World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0301 - Fire Dragon Blood Lotus

Chapter 301 - Fire Dragon Blood Lotus


Lian Changyun was both ashamed and furious, he was completely speechless. It was not that Chen Xiang didn't want to compete with him, on the contrary, it was him who wasn’t in the same level as Chen Xiang, and this was a great insult to him.

Chen Xiang, seeing Lian Changyun's countenance, secretly sneered in his heart. He certainly wanted the White Jade Lotus Seed, but unfortunately, he had signed up for the high-rank tournament.

Seeing his son losing face in front of Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, Lian Yingxiao sighed in his heart. He was certainly aware of his son’s character. However, he felt that letting him lose face also meant nothing, this might even allow him to mature a little.

"This is indeed the credentials of a 5th level Alchemist, a low 5th level Alchemist at your age is very rare. I don’t know which three low-grade profound level dans you can refine?" As Lian Yingxiao returned the jade card to Chen XIang, he asked with a smile.

Gu Dongchen and the others also very much wanted to know which three low-grade profound level dan Chen Xiang could refine, however, Chen Xiang just mysterious smiled, "Please forgive me, I want them to remain a secret for the time being."

Gu Dongchen ruthlessly knocked on his head, "Pretending to be mysterious... quickly speak!"

Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue at Gu Dongchen, "I'm not going to speak, what are you going to do then?"

Seeing Chen Xiang’s rudeness towards his dean, Lian Yingxiao and Lian Changyun, both father and son, were very surprised, because Gu Dongchen was not even angry in the slightest. It was quite clear that in the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang was treated as someone very important by Gu Dongchen.

Lian Changyun secretly clenched his teeth, he felt that he had underestimated Chen Xiang, so he wanted to regain some face. He said, "I only came here to compete with the top youngest disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect, even if I cannot fight with you in alchemy, I want to have a bout with you in strength. Chen Xiang, come on, let’s fight!"

Originally, Chen Xiang was feeling regretful that he was unable to get the White Jade Lotus Seed, but he would have never expected that the opposite party would actually take the initiative to challenge him on his own. Failing to take advantage of this son of bitch, Chen Xiang obviously wanted to readily agree, however, he still looked at Lian Yingxiao’s and Gu Dongchen's complexion.

Lian Yingxiao nodded his head at Gu Dongchen, expressing his assent. After Chen Xiang saw Lian Yingxiao’s agreement, he laughed and said, "Not sure whether or not Brother Lian is going to bet the White Jade Lotus Seed? Little brother's hand had recently been tight, when I was learning alchemy, the Dean had never sponsored me. I had to learn on my own expense and exert my utmost strength. Who told me to encounter such a stingy Dean."

Chen Xiang actually became a 5th level Alchemist by relying on his own hard work, Lian Changyun didn't believe a bit of it, but Lian Yingxiao was rather convinced. He knew Gu Dongchen's character, he was indeed very stingy, moreover, he could also notice the subtle relation between Chen Xiang and Gu Dongchen.

"Of course I'm going to bet the White Jade Lotus Seed! But what are you going to use to bet? You should be aware of the White Jade Lotus Seed's value." Lian Changyun, while speaking, took out the White Jade Lotus Seed. This was the specialty of the Lotus Island. It was extremely useful, but its growth period was very long, it was said that it would take seven to eight thousand years for it to grow up.

In the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, Chen Xiang had obtained a very huge Hell Spirit Grass, which he took out right now. He laughingly said, "My Hell Spirit Grass’ efficacy is the same as your White Jade Lotus Seed. However, my Hell Spirit Grass is very huge, at the very least, it should be equivalent to three White Jade Lotus Seeds, this is the only thing I have to bet with."

The Hell Spirit Grass was almost as big as a human head, which was quite scary. Lian Yingxiao had already heard that Chen Xiang had acquired it in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. At that time, a group of True Martial Realm martial artists tried to rob him, but Chen Xiang had crippled all of them.

Lian Yingxiao nodded his head, "This is equivalent to four White Jade Lotus Seeds, Changyun, your ante is less now!"

Regarding Lian Yingxiao's character, Chen Xiang held it with some admiration. Lian Yingxiao was not even biased with his son, and he even signaled his son to be fair, indicating his son to take out an ante of same level.

Lian Changyun clenched his teeth, before taking out a fiery red lotus. Once this lotus appeared, the entire courtyard turn a lot hotter. Chen Xiang didn't recognize what it was, but he was sure that this thing was obviously useful for flame cultivators.

"It’s the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus, the most precious among the top ten lotus seeds. It doesn’t even need to be refined into a dan, just directly swallowing it would be extremely helpful to flame cultivators. Although it is a little lacking in healing efficacy compared to the White Jade Lotus Seed and the Hell Spirit Grass, it is still very precious." Su Meiyao immediately said, her voice was full of surprise.

"Rumor has it that there was once a lotus that was soaked in the blood of the Fire Dragon God, which then grew on its own, and bred a large number of Fire Dragon Blood Lotus. Certainly, some of them must have been growing on the Lotus Island." Long Xueyi gulped a mouthful of saliva, it seemed that she very much wanted to go to the Lotus Island and steal them.

Before speaking, Chen Xiang took a long deep breath, "Fire Dragon Blood Lotus! The Lotus Island is truly the legendary first treasure trove of the Chenwu Mainland, today had really opened the eyes of this little brother, admire, admire!"

Both Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were not able to recognize it, yet Chen Xiang could, which made the both of them admire Chen Xiang. They had heard of the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus, but they had not seen it yet. They were not even aware that it was in the Lotus Island.

"Good eyes!" The Lotus Island's Dean praised, a sliver of surprise flashed in his eyes, because for the very first time, someone had actually recognized the Fire Dragon Blood Lotus in one glance.

Lian Yingxiao felt that there was a very big difference between his son and Chen Xiang. Whether it was in experience or subtlety, Chen Xiang was further ahead of Lian Changyun. Chen Xiang had always claimed to be a little brother, he even called Lian Changyun as Brother Lian, but this was not because Chen Xiang respected Liu Changyun. On the other hand, Lian Changyun just called Chen Xiang’s name directly. Regarding the bad attitude of Lian Changyun towards him, Chen Xiang just completely disregarded it and still treated Lian Changyun like a friend.

Thinking of this, Lian Yingxiao could not help but secretly sigh. Now he learned why Chen Xiang could garner the respect of so many disciples in the Southern Wasteland, Chen Xiang knew how to respect others, but his son could not do this.

Of course, Lian Yingxiao also knew that Chen Xiang was ruthless, if he wasn’t present here, perhaps Chen Xiang wouldn’t even have a good look at Lian Changyun.

"So it is decided, we old men will act as the judge. And you brat, you can’t use that blade, because even I am not sure what level of brilliant weapon it is." Gu Dongchen said, if Chen Xiang used that blade, no matter how many Lian Changyun were there, they would all be slaughtered by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang said with a laugh, "Of course not. With a weapon, I will not be able to enjoy the contest."

"Let me say in advance, a few days ago, I have entered the 6th level of the True Martial Realm, so I'm a little stronger than you. How about I let you have three moves, during your three moves, I will not attack you, I will only defend or dodge." Lian Changyun proudly said, being able to enter the 6th level of the True Martial Realm at his age made him very proud of himself. Although he was already a hundred years old, for True Martial Realm martial artists, he was just a brat.

Others had given him such a face, so without a doubt, Chen Xiang was going to appreciate it. He laughingly said, “Then little brother would like to thank Brother Lian. I'm not going to be polite then!"

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