World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0307 - Peerless Genius

Chapter 307 - Peerless Genius


The highest level of alchemist in the tournament were only at the 6th level. 7th level and above alchemists were scarce in number, holding a tournament for them didn't make any sense.

Hua Xiangyue observed Chen Xiang's alchemical furnace exuding red light said, "This brat's furnace is definitely nothing ordinary. Although I’ve examined it, I didn't find anything strange. Menger, you're a refiner, can't you tell anything?"

Liu Menger shook her head, "I can't discern anything, though the alchemical furnace is indeed extremely strange. If I could examine it for a while, I might be able to see something."

"This little rascal's alchemy is also amazing, is it because of the furnace?"

Hua Xiangyue mysterious smiled, "You'll find out in the next round, I'm also extremely curious whether it is all due to the alchemical furnace or not. That's why the next round was specially designed for him."

Chen Xiang was very leisurely refining the dan. For him, it was no different than refining the True Elemental Dan with better spirit herbs. By relying on the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace his speed in alchemy was monstrously fast. According to his expectation, he would be left with a lot of time after he was finished. Even if he didn't rely on the Brilliant Flame Dragon, he would still be able to pass this round using an ordinary furnace, for he still had the powerful Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit.

Chen Xiang had become extremely familiar in refining the True Elemental Dan. Last time before the auction was about to begin, he had went into seclusion, and mind-numbingly refined the True Elemental Dans. At that time, refining had almost made him vomit blood. At present, refining the True Elemental Dan was just like a game, even if he was using poorer quality herbs for refining.

Chen Xiang was quickly finished, within his Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace appeared five True Elemental Dans. That being said, he had yet to announce that he had finished refining. He was waiting for the others. All the other alchemists were still concentrating in their alchemy, and he didn't want to disturb others. Moreover, during the tournament, he had to follow the relevant rules.

Chen Xiang glanced at a middle-aged man on the high-rank tournament stage. From the information provided by the Elder Dan, this middle-aged man was the most powerful and talented alchemist in this bunch. He was a young 6th level Alchemists from Danxiang Taoyuan. Chen Xiang then looked at an old man with a goatee, this old man was an alchemist from the Proud Sword Sect, he too was a 6th level Alchemist.

He looked around for a while, and found that the level of these alchemists was very high. Whether in regards with flames or their divine sense, their performance had left him secretly astonished. If it was any ordinary 5th level Alchemist, he would have definitely been eliminated.

The audience watching the tournament all intuitively remained quiet. If it was too noisy, it would have quite a detrimental effect on alchemists. Originally, the alchemists were already having a hard time adapting to conduct alchemy in front of such a large audience.

Among the crowd, some of the Deans were hiding in disguise. They all came observe how the alchemists from their own sect was performing, at the same time, they could also glance at the level of the alchemists from the other sects.

"Time's up!" Mrs. Li shouted. Her voice sent many alchemists concentrating in refining dan's into shock, which was immediately followed by a ringing of explosions one after another. Some low-level alchemist were frightened from this, which led to the explosion in their furnaces. Seeing this hilarious spectacle in front of him made Chen Xiang secretly laugh.

The low-rank tournament stage was the funniest, many of the alchemical furnaces had blown up. Many of participants were crying in tears. These low-level alchemist were participating for the first time, and they had never encountered such a scene where their performance would be affected. Not to mention, they were originally very tense. Such a shout from Mrs. Li had scared them into committing a major error in front of an enormous crowd.

On the low-rank and middle-rank tournament stage, a lot of participants had already blown up their alchemical furnaces. They dejectedly left the stage, only the alchemists on the high-rank tournament stage remained calm. All of them seemed to be successful in refining, they were only waiting for the score.

On the high-rank tournament stage, there were currently twenty-five alchemists left, and a few good high-level alchemists were responsible for supervising the tournament. Therefore the result of their round would come out quickly.

These old alchemist opened the lid of those furnaces one by one and inspected the dan inside it. They then recorded the result on a book. As these alchemist opened the lid of an alchemical furnace, many had a disappointed look on their old faces. After they took out the dan, all of them were shaking their head.

Chen Xiang near the back of the line. He found that the rank of dan refined by these alchemists were all low in level, but the number of dans refined was same as normal, so their score would still be a bit higher compared to normal.

After his careful observation, he found that the vast majority of dans refined were all middle-grade spirit level dans. On this stage, only he had chosen to refine a high-grade spirit level, the True Elemental Dan.

Once Chen Xiang's turn arrived, the other alchemist also became very concerned. Chen Xiang had a very calm look hanging on his face, it was quite evident that he had been successful in refining. These alchemists reckoned that Chen Xiang had, at most, refined a single True Elemental Dan. In contrast with their dans, it would certainly be a bit worse, because the assessment is based on the price.

If the True Elemental Dan's quality was low, the price was only three thousand or so crystal stones. If it was middle-grade spirit level dan, although the quality was slightly worse, if they won in quantity, the overall price would be higher.

As the lid of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was opened, a rich herb fragrance began diffusing, rousing the mind of alchemists present on the stage. At the same time, it made them extremely shocked, all the alchemists on the stage were all veterans. With just a whiff of the herb fragrance, they all knew the True Elemental Dan refined out by Chen Xiang was very good in quality!

"Five True Elemental Dan! Top-grade quality!" A 7th level old Alchemist exclaimed.

Several other old alchemists hastily came over. When they were walking over, the jade card with seven golden lines hanging on their waist was shaking left and right, it was extremely dazzling. They were all 7th level Alchemists. Although there was only a difference of 1 level between them and 6th level Alchemists, all the 6th level Alchemists held these old men in high regards in their hearts.

The alchemists on the high-rank tournament all had an unbelievable look hanging on their faces. They all stood up on the tip of their toes, and looked towards Chen Xiang's location.

After those several old alchemist arrived, holding the True Elemental Dan refined out by Chen Xiang, all of them could not help but exclaim again and again. Under normal circumstances, only three True Elemental Dan could be refined, at most four. Yet Chen Xiang had refined five in one go, moreover, using rotten herbs! What was most inconceivable for them was that Chen Xiang hadn't used the Spirit Crystal Essence to achieve such a result.

The alchemists on the high-rank tournament stage could not help but suspect Chen Xiang was cheating.

"His alchemical furnace was carefully examined by me. While he was in alchemy, I also observed each and every action of his. There is no possibility of cheating, not to mention these True Elemental Dans all had been just come out of the furnace! Our Danxiang Taoyuan carefully cultivates the herbs, after a True Elemental Dan is refined out by our herbs, it would produce a unique herbal fragrance! From the herbal fragrance alone, it is quite certain that these True Elemental Dan had been refined just from those rotten herbs." An old alchemist said. Although he was also extremely shocked, he still had to acknowledge the facts presented in front of him.

The other old alchemists also nodded their head one by one. All of them were experts in alchemy, they were many times formidable than any 6th level Alchemists. Their insights were also very sinister, all of them had the very same judgement. Chen Xiang had not cheated in any way.

These old alchemists really wanted to ask Chen Xiang how he could refine such a good quality True Elemental Dan even in the absence of the Spirit Crystal Essence. However, they could not ask, each alchemist had their own alchemy techniques, which was not told to any outsiders.

If the Spirit Crystal Essence was made available, these 7th level old Alchemists could also refine top-grade quality True Elemental Dan using those rotten herbs, but at most it would have been only two, even three would be a very difficult result to achieve. But in contrast, Chen Xiang had refined out five dans, which was far more than what they could do.

Chen Xiang's alchemy talent had already impressed those 7th level Alchemists. Their eyes were filled with respect when they looked at Chen Xiang. Even though Chen Xiang was presently a 5th level Alchemist, his basics were far beyond them. In their eyes, Chen Xiang was nothing less than a peerless genius in the realm of alchemy.

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