World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0309 - Creating Miracles

Creating Miracles

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Liu Menger nibbled her lips, as she noticed Chen Xiang’s projected gaze through the window seam.

"Seductress, look what you did, this brat is certainly going to hate you." Liu Menger said with a worried look. Chen Xiang's loss struck her pretty hard.

"Menger, it seems you have been completely infatuated by that little rascal, hei hei!" Hua Xiangyue replied with a completely careless look, "Just watch, that little rascal's alchemy potential has still not been fully unleashed, I did this in order to stimulate his potential. He is too heavily on that powerful furnace, which makes him ignore a few basic things."

As Chen Xiang inspected the ragged furnace and he felt a chill running down his spine. The furnace was completely covered in cracks. At least it still had a few inferior spiritual arrays on the inside, it didn't appear any different that any ordinary furnace, yet it was so damaged that even the slightest touch threatened to shatter the furnace into countless shards.

"Hua Xiangyue, you better pray that I win, otherwise don't blame me for not showing any compassion on girls… No, even if I win, I'll still strip off your clothes!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, he was filled with indignant anger, if the tournament wasn't going on, he would have flown over and demanded an explanation and payback from Hua Xiangyue.

The Hundred Beasts Dan was a low-grade profound level dan, although it was relatively easy to refine, Chen Xiang felt if he used this sort of thing to refine it, the difficulty would be same as refining an immortal dan.

"Everyone will refine one set of Hundred Beasts Dan in a stipulated amount of time, just like the previous round, based on the quantity as well as the quality you will be assessed. And one more thing, there will be no extra points for finishing early, now prepare yourself." Mrs. Li said.

At this moment, Chen Xiang had no other way, he could only bite the bullet and rely on this ragged furnace for alchemy. The herbs were already being passed out. The Danxiang Taoyuan was not lacking in herbs, not to mention the ingredients for the Hundred Beasts Dan, which they had the most of. That was why they were willing to take out such expensive herbs.

"Each participant will only get two chances, if you fail for the first time, you can come here and receive another set of herbs."

This was still something to rejoice about, after all, they were using these sorts of damaged furnaces for the first time, and none of them had complete confidence.

The alchemists on the high-rank tournament stage were looking at Chen Xiang as if they were looking at a loser. Their face were filled with gloating sneers, in the audiences too, there was no end to the discussion among about him, they were all feeling sorry for Chen Xiang. His luck was rotten to the core, he actually drew the most damaged furnace.

Chen Xiang noticed the look of ridicule on those alchemists face, and felt uncomfortable in his heart. He could not wait to blast the ragged alchemical furnace in front of him into slags.

"Calm down, you must have confidence in yourself, you have become a 5th level Alchemist before the age of thrity. Not to mention in the Chenwu Mainland, even in the entire mortal world this is rarely seen." Bai Youyou encouraged Chen Xiang.

"Senior sister is right, you must have confidence in yourself! Think about it, even though only we know about your alchemy course, it is still very brilliant. This sister have been regarded as an alchemy genius, yet you're more formidable than me! You'll definitely able to win the tournament." Su Meiyao too encouraged Chen Xiang.

Obtaining the encouragement of two beauties, Chen Xiang was brimming with confidence. As long as a beautiful goddess was on their side, a man would tread through fire and water without any hesitation, his performance would be on a completely different level...

"What if I cause some trouble so that these guys can not succeed, that way everyone will be finished this round." Long Xueyi, this naughty dragoness, grinningly said.

"No need!" At this time, Chen Xiang was completely a new person. That crestfallen aura from before happened to be not seen, now he was filled with fighting spirit, completely filled with confidence.

Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others were also feeling regretful, to their utter dismay, Chen Xiang’s luck turned out to be so bad. At the most crucial moment, he drew such a trashy alchemical furnace.

"Look, I remember every time Elder Brother Chen has this look, he would create miracles." Yun Xiaodao said. He happened to be around Chen Xiang for a long time now, even when everyone believed it would be impossible to accomplish, Chen Xiang had proven them wrong time and time again.

Zhu Rong laughed and said, "We're worrying in vain, Younger Brother Chen's alchemy level is high and enigmatic, he's sure to have some backup plan."

A smile suddenly appear on Yun Xiaodao and the others faces. They were all good friends of Chen Xiang, they definitely wanted him to win.

Far away on a corner, two men wearing hats and garbed in black robes were drinking wine upon a tree.

"Dean, do you think our young martial uncle can become the champion?" Wu Kaiming asked.

"No idea, our young martial uncle always does unpredictable things. For him, we can not use normal standards to measure him, we can only wait and watch." Gu Dongchen replied. Even though both him and Wu Kaiming didn't expect Chen Xiang to win, they still felt Chen Xiang definitely would not be eliminated during the third round.

Although the third round was only of two hours, it was still more than enough to refine the Hundred Beasts Dan. But that was only using normal alchemical furnaces, if their damaged alchemical furnaces were taken into consideration, the time was certainly not enough, especially for Chen Xiang.

In order for the alchemists to perform better, their break period happened to be much longer. Soon it was noon, feeling the hot sun shining down upon their heads and steam rising from the ground, most among the audiences were grumbling. Though, this sort of heat was nothing to the alchemists. From basking in the naked sun, soon the audiences were drenched in sweat.

At this time, the low-rank and middle-rank tournament was already over, the middle-rank tournament's winner was Wu Qianqian. Chen Xiang had been paying attention, he didn't find it surprising at all. After all, Wu Qianqian happened to be in possession of a Fire Spirit, moreover, she had been instructed by Elder Dan. With her talent, it would’ve been strange if she didn’t win!

Yao Haisheng was second, he had refined three top-quality True Elemental Dan. While Wu Qianqian had refined four. They had both performed very well, after all, they too had to use a poor quality alchemical furnace.

Chen Xiang was secretly happy for them. They soon arrived beside the high-rank tournament stage to watch the tournament. Wu Qianqian and Yao Haisheng were both focused in alchemy a moment ago, they didn't know Chen Xiang had drawn the worst alchemical furnace. After they came learned about what happened from Yun Xiaodao, they secretly sighed in their heart.

"Break time's over, let the round begin!" Mrs. Li shouted before she flipped a relatively larger hourglass.

Everyone hastily picked the herbs on the taboret, and began skillfully processing them. So many famous alchemists were refining a low-grade profound level dan. Many low-level alchemists were completely absorbed in watching the process, all of them hoped that they could learn a thing or two.

Chen Xiang could be considered to be well versed in refining the Hundred Beasts Dan. Moreover, he could refine ten dans at once, which was a lot. That being said, it was under the scenario that he was using the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. While using the damaged alchemical furnace, he didn’t have the same amount of confidence.

Chen Xiang quickly finished processing the herbs, his approach had been taught by Su Meiyao. Which compared those around him, was quite different. The entire process looked very direct and efficient, as well as very beautiful and very pleasing to watch. The alchemists under the stage had not seen enough before Chen Xiang had already thrown the herbs into the damaged alchemical furnace.

Even though the alchemical furnace only had one entrance for pouring in flames, it would not pose any problems. The major problem was the cracks on the furnace, the heat and the Herbal Spirit Qi leaking outside was a serious issue, if handled improperly, it would make the alchemical furnace suddenly explode.

Chen Xiang could only use his powerful divine sense to block these cracks, while also stabilizing the entire alchemical furnace. The originally swaying alchemical furnace, soon stabilized. Everyone hearts were still not at rest, because the cracks upon the alchemical furnace were increasing by the minute.

Almost everyone's gaze were fixated on Chen Xiang's ragged furnace. They could clearly see fiery red aura overflowing out from the countless cracks. This situation was very bad, it seemed that the furnace could blow up at any time!

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