World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0319 - Xiao Ziliang

Xiao Ziliang

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Chen Xiang retracted the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace; from his face, it was quite clear that he was completely exhausted. He quickly swallowed a few True Elemental Dan to replenish himself, lest he found himself in an unexpected situation.

A Five Elements True Elemental Dan was worth at least a million crystal stones; ten would be worth ten millions or so. In addition, there were also three Elemental Spirit Dans and ten Hundred Beasts Dans. WIth such amount, Chen Xiang winning the tournament was already irrefutable.

Although those 7th level old alchemists and Mrs. Li had seen Chen Xiang refine the three different low-grade profound level dans with their own eyes, they still had to check it. As a matter of fact, they even more wished to have a look at the dan refined by Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang’s True Qis of the five elements had been fused, they would turn into the invisible and colorless Universe True Qi. The same was true for the Five Elements True Elemental Dans; they looked completely transparent and were only the size of a thumb, however, the True Qi they contained was extremely huge in quantity.

"This little rascal has succeeded; he had already crossed the first threshold of the Refining Simulation Technique. He will definitely become a high-level alchemist, it is just a matter of time." Hua Xiangyue said, her tone was filled with emotion.

There was no need to check, Chen Xiang was directly declared as the winner. Although the other alchemists felt unhappy, they had not choice but to concede. The total value of dans refined by Chen Xiang was definitely the top, and if they went to argue, they would only bring disgrace upon themselves.

The first price was the ten drops of ten thousand years old Spirit Milk. Since Chen Xiang currently didn't know the true use of ten thousand years old Spirit Milk, he didn't put it in his mind. He wanted to be the winner just for the fame!

When he previously walked up to the high rank tournament stage, the 6th level Alchemists on the stage didn't take him seriously; even among the audiences, many believed that he was just a low 5th level Alchemist whose defeat was already inevitable. But now, he had actually become the winner of the tournament, moreover, he had won very beautifully. His alchemy technique was not only superb, he had even portrayed it very vividly. His amazing skills had shook everyone's heart again and again; from now on, he would become a legend of the Danxiang Taoyuan Grand Meeting!

Under the stage, Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others were all cheering for Chen Xiang. They felt lucky to be friends with an alchemist who had an immeasurable future. At the very least, they didn't need to be worried about searching an alchemist to refine a few dans for themselves.

"The winner of the high-rank tournament is Chen Xiang. This marks the end of the alchemy tournament, but the Grand Meeting will continue..." On the stage, Mrs. Li gave a speech, while Chen Xiang, after obtaining the Spirit Milk, sat down on the ground to quickly adjust his state. For many years he had often encounter various types of dangers, and because of that, he had developed this prudent habit.

"Chen Xiang, I'm a disciple of the Free Immortal Sea, have you ever killed a disciple of our Free Immortal Sea?" A participant on the stage loudly asked, causing quite an uproar among the audiences. The Free Immortal Sea currently had a very good reputation because they had been claiming that they were a lot stronger than the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang offending the Free Immortal Sea was nothing surprising, but no one had thought that the Free Immortal Sea would sought after Chen Xiang now.

Nevertheless, Chen Xiang kept his eyes shut and calmly said, "Yes, so what? Since they wanted to kill me, killing them in return is also normal!"

"Humph, in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, haven't you also crippled more than thirty True Martial Disciples of our Free Immortal Sea?" A middle-aged alchemist of Free Immortal Sea once again asked.

"Why are you asking a rhetorical question! Whatever you want to say, just say it directly!” Chen Xiang was obviously not afraid of the Free Immortal Sea since he had the Extreme Martial Sect behind him.

"Then follow me to the Free Immortal Sea to accept our punishment!" The middle-aged man coldly replied.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and started laughing, "What if I say no, what are you going to do?" While speaking, the smile on his face disappeared as his complexion had rather become gloomy and terrifying. God knows when an insidious Slaughter Qi covered the entire square, making everyone feel extremely frightened.

"Chen Xiang, between you and our True Martial Sect, there is still unsettled business. We will settle it today!" An old man fearlessly walked up to the front and said.

"Our Beast Martial Sect has also been tolerating you for a long time, Chen Xiang, today you have to clear everything in front of so many people." A man from the Beast Martial Sect shouted.

The sky was bright and many people had started arriving. At present, there were a lot of people as well as various other sects in the square.

Chen Xiang sneered, "Clear? Everything has long been cleared, it's just you could not accept it, that's all! If those guys had not messed with me first, I wouldn’t have bothered to waste my strength. This world follows the law of the jungle. For they thought I was weak and tried to bully me, so I, in order to protect myself, did what a normal person would do."

Mrs. Li was a little nervous. Much to her dismay, all the sects which had grievances with Chen Xiang had come here.

"Indeed it's the law of the jungle. In my eyes, you are just an ant, isn't that right? Can't I casually pinch you?" A sneer came before a middle-aged man garbed in white robe from god knows from where flew up here. He landed in front of Chen Xiang, and just as he appeared, an oppressive pressure was released by him, suppressing the Slaughter Qi released by Chen Xiang.

Meanwhile, the True Martial Sect's Dean, Tang Yichao, also appeared behind the white-robed middle aged man and angrily glared at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang, with just a single glance, sensed that the white-robed middle-aged man was a Nirvana Realm martial artist; he speculated that he was the Free Immortal Sea's Dean or else why would Tang Yichao stand behind him?

Dean level characters had appeared, and their appearance was all just to attack Chen Xiang. Everyone felt very powerless; despite how much of a genius Chen Xiang was, he was still an ant in front of them.

"Whoever dares to attack Chen Xiang, I'll destroy his whole sect, I'll not spare even the fowls and dogs!" A majestic and overbearing sound came, startling everyone. Perhaps only the Dean of the Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen, could speak such words.

Many had not seen Gu Dongchen, but they all recognized the bald, Wu Kaiming. Noticing Wu Kaiming following a strapping young man, everyone guessed that he was Gu Dongchen!

"Xiao Ziliang, it's really you! So you have founded the Free Immortal Sea! I truly don't know where all your courage is coming from. You even dare to clamor with our Extreme Martial Sect!" Gu Dongchen sneered at the white robed middle-aged man.

Xiao Ziliang! Information about him soon appeared In Chen Xiang's mind. Shocked immediately overwhelmed him, and it was also similarly true for everyone else. Xiao Ziliang was a character of Huang Jintian's era! He was also an Extreme Martial Sect's disciple who had once fought with Huang Jintian for the Dean's position.

"Little Gu, I'm not afraid of you, you are still too tender!" Xiao Ziliang was two generations older than Gu Dongchen; he was naturally not afraid. However, in this world, the strength didn’t come from one's seniority. In the end, it all comes down to whose fists were bigger. Not to mention Xiao Ziliang had himself left the Extreme Martial Sect, he didn't have a tinsy-winsy relation with the Extreme Martial Sect.

"Hahaha... do you dare to fight with me?" Gu Dongchen said with a laugh before a golden light emerged out from his body. He released a domineering and oppressive pressure, such that Xiao Ziliang and Tang Yichao could not help but step back a little. At the same, everyone else on the square collapsed on the ground, they had been completely deterred by Gu Dongchen's strength. They all felt they that were not even as good as ants.

Chen Xiang, who was behind Gu Dongchen, also felt extremely uncomfortable; he felt that, at this point, Gu Dongchen had finally revealed all of his strength.

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