World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0304 - Flame Tournament

Chapter 304 - Flame Tournament


Elder Dan left as suddenly as she arrived. Chen Xiang looked inside the storage pouch and was dazed. There was the exquisite Colorless Spirit Grass, it appeared as if it was directly carved out of crystal, containing the five elements Spirit Qi inside. Moreover, all the five elements Spirit Qi had been fused together into a colorless Spirit Qi, which seemed extremely similar to his Universal True Qi.

The Five Leaf Grass had five different color blades growing, inside happened to be two pieces of them. The same was true for the Colorless Spirit Grass and Five Color Lotus Seed, all of which had been provided to him by Elder Dan. This moved Chen Xiang very much, he decided that, after he went back, he would send a little gift to Elder Dan.

Although she was a mysterious woman, Chen Xiang was gradually getting a very good impression of her.

As the sun rose, sunlight shone upon the land, giving the starting signal for the alchemy tournament in the Fragrance City. Chen Xiang was in this high-rank tournament, he was also the most youngest to ever participate in it, and the only alchemist who had just advanced into the 5th level.

There were not many participants for the high-rank tournament, but the audience was a completely different matter. There were countless people watching this competition, the tournament stage was completely surrounded. Upon the stage, there were only thirty taboret, clearly implying there were only thirty participants. As for the participants for the low-rank and middle-rank tournament, their count was well over a hundred, which was why their tournament stage was also very big.

"His mother, hasn't Younger Brother Chen arrived? How come I can’t see him!" Zhu Rong depressingly said. The whole square was completely packed, it could also be described as the sea of people. This tournament was the finale of the Danxiang Taoyuan Grand Meeting, so the many people present here was not strange at all .

Yun Xiaodao, Xu Weilong, the Lie Family brothers and even Lian Mingdong were present. They were all squeezed into the crowd and stopped to look at the middle-rank tournament stage. The participants were all in their place, yet Chen Xiang's figure was nowhere to be found.

Yao Haisheng and Wu Qianqian were both at the middle-rank tournament stage. In particular, the young and beautiful Wu Qianqian, an alchemist as stunning as capable of leading a nation to its downfall, garnered many people's attention. Alchemistresses were extremely rare, but they were often extremely outstanding, such as the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan, and Elder Dan of the Extreme Martial Sect. Both were alchemistress, and topmost alchemists within the Chenwu Mainland.

"You group of idiots, quickly look at the high-rank tournament stage, that brat is over there." Hao Dongqing yelled. His shout had not only been heard by Yun Xiaodao and the group, many others had heard it too, they all looked at the high-rank tournament stage at the same time.

Very soon, Chen Xiang's tall and sturdy figure had been found by the crowd. Chen Xiang was actually on the high-rank tournament stage, this information went from one to ten, ten to hundred, and quickly spread among the crowd. All of a sudden, the entire tournament square had burst into a clamor.

One by one, exclamations burst out from the crowd because Chen Xiang was standing upon the high-rank tournament stage, in other words Chen Xiang was at least a 5th level Alchemist. With his age becoming a 5th level alchemist came as an extreme shock to Yun Xiaodao and the group.

"I can't help but admire the young man, but he is not wise in doing this."

"Yes, it seems he has just become the 5th level Alchemist, and on the stage there are both 5th and 6th level, he had just advanced into 5th level Alchemist, and that is pretty unfavourable for him! Not a single alchemist participating with him hasn’t been famous for many years!"

"He really is too young!"

"Haha, the middle-rank tournament participants should be laughing. They have one less powerful opponent."


Listening to the people next to them, Yun Xiaodao and the others knew, it was very unfavourable for Chen Xiang to participate in the high-rank tournament. They also secretly blamed Chen Xiang for being so reckless.

A strange brilliance flashed through Wu Qianqian's eyes. Looking at Chen Xiang's back, she slightly sighed in her heart. Originally, she believed she would be able to compete with Chen Xiang here, but she was still behind by a step.

Yao Haisheng sighed too, he didn't expect his little teacher to actually be so monstrous, to suddenly have reached the position of a 5th level Alchemist.

Lian Changyun was also here. Although he had been injured by Chen Xiang, his injuries were not very serious. His father was Dean of the Lotus Island, he had no lack of wonder drugs, so within a few days he had completely recovered. Noticing Wu Qianqian, such stunning beauty, was actually looking at the far away Chen Xiang in admiration, he felt even more jealous. In his heart, he coldly snorted.

Not long ago, inside the Extreme Martial Sect, rumor had it that Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were a couple. So long as one was concerned about Chen Xiang, all of them knew this matter. Lian Changyun thought of this, and ruthlessly clenched his fists. He could not wait to break Chen Xiang's head.

Yun Xiaodao and the group found a place where they could watch both the middle-rank and the high-rank tournament simultaneously. At this time, Mrs. Li also arrived at the high-rank tournament stage to announce the first round of the tournament.

"The flame is most basic for an alchemist, fittingly, the first round is a competition of flames. A test to see whose flames are more formidable, and whose ability to control their flames is higher."

When Mrs. Li was continued to talk, a few people walked up on the stage, and placed a thigh-thick and half the size of a man, candle on the wide taboret in front of everyone.

"These candles placed in front of you have some rice-grain sized red ice pieces. You must burn the candle and then take out those small red ice grains, and place them in the ice box next to you. Inside each candle, there are a hundred ice grains. When it is the time to calculate who passes this round, those who has taken out the least number of red ice grains will be eliminated."

Chen Xiang released his divine sense, looking very thoroughly at the candle in front of him. There were indeed special ice grains inside it. Under normal circumstances, they were very difficult to melt, but if came in contact with flames, they would then immediately evaporate.

In each round of the high-rank tournament, five participants were going to be eliminated. In middle-rank tournament, fifteen participants per round. And twenty participants per round in the low-rank tournament.

What Chen Xiang could determine was that, although there were many rounds, the first round for was a piece of cake for him.

The tournament had yet not begun, which was to allowed the participants to make preparations. Chen Xiang, took a look at the participants. Last night, Elder Dan had given him information about these people. Except for a few rare exceptions, the others were rather famous alchemists in the Chenwu Mainland.

Among the participants, the Danxiang Taoyuan's and the Lotus Island's alchemists accounted for half the total competitors. Danxiang Taoyuan had eight people attending, while the Lotus Island had seven. Some of the others were the alchemists nurtured by the True Martial Sect, Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect, all of whom were 6th level Alchemists.

After looking the information of these people, Chen Xiang realized there was only a single 5th level Alchemist on the stage. Moreover, only a low-level one, which was him! He knew why these people did not placed him in their eyes, for they were all 6th level Alchemists! They were simply not afraid of a low 5th level Alchemist.

Chen Xiang looked at the non-reputed 6th level Alchemists, and according the information, these people were likely to have been sent by the Free Immortal Sea.

"It's time, start!" Mrs. Li announced the start of the round. The entire field quieted down, everyone intently watching the alchemists up on the stage. These alchemists in everyone's hearts were a high and mighty existence, but now they could so closely look at them competing. Basically, the everyone was feeling excited and exhilarated.

The first round of the tournament could be said to be difficult yet not difficult, simple yet not simple, for it was not only a test of flames. It was at the same time was also a test of one's divine sense and their control over flames.

After the flames were released, numerous alchemists came to realize that the candle was not ordinary, they were very difficult to melt. If they increased the temperature of their flames, they would have to be worried about its affect on those delicate red ice grains. This was a cause of a large headache to many.

These people could neither continue burning the candle, nor could they stop their flames, for both paths would result in elimination. Only those who had great confidence over their flames and divine sense dared to kept burning the candle down. Chen Xiang was also one of them, his flames were the most fierce. Under the heat of his flames a group of people began to sweat, and these people were also sweating for Chen Xiang's courage. Such a reckless method, was he not afraid of burning the ice grains inside the candle?

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