World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0311 - The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace

The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace

A furnace in his heart? Su Meiyao was baffled and Chen Xiang also didn't provide any further explanation.

But very soon, Su Meiyao understood what was going on, she could sense Chen Xiang releasing a powerful spiritual power, which was the mana, hidden deep within his consciousness. This mana was mystical in nature, it could let a human transform into bird or beast, and right now, Chen Xiang was attempting to create a furnace with this mana!

Chen Xiang had an understanding in the structure of the alchemical furnace. He manipulated the mana to create an invisible alchemical furnace and also drew some auxiliary alchemical spiritual formations. These spiritual formations were all rather common, which could be commonly seen in poor quality alchemical furnaces. Chen Xiang was drawing a formation for the first time, and that too using mana to draw. Chen Xiang, relying on his memory, quickly drew a few auxiliary alchemical spiritual formations, of course, nobody else could see it, only he could clearly sense them.

When Chen Xiang happened to learn the Transforming Technique from Long Xueyi, he needed to use mana to create some spirit patterns within his body, so that he could generate that bizarre power. Right now, he was applying the very same method on the alchemical furnace. He knew it would be a success.

No one knew what Chen Xiang was doing, only a few individuals with extremely powerful divine sense could sense a very peculiar divine sense on stage. Yet it was anything like divine sense. These contrasting feelings left even those powerful individuals feel bewildered and baffled.

"Nice." Chen Xiang slightly heaved a sigh. After he had released the mana, it had not dissipated. At his will and command, it started to solidify. Soon, an invisible alchemical furnace took shape having been forged out of mana.

Meanwhile, everyone else was looking at Chen Xiang as if they were looking at an idiot. It seemed as if he was opening the lid of furnace, but there was nothing in front of him. Everyone believed Chen Xiang had already lost his mind and gone completely crazy.

Watching this scene, the square burst into sighs. They all believed Chen Xiang had been hit hard by the loss and turned into an idiot. Watching him like this, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger both were heartbroken. They too believed Chen Xiang had fallen into a deep pit of despair and turned into an idiot. They almost wanted to fly out, but when they were just about to, both of them immediately stopped and stood up in shock.

Because after Chen Xiang had placed the herbs down, they were suspended in mid-air, as if there was truly an alchemical furnace there that no one but he could see.

Chen Xiang's alchemical furnace was completely invisible, which let everyone else to clearly watch the changes happening on the inside of the furnace. As Chen Xiang placed his both hands into the two fire entrances, flames began to writhe. In a spiral formation, the flames rotated down from below to above, like two fire dragons meandering in circles. As they surged from the bottom to the top, burning down the herbs.

These flames were suddenly large, and then suddenly small, cautiously wrapping those herbs in a very harmonious and beautiful picturesque scene.

The alchemists on the stage were dumbstruck without any exception. Shockingly watching Chen Xiang and that invisible 'Alchemical Furnace' of his, they could not help but feel cold on the back of their neck as they witnessed this strange and miraculous scene in front of them.

Many people for the first time saw the process of alchemy, which allowed them to have a clear understanding how the herbs were successfully refined.

"How... how the hell is he doing this?" Hua Xiangyue said in surprise. She could sense an invisible and very strange power, seemingly divine sense yet not, right in front of Chen Xiang. She was sure Chen Xiang had used this strange divine sense to create an invisible alchemical furnace for alchemy.

This strange divine sense neither could be considered unusually strong, nor it could be considered very weak. It could closely entrap the violent flames released by Chen Xiang, without any heat leaking outside. When the herbs were being incinerated, the released Herbal Spirit Qi were even more violent, yet they could still not break away from the encasing divine sense.

"Pretty good brat, you made me admire you!" Su Meiyao praisingly said. When refining a dan, so long as those tyrannical Herbal Spirit Qi were not allowed to spill, the dans could still be refined even in a poor quality alchemical furnace ..

Among the few inferior spiritual formations drawn by Chen Xiang, some were there to suppress Herbal Spirit Qi, while some were useful in controlling the temperature. Chen Xiang named this alchemical furnace the 'Illusionary Brilliant Furnace'. Although it was rather a common quality furnace, it was still miles better to those ragged alchemical furnaces provided by Danxiang Taoyuan.

Everyone else blankly watched Chen Xiang refine the dans right in front of them. The audience could clearly see colorful Herbal Spirit Qi emerging out of the herbs as they were being burned. These Herbal Spirit Qis very violently rushed to the top, which was just next to the lid, many alchemist understood this with one glance.

Colorful Herbal Spirit Qi dancingly rose to the top, before tussling together with other Herbal Spirit Qis. But in the end, they had been suppressed by an formless power, which forced them to fuse into a green mist. Despite its delicate appearance, everyone could tell this thin mist was very tyrannical.

Although no one else could see the alchemical furnace, many could discern that this invisible alchemical furnace happened to have three layers. The uppermost layer was dedicated for the solidification of dan, a central layer was for the incineration of the herbs, and the bottommost layer from where the flames were released. It had a very common structure and almost everyone could notice this with a single glance.

The flames gradually turned smaller. Quite a bit of green powder suddenly emerged in the central layer, twinkling with green light. This green powder were precisely the herbal powder, the end result of refinement after those herbs were carefully baked by flames. After these herbal powders were gathered together, an invisible power sucked them into the upper most layer, and started fusing them together with that tyrannical green Herbal Spirit Qi.

The instant they were being fused together, they turned even more tyrannical. The onlooking alchemists were gasping for breath. Although they were very clear on the fact this was the most difficult part, it was the first time they could actually see it happening in front of their eyes. This sort of feeling was very different from when they were examining it using their divine sense during alchemy.

These alchemists had been deeply shocked by Chen Xiang’s skills. While the experts were recognizing the artistry, the layman were simply enjoying the show. These alchemists were very shocked, nevertheless, they were intently watching Chen Xiang refining the dan. When Chen Xiang was refining, even a little bit of the Herbal Spirit Qi or herbal powder had leaked. Not to mention, he had burned the herbs very thoroughly, which resulted in production of a lot more herbal powder than the usual, which was similarly true for the Herbal Spirit Qis.

But because of this, during the fusion of Herbal Spirit Qi with the herbal powder, it would turn even more tyrannical, which was not good for the solidification of dans. And right now, Chen Xiang had just entered the solidification process.

Liu Menger stared with her pretty eyes. She also knew how to refine a few low level dans. Seeing Chen Xiang use this kind of mystical ability, she could not help but feel admiration for him. The concern on her face had also disappeared, replaced by a sweet gentle smile.

"Xiangyue, you were right. This little rascal's potential is very big, you’ve unexpectedly managed to force him into using this killer move!" Liu Menger slightly smiled and said.

"I also had no idea that he could actually do this. I initially thought his furnace would not explode, and he would be able to use the tattered furnace till the end, he has truly surprised me!" Hua Xiangyue was also an alchemist. At the moment, she was not looking at Chen Xiang's invisible alchemical furnace, but rather the superb and perfect alchemy technique being executed by Chen Xiang.

Even those 6th level and 7th level Alchemists in the square almost had their eyes popped out. Not only had Chen Xiang actually suppressed that tyrannical Herbal Spirit Qi, but he also also divided it into ten parts!

Ten parts, that was basically ten dans! Ordinarily, six or seven Hundred Beasts Dans was the limit, and that was when the alchemist at their very best condition! No matter what one said, Chen Xiang's current state was far from that, and not to mention the alchemical furnace he had created, which made every other alchemist feel ashamed at themselves.

Ten groups of azure Herbal Spirit Qi group suddenly started spinning, while slowly converging. The flames in the central layer of alchemical furnace were sometimes smaller, sometimes larger. His control was quite subtle, along with the flames the ten azure cyclones would sometimes spin faster, sometimes slower,while Chen Xiang with a calm look hanging on his face, observed the changes happening inside the furnace.

There were still a lot of sand left inside the hourglass, yet the ten azure cyclones converged together, and suddenly disappeared as they turn into ten bright azure dans!

"Finished!" Chen Xiang loudly shouted, at this point almost half an hour was still left.

In the quiet square, his completely excited and confident voice suddenly echoed.

Chen Xiang had been successful Without using an alchemical furnace, he had successfully refine dans, moreover in just half an hour!

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