World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0302 - The Shocking Physique

Chapter 302 - The Shocking Physique


It was just comparing notes, moreover, there were three powerful Nirvana Realm martial artists present at the side. Chen Xiang was not afraid of Lian Changyun committing any fraud, and he too would hold back a little.

The courtyard in the residence could be counted as fairly large, it was enough for Chen Xiang and Lian Changyun to cast their moves. But in order to not cause any big movements, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Lian Yingxiao laid down a barrier together, forming an invisible cover which enveloped the entire courtyard, lest any big movement destroy the buildings in the surrounding area. In this way, they could also keep the courtyard intact.

At this time, Chen Xiang had also felt that the ground had turned a lot firmer, this was all credited to the barrier laid down by the three Nirvana Realm martial artists. With their very formidable strength, it was difficult for True Martial Realm martial artists to even shake the courtyard.

In the small courtyard, Lian Changyun had a serious look, yet Chen Xiang seemed to be laid-back, this made Lian Changyun feel that Chen Xiang was looking down on him, sending him into rage. He clenched his fists and decided that once Chen Xiang's three moves were over, he would pummel Chen Xiang's handsome face till it was black and blue. He was increasingly hating Chen Xiang by the moment, not only did Chen Xiang snatched his woman, he even stole the limelight.

"Three fire veins! This guy is not weak, be careful! From his appearance, he can’t wait to cripple you." Long Xueyi giggled and said.

It was not that Chen Xiang had not encountered someone with three veins, before, Lu Jie was killed by Chen Xiang, moreover, Lu Jie was in the 7th level of the True Martial Realm. As for the young and arrogant Lian Changyun, he was not even worth mentioning, the most important thing was that Lian Changyun allowed him to make the first three moves.

"The other guy's father is beside him, give him a little bit of face!" Su Meiyao chuckled and said. She was worried Chen Xiang would settle everything in three moves, by then, both father and son would be unable to show their face.

Chen Xiang understood the way of the world, that was why he also intended to be a little low-key.

"Start!" Gu Dongchen shouted, regarding Chen Xiang's strength, he was very confident. Chen Xiang was his young martial uncle as well as the pillar of his generation in the Extreme Martial Sect, without a doubt, he wished Chen Xiang could win, so he could have a bit more prestige.

With a step, Chen Xiang leaped out, dragging a long chain of his silhouette. His speed was rather good, but Lian Changyun secretly sneered instead, because he felt that Chen Xiang's speed was very slow, uncomparable to his.

As Chen Xiang struck his fist, a swift and violent punch impacted upon the air, bursting out with a thunderous sonic boom, striking towards Lian Changyun's chest. Both the speed and the explosive force was quite amazing, but in the opinion of Lian Changyun and these Nirvana Realm martial artists, it was still somewhat weak.

Lian Changyun contemptuously smiled, he just leaned on one side to dodge. Chen Xiang seemed to expect this response, so he quickly used a leg sweep towards his supporting leg, as if a giant axe was sweeping. If his target was a giant tree, it would definitely be cut off easily by him.

When Lian Changyun felt the threat of the leg sweep, flame surged upon one of his arms; the rich True Qi from within his dantian poured into his arm, allowing his arm to have a powerful scorching capability. When he struck his fist, the flame True Qi within his body burst forth, ruthlessly impacting upon Chen Xiang's leg.

As the punch landed upon the sweeping leg of Chen Xiang, he only felt slightly hot, that's all. However, his body still flew back, but with a backflip in the air, he firmly held his ground. Just as his feet landed on the ground, he flew out like an arrow, punching with both of his fists, straight towards Lian Changyun's chest.

Lian Changyun crossed both his hands, blocking Chen Xiang's oncoming fists, while Scorching Qi burst forth from his body. As both power collided against each other, a tremor ran through the ground. From the flame True Qi bursting out from Lian Changyun, Chen Xiang was sent into retreat.

Since the three moves were already over, Lian Changyun immediately started his onslaught. At the moment, his whole body was like a burning ferocious tiger, as he rushed towards Chen Xiang.

From beginning to the end, Chen Xiang had not used his True Qi, he only used his physical strength to attack. His body was in the 5th level of the Immortal and Devil Body, so he wanted to try how powerful his physique was.

Lian Changyun transformed into a fiery red silhouette, with both of his hands tightly clasped together. At the same time he was swooping towards Chen Xiang, an intense flames emerged upon his fists, like a burning red giant hammer slamming down, fiercely pounding towards Chen Xiang's head.

Unexpectedly, Lian Changyun acted so ruthlessly. In his heart, Chen Xiang was slightly furious as he punched out like lightning. Surprisingly, Chen Xiang didn’t dodge, instead, he met the oncoming attack with his fists.

Chen Xiang’s action made Lian Changyun become a little surprised, this was also true for Gu Dongchen and the others. Lian Changyun's move was rather powerful, yet Chen Xiang didn't choose to dodge.

An explosion rang, before the small courtyard slightly trembled. As the Qi waves burst forth from the explosion which collided with the barrier, they immediately disappeared. Lian Changyun didn't expect that Chen Xiang's strength would actually be so overbearing; with just the physical strength of his fists, he had actually firmly returned the powerful and fierce flaming strike.

Chen Xiang’s feet were already plunged to the ground, yet he was still standing firmly as smoke was rising above his fists. As for Lian Changyun, he flew far away from the shock, almost falling out of the barrier.

Seeing his son flying away, Lian Yingxiao’s pupil fiercely contracted. His expression turned incomparably grim, because he had noticed that Chen Xiang wasn’t even using his True Qi.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming had also realized this. Last time, during Chen Xiang’s and Lu Jie’s battle, they both knew Chen Xiang's physique was quite strong, but they didn't expect Chen Xiang would have arrived at such a step. Only using the physical strength of his fists, he actually collided with Lian Changyun's overbearing flames.

Regarding this gambling fight, Lian Yingxiao was originally very confident for his own son’s victory, but now he could only sigh in his heart. He now knew the outcome was already decided, Chen Xiang was intentionally concealing himself, and he hadn't even used his true strength yet. This was also to let Lian Changyun look a little good, otherwise, in those three moves, Chen Xiang could have easily defeated Lian Changyun.

Chen Xiang’s physical strength was already comparable to Lian Changyun, if True Qi was included, without a shred of doubt, Lian Changyun would be defeated.

Lian Changyun didn't sense anything. He had investigated Chen Xiang's fights, so he knew that Chen Xiang's most powerful attack was neither flame not the Azure True Qi, it was an invisible and colorless True Qi. At this point, he believed that Chen Xiang had used that invisible and colorless True Qi, otherwise, Chen Xiang would not be able to block his strike.

Lian Changyun was not too bad, he once again attacked Chen Xiang. His figure flickered, before he instantly arrived in front of Chen Xiang. Followed by a number of mindless punches, in the blink of an eye, countless silhouettes of fiery red fists appeared. Each and every single one of these fists were blasting towards Chen Xiang, they were very quick and very powerful. WIthin an instant, Chen Xiang's upper garments were all shredded.

However, no matter how fast his fists were, they would never land on Chen Xiang's head. It was not that they had been dodged by Chen Xiang, but on the contrary, all of them were blocked by Chen Xiang's fist, so most of his fist only landed on Chen Xiang's upper body.

Chen Xiang's upper body muscles were very firm, they looked very tenacious and rich in power. Coupled with the White Dragon tattoo on his left shoulder, his upper body was full of masculine vigor.

Even after those powerful flames incessantly struck on Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang didn't even bat an eye. Moreover, he had not even released a bit of his True Qi to resist, it was quite clear to what extent the dreadfulness of his physique was.

Lian Yingxiao sighed lightly, Chen Xiang was a freak of nature. In his ten thousand years of life, it was his first time to encounter such a powerful boy. He believed that so long as Chen Xiang could live for one or two thousand years, he would definitely become a legendary figure in the Chenwu Mainland.

At this time, Lian Changyun also realized something was wrong. After his punches struck upon Chen Xiang, he could feel the slight heat and fleshy feeling from Chen Xiang's body. Beside what he felt, he didn't sense any other power; suddenly, a thought surfaced in his mind!

Chen Xiang had resisted his punches with just his body! For Lian Changyun, it was something unconceivable, as such, he was not able to accept this fact. He was very confident in his strength, but with the other party just using just his body to resist, all of Lian Changyun’s confidence collapsed.

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