the stage, rendering those formerly gloating alchemists speechless. Chen Xiang was once again in the limelight. A low 5th level Alchemist, in all three rounds had been a cut above these 6th level Alchemists, leaving others the impression that those 6th level Alchemist were inferior compared to Chen Xiang.

"Top grade quality, really left this old man too far behind to catch up! Forget even considering doing something like this without an alchemical furnace, even if I had one it will still be difficult for me to do this!" An old man sighed in shame and said.

Other old alchemists nodded in agreement. No one even dared to suggest that Chen Xiang had cheated, because the entire process of refining the Hundred Beasts Dan was obvious to all, it was all clearly performed in front of their eyes.

The first time seeing the process of a dan refinement occurring with such clarity in front of them had opened the outlook for many people. Although Chen Xiang had only used half an hour, for many, it felt like they had just finished watching a long wonderful drama. As such, they didn't feel the passage of time. Everyone in succession were lamenting over this brilliant display of alchemy technique by Chen Xiang.

Seeing was one thing, and refining was altogether another. Although a successful method of refining top quality ten Hundred Beasts Dan was presented by Chen Xiang in front of these alchemists, it would rather be difficult for them to replicate the results. This would require perfect fire controlling skills, as well as exquisite control over divine sense. Not to mention the relevant experience, and of course, most importantly, the talent!

Now, there were only fifteen alchemists left in the high-rank tournament. The fourth round was also the final round. At this moment, Chen Xiang couldn't help but tense up along with everyone else. The participants have to yet again refine dans, but, the difficulty this time would obviously be a grade above from all previous rounds . Chen Xiang had been only familiar and successful with the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace just a moment ago, and that was also because he happened to be refining the Hundred Beasts Dan. If it was Building Foundation Dan or Elemental Spirit Dan, then it would have been rather difficult.

Now it was break period, Chen Xiang was not exhausted from the previous endeavour, the consumption of mana was very low. As long as it didn't dissipate, he could take it back and use it again with little consumption issues.

"Elder Brother Chen is too formidable! Hahaha, I knew it, he must’ve had some way! Then again, although I was already prepared for it, I was still surprised." Yun Xiaodao said while laughing.

"Refining the Hundred Beasts Dan for Younger Brother Chen was very easy. After returning, I will definitely give him few herbs for refining." Zhu Rong said while laughing and rubbing his hands, "If Younger Brother Chen can help me refine dans all day long, how good that would that be."

"Get the fuck out, how can Elder Brother Chen waste his time in helping you refine those shitty dans?" Yun Xiaodao said as he kicked Zhu Rong.

Xu Weilong frowned and said, "The next round is definitely going to be very difficult. Chen Xiang must have used quite a lot the divine sense to refine like that, perhaps he had almost consumed all of his divine sense for such a strenuous action"

At this time, the discussion in the square about the working principle of that move was still not showing any signs of abating...

"Dean, teacher doesn't seem to know how to use this kind of strange divine sense." Wu Kaiming said. Their teacher was the senior brother of Chen Xiang. Both of them had obtained the inheritance of that old madman, he speculated that move of Chen Xiang had been taught by the old madman.

"That stuff is more formidable compared to divine sense, it should be some altered form of divine sense. That explains why it had some features of divine sense, but not quite the same! Although it is possible to congeal divine sense and also enclose flames like things, there is no way it could be so stable! After young martial uncle had released it out, he could also take it back, without dispersing a bit!" Gu Dongchen could also not identify what in the world Chen Xiang had just used.

Only after cultivating Shinto could Chen Xiang possess mana. Those who cultivated Shinto were scarce in number, obviously no one else here knew what it was.

"Now do you realize the magical effects of mana? It can be said that you have used a type of transformation among the 72 Transformations. This kind of transformation is not transforming your own body, but rather releasing mana out of the body and then transforming it. If one could reach the highest state of mastery, they could create a dragon, or even an entire world!”Long Xueyi's words stunned Chen Xiang.

Creating an entire world, just how much mana would be required to accomplish that!?

"Hei hei, do not be so surprised. Maybe the world we are currently living in was created by a powerful individual using mana." Long Xueyi’s words scared the hell out of Chen Xiang.

The world was very big, no one knew what strange things were out there! Chen Xiang now came to realize the formidability of Shinto. He now understood why dragons were so naturally powerful.

In the top floor of Danxiang Tower, Hua Xiangyue had to hold back the impulse to seek out Chen Xiang many times, she really wanted to know how Chen Xiang managed to achieve such a feat. Along with Liu Menger, Hua Xiangyue had discussed in detail on the event but only managed to come to conclusion that Chen Xiang had a unique martial technique which allowed him to cultivate out this kind of strange divine sense.

"Xiangyue, what’s the the next round going to be like?" Liu Menger asked. Chen Xiang had barely managed to arrive this step, and she didn't want to see Chen Xiang fail.

Hua Xiangyue mysteriously smiled, "Just wait a bit and you'll find out. This last round is his greatest test, I specially designed it for him. This will force him to give it all. Actually, just a while ago, I thought he will not be able to last till the end."

Chen Xiang looked at the fragments of the tattered alchemical furnace littered on the ground. When he had obtained the alchemical furnace, he felt furious. But now that he thought about it, if it wasn’t for this, he may not have found out mana could be used in such a way. Although he was using this ability for the tournament, maybe this method could still be used in future.

Now that he knew mana could be used like this. He intended to take out some time in his schedule, and try to go one step further, and learn that said change from Long Xueyi.

After the break was over, everyone was looking forward to the details of the next round. They also wanted to see Chen Xiang using the transparent alchemical furnace for alchemy again. Especially the alchemists among the audience, they could learn a lot of things from watching that process again. Not to mention, it was also a lot more interesting than watching other alchemists using those tattered alchemical furnaces.

Chen Xiang was also a bit tensed while awaiting Mrs. Li’s announcement on the details of the next round.

"The high-rank tournament's last and final round is about to begin! In this round, everyone will have to challenge the limits of their own alchemy, the participants will have to precisely use the alchemical furnace from before and refine three kinds of Low-Grade Profound Level Dans, and then based on those three differed low-grade profound level dans, the champion will be determined!" Mrs. Li's words made Chen Xiang's heart fall into an abyss.

Chen Xiang could currently only refine three kinds of low-grade profound level dans, but he only had only had the herbs for two of them. Those were the Hundred Beasts Dan and the Elemental Spirit Dan, but for the Building Foundation Dan he was lacking the Azure Profound Fruit. Last time when he went for the assessment for the 5th level Alchemist, it was provided by Liu Menger.

"Start your preparations, you’ve to use your own herbs. I think everyone had prepared the herbs before arriving here!" Mrs. Li said.

Chen Xiang was incessantly regretting, regretting the fact he didn't bring some Azure Profound Fruit when he was coming. If he could only refine two kinds of dan, he would lose. Although the Elemental Spirit Dan was very expensive, everyone else was going to be refining three different dans. Not to mention, the Hundred Beasts Dan was also the cheapest among the low-grade profound level dans.

"What to do!" Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao and the others.

"Originally, I didn't want you to learn this alchemy technique early, but since your basics are very good, and your divine sense is also quite strong, so I'll teach you in advance!" Su Meiyao said.

"What technique?" Chen Xiang was delighted in his heart that there was still a way out of this.

"Do you think High-level alchemists, like Elder Dan, collect a large number of precious herbs in order to learn refining those high ranked dans. No, the herbs for the high ranked dan is even more rarer than the Elemental Spirit Dan herbs. After the alchemist achieves that level, they often have to refine unfamiliar dans. With this technique they have a fifty percent chance of success!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was stunned, this was completely different from the alchemy he knew.

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