World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0303 - Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk

Chapter 303 - Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk


Lian Changyun attacked even more ruthlessly, lest his waning confidence would disappear. As Lian Changyun’s fierce and overbearing flaming fists intensively bombarded on Chen Xiang like rain, Chen Xiang felt a little burning pain, but he was still enduring it like before. He only used his fists to guard his head, not allowing any of Lian Changyun's attack to pass through.

However, Lian Changyun still relentlessly tried to strike his head, and if even an attack passed through, it would be very deadly. As such, Chen Xiang got a little angry, he suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed ahold of Lian Changyun's fiery fist. As True Qi suddenly surged out from his dantian, Chen Xiang's grip became even more powerful.

Lian Changyun's fist was suddenly grabbed by Chen Xiang, which made him startled. Chen Xiang so easily took hold of his fist, not to mention that his grip was very tight too. No matter how much strength Lian Changyun exerted, he was not able to break away.

Just when Lian Changyun intended to punch another fiery fist towards Chen Xiang's head, Chen Xiang coldly snorted as he began to vigorously knead his fingers. 'Crack! Crack!' Soon after, only the sounds of bone breaking rang, which was then followed by the ear-piercing howls of Lian Changyun.

His hand had been broken by Chen Xiang, which made Lian Changyun even more furious. On his freed fiery fist, the flames became even hotter and more turbulent as it increased in size. His fist was like a meteorite burning in flames as it blasted towards Chen Xiang's head.

Chen Xiang was still grasping Lian Changyun's broken fist, and at this moment, Chen XIang vigorously hurled Liang Changyun, tossing him out of the barrier.

Lian Changyun's ruthless means had finally made Chen Xiang completely furious, causing True Qi from his whole body to rise. And as that powerful True Qi was released, it surged into all his of limbs and bones. Using True Qi had made Chen Xiang even more powerful, but it also gave him a light Slaughter Qi.

Lian Changyun yelled, before rushing towards Chen Xiang again. His handsome face was now a little hideous, hatred was brimming in his eyes, as though he could not wait to kill Chen Xiang. From his body, terrifying flames gushed out, he had already lost his sanity.

"White Tiger Divine Fist!" With the rising anger in Chen Xiang's heart, an intense Slaughter Qi covered the entire sky. Along with an intense onslaught of both his fists, numerous silhouettes of tiger head fists like furious waves in the ocean emerged. They shook the air in the surroundings as they shot raving Qi waves one after the other, which were then followed by earth-shattering shadow fists, pounding towards Lian Changyun.

In an instant, Lian Changyun's body had been pounded by more than a hundred fists, breaking many of his bones and causing him to spat out blood. Just as he wanted to continue attacking, Lian Yingxiao sighed and said, "Little brother, please give me face, show some mercy!"

After Chen Xiang heard this, he immediately withdrew his fists as the Slaughter Qi covering the courtyard suddenly disappeared. As for the furious Lian Changyun, he had been pressed down by an invisible power by Lian Yingxiao.

"Senior, the outcome is yet to be decided." Chen Xiang said. If the battle would just stop here, he wouldn't win the bet, this was what he was most concerned about.

"You win! Changyun, take out the thing and give it to him." Lian Yingxiao, in the blink of an eye, appeared in front of Lian Changyun. With a strict look in his eyes, he glared at Lian Changyun.

Noticing that his father was angry, Lian Changyun knew that he was wrong, but in his heart, he was still extremely reluctant. However, sensing the strict aura of Lian Yingxiao, he didn't dare to say anything, he immediately took out the White Jade Lotus Seed and the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus then handed them over to Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang acquired the ante, a grin appeared on his face as he repeatedly expressed his appreciation, which was a huge contrast to his appearance from a moment ago.

Lian Yingxiao hastily educated his son and quickly left after saying goodbyes with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming.

After Lian Yingxiao and Lian Changyun, father and son, left, Chen Xiang asked in a low voice, "Will the Lotus Island's Dean hate me?"

"Though he will not, his son will for sure!" Gu Dongchen laughingly replied as he patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder, "You brat once again made a killing, being a youth is truly nice. When I was at your age, I was just a small True Martial Realm martial artist."

Chen Xiang coughed then pretentiously said, "In the absence of other people, you must call me martial uncle!"

Gu Dongchen's smile immediately disappeared as he lightly scoffed. After triumphantly laughing a few times, Chen Xiang quickly left.

Wu Kaiming laughed and said, "If not for the young martial uncle, Lian Yingxiao would have certainly showed off here. He had actually spoiled his son to this extent, anyway, it is still all good because he is alive."

Gu Dongchen nodded his head and said, "Only the young martial uncle would never be afraid of anyone. After all, isn't he that madman's second apprentice? Isn't our teacher a madman?"

After Chen Xiang acquired the good things, he must naturally go and show off in front of his Empress.

However, just as Chen Xiang merrily arrived at the Divine Weapon Shop, he discovered that Liu Menger had already returned to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, because she had some matters to attend to, which required her presence.

Not being able to inform her that he had obtained some good things, Chen Xiang was a little disappointed. He came to the Danxiang Tower and inquired about the alchemy tournament. Although the rewards were rich, they still didn’t count as anything for him. He only wanted to win in order to prove his own strength.

Though the details of tournament were still yet to be announced, the rewards had already been announced, however, only the champion could get the rewards.

The reward for the low-rank tournament was two drops of ten thousand years Spirit Milk. So long as a single drop of the Spirit Milk was dropped on a spirit herb, it would accelerate its growth, that was why it was also a very precious commodity. Many people guessed that in the Danxiang Tower, there could be tens of thousands years Spirit Milk, allowing them to accelerate the growth of some rare and precious spirit herbs.

For the middle-rank tournament, the reward was five drops of Spirit Milk, and for the high-rank tournament, it was ten drops of Spirit Milk. As for its specific usage, Chen Xiang still didn't know, but in the announcement, it was specified that after winning the reward, Danxiang Taoyuan would have a separate meeting to inform the winner how it could be used.

For the ten thousand years Spirit Milk, Chen Xiang was very curious, because, even Long Xueyi and the other girls, these extremely experienced girls, all had not heard of it.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed. In these past few days, Chen Xiang had been adjusting his state, moreover, from time to time, he would visit the Divine Weapon Shop, to check whether Liu Menger had returned or not. If Liu Menger wouldn’t be able to watch his tournament, it would make him extremely disappointed.

The alchemy tournament was going to begin tomorrow, which was going to be held in three different tournament stages in a huge square near the Danxiang Taoyuan. The reason there were three different stages was because a large audience would come to watch the tournament, and in order to allow everyone to watch the tournament, the hosts could only build a giant stadium. Although it would affect the alchemists greatly, but in a similar fashion, it would still allow for the measurement of an alchemist’s true level.

Chen Xiang lived in Gu Dongchen's residence. It was late at night when suddenly, he was awakened because he felt an approaching danger. Just as he opened his eyes, he was almost scared to death, before his mouth was gagged.

"Damn woman, you scared the shit out of me!" Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, his eyes were full of fury as they glared at the masked Elder Dan. He didn't expect that Elder Dan would actually appear in such a way.

"Young martial uncle, this is the Colorless Spirit Grass, Five Leaf Grass and Five-Colored Lotus Seed. All this time, I went to find the herbs for the Five Elements True Elemental Dan for you, now I will go into closed-door training for a long period of time. You do not need to look for me. Right, this is the list of participants for tomorrow's high-rank tournament, there is a lot of information on it. There is no harm in looking. Goodbye, and don't tell senior brother and junior brother about my arrival."

Elder Dan stuffed a storage pouch in Chen Xiang's hand, before quickly flying out of the window and disappearing into the night.

Chen Xiang was still in a daze from fear. While looking at the storage pouch in his hands, he heaved a long breath. He secretly felt grateful to Elder Dan, she had actually so zealously helped him gather the herbs. However, he still couldn’t understand why she was being so elusive.

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