World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0308 - Bad Luck

If one were discussing about the value, these five True Elemental Dans from Chen Xiang could be sold heftily. He was once again able to smoothly cleared the round, and still so perfectly. This left those 6th level Alchemist extremely jealous. In their hearts, they were secretly ashamed. They were actually worse than an inexperienced brat, moreover, the other party was just a low 5th level Alchemist.

These alchemists were feeling jealous, but they also acknowledged the same thing as those 7th level Alchemists, they knew Chen Xiang's foundations were extremely shocking. He could use the herbs to their very limit. From his solid basics, it was quite clear that Chen Xiang's future in alchemy would be limitless.

At the end of the second round, a lot of eliminated participants once again walked off the low-rank and middle-rank tournament stage, while only five were eliminated from the high-rank tournament stage. Next, it was third round. Even though the alchemists on stage had cleared another round, they were still feeling extremely tense. Especially those alchemists who were just barely able to pass through the last round. The second round gave them nearly unbearable pressure, the third round would certainly be the same, if not tougher.

Both Wu Qianqian and Yao Haisheng had also smoothly cleared the second round. Wu Qianqian had refined two True Elemental Dan while Yao Haisheng only managed to refined one, but both of dans were of top-grade quality, this also came as a shock to these old men! Speaking of the middle-rank tournament stage, their performance was very good.

Three alchemists from the Extreme Martial Sect were able to refine top-grade quality True Elemental Dan. The other alchemists noticed this and were in extreme admiration for Elder Dan's alchemy technique. They believed Chen Xiang, Wu Qianqian and Yao Haisheng had been guided by Elder Dan, only then they could learn the trick to refine the True Elemental Dan without using any Spirit Crystal Essence.

"The third round needs a little bit of luck. Those struck with bad luck, this round might be end for them!" Mrs. Li raised her mouth, as a hint of strange smile appeared on her face. This made the remaining alchemists secretly feel jittery.

"The low-rank and middle-rank tournament has now entered the final round, the champion will be decided in this round. The rules are as follows, the participants will be using the alchemical furnace provided by the Danxiang Taoyuan to refine the dan, the herbs will also be provided by the Danxiang Taoyuan. The low-rank tournament participants have to refine the Grand Elemental Dan, the participants of the middle-rank tournament have to refine the True Elemental Dan, and the round will start with the assigning of alchemical furnaces by drawing lots."

The low-rank and middle-rank tournament stage were filled with alchemical furnaces. These alchemical furnace appeared to be very poor in quality, looking at the them made the eyes of alchemists twitch. It would be very difficult to refine a dan using these alchemical furnace, hell, wasn't it simply pitting them? Moreover, there was the damn time restriction. Really, the final round was the most difficult.

Chen Xiang was also feeling pressure at this point, he found out these alchemical furnaces were even worse than the poor quality furnace given by his father. This would certainly affect him in unleashing the full potential of his flames and the herbs.

"The high-rank tournament will be different, the winner will be decided in a fourth round." Mrs. Li said.

The high-rank tournament also had a fourth round, this made Chen Xiang and the others, these twenty alchemists secretly complain.

There were numbers on these alchemical furnaces, the notes in the lots also had a corresponding number on them. When it was time to draw lots, the participants would receive the corresponding alchemical furnace. If one’s luck was bad, they would receive a tattered alchemical furnace, which would then spell the end for them in the tournament.

"Motherfucker, aren't these alchemical furnaces damaged from someone else the explosion when they were refining dans? How in the hell are we suppose to refine in this!" Chen Xiang cursed, the other alchemists also began grumbling one by one.

Chen Xiang had already seen a tragic man draw a rotten number, and was assigned an alchemical furnace full of cracks. Anyone could tell that this man was doomed.

These alchemists had all been vigorously nurtured by some sect or family. The furnace they usually used were of very high quality, now suddenly they had to use a rotten alchemical furnace. This was a test of an alchemist's basic foundation, it could be determined how good was an alchemist was without relying on a good alchemical furnace.

Suddenly, Hua Xiangyue's voice rang in Chen Xiang's mind , "Little rascal, when you are drawing the lots from the box, if you feel a cold lottery, then grab it, I'll arrange a good one for you!"

Listening to Hua Xiangyue's transmission, Chen Xiang looked all around him but didn't find a single trace of Hua Xiangyue. However, he was secretly excited in his heart. Although he felt it was a little unfair to the other alchemists, he justified himself in thinking that among these alchemists he was the youngest and weakest, after that he was more at ease.

"In the tower above us." Long Xueyi notified Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately looked up, yet he still didn’t see Hua Xiangyue. However, he could see a pair of shiny pretty eyes through a window opening.

Liu Menger stepped to the side, and slightly sighed, "This little rascal actually found you here, what a very powerful divine sense!"

Hua Xiangyue was also very surprised, "It seems this little rascal had hidden more deeply than I imagined."

"Xiangyue, are you truly going to help him draw a good alchemical furnace?" Asked Liu Menger.

"Of course not, since this brat wants to take an unfair advantage, I'll let him suffer some losses. I'll make him draw the worst alchemical furnace, even if I use that sort of alchemical furnace, it would be very difficult to refine anything out. Considering this brat, I would be surprised if the furnace didn’t quickly explode!" Hua Xiangyue said while mischievously smiling.

"You're very bad, if he loses, he will hate you!" Liu Menger said with some concern.

"This brat is not going to lose, just you wait and watch! We can make a bet if you don’t believe me!" Hua Xiangyue had never bet before, but now she personally raising the subject.

Liu Menger was unsure, she shook her head.

On the high-rank tournament stage, twenty alchemical furnaces were placed. In the center, there was an alchemical furnace completely covered in cracks. It looked like a single touch would shatter the entire thing. Chen Xiang and those other 6th level alchemists suddenly felt a cold sweat drip down their spines. Whoever took out that alchemical furnace, well, bad luck from eight generation would fall upon them.

"In the third round of the high-rank tournament, you have to refine the Hundred Beasts Dan using these alchemical furnaces! Also, we ask you treasure these alchemical furnaces, because during the final fourth round, you still need the alchemical furnace." Mrs. Li's words made these alchemists on the tournament stage feel as if they had fallen into an ice cold abyss.

The fourth round should be the most difficult, and much to everyone's surprise they still had to use these tattered garbage furnaces, this gave many alchemists an extreme urge to swear. Chen Xiang reckoned all of this was definitely the work of Hua Xiangyue.

"Chen Xiang, you're going to draw the lots first, you’re given priority because you were first in the last two rounds!" Mrs' Li said.

Chen Xiang was feeling elated, he knew Hua Xiangyue had already arranged a good one for him. However, looking at those twenty alchemical furnaces, he didn't find any good ones among them but he still believed in Hua Xiangyue.

After Chen Xiang put his hand inside the box, he felt something cold very soon and immediately grabbed that lottery, then took out his hand.

"It’s actually the eighth one, your sister's..." Chen Xiang suddenly began loudly cursing. He definitely hit the jackpot alright, the single definite worst alchemical furnace was his. He did not think Hua Xiangyue would actually set him up and intentionally make him draw the worst alchemical furnace.

The alchemists on the high-rank tournament stage felt elated and simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief. The very worst alchemical furnace had a master, drawn by the one who had also made them intensely jealous. They could already see Chen Xiang's furnace exploding, his whole face covered in ashes. Thinking of this, their mood suddenly became good despite the hard task in front of them.

While swearing, Chen Xiang walked over and very carefully held that rotten alchemical furnace in his arms. He then returned to his location, before glaring towards the Danxiang Tower not far away from him. He looked up at the twentieth floor and clenched his teeth, his eyes filled with fury.

"Naughty girl, this father will definitely strip off your clothes! Otherwise it will be impossible to resolve this hate in my heart!" Chen Xiang secretly swore in his heart .

Chapter 308 - Bad Luck

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