World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0305 - Perfect Clearance

Chapter 305 - Perfect Clearance


Seeing that some Alchemists still hadn't released their flames, Mrs. Li shouted, "Once the the sand inside the sandglass is drained, this round will be finished. If one have not completed the task, it will counted as your forfeiture, and you will be eliminated."

Chen Xiang looked at the hour glass, and discerned that it would take around half an hour to completely drain. The time was rather tight, while the candle was very difficult to burn. Not to mention, they had to be very careful while burning the candle, or else the ice particles inside would be burned.

Among the three tournament stages, only the alchemists on the high-rank tournament had completely released their flames, while the group of alchemists in the other two stages were hesitating. That being said, no one wanted to be out of the tournament by not competing.

So many alchemists altogether released their True Qi flames, turning the entire tournament stadium into a giant steamer, many among the audience could not bear the sudden intense heat. Everyone's body was drenched in sweat, only those decent martial artists were able to withstand this sudden change with their True Qi.

Each and every participant cautiously burned their candles, some burned bit by bit from the surface, some from the sides, but all of them released very little flames and burned very carefully.

Chen Xiang's burning method was unique and astonishing, much to everyone's surprise, he had completely wrapped the candle within his flames. In addition, his flames were very formidable. The alchemists on the same stage with him, were all having a little difficulty withstanding the temperature, at the same time, they were also shocked by Chen Xiang's frightening flames. However, they believed the way Chen Xiang was doing things would result in all the particles being destroyed in the end.

Chen Xiang glanced at the other two tournament stages, he noticed the difference between heat-resistance of the candle on the three tournament stages. The heat-resistance of the candle on the high-rank tournament stage was obviously the highest.

Hua Xiangyue sat in front of a low window with a teacup in her hand, and was very leisurely watching from the twentieth floor of the Danxiang Tower. Looking at Chen Xiang's flames, she said in a low voice, "This brat is always so reckless. Even with Fire Spirit, if he dares to burn in such a reckless way, wouldn't he just lose!"

Liu Menger walked in, and sat next to the low window. She took a sip of the tea, before she laughed and said, "How about we make a bet?"

"Never, this brat has too many variables." Hua Xiangyue with a charming smile, and touched Liu Menger's face, "Sister Menger, you are definitely going to bet on your darling winning, am I right?"

The noble and dignified Liu Menger was just like a normal girl in front of Hua Xiangyue and blushed from shame, before she tenderly scoffed and said, "You must be jealous!"

Liu Menger deceived Chen Xiang into thinking that she had returned to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. This was in order to avoid Chen Xiang, she knew if she became any closer with Chen Xiang, both of their feelings would become deeper. Maybe, one day, things would go too far. Not to mention, her mind was currently in chaos, as Chen Xiang was the love interest of both her apprentices, she has been very conflicted about this matter.

But first, Liu Menger needed to cross the Nirvana Tribulation, only then could she deal with these complex feelings. Also, if she failed in crossing her tribulation, she didn't want to make Chen Xiang mourn at that time! This would also leave a shadow in Chen Xiang's heart, which rather be detrimental, especially when he was going to cross the Nirvana Tribulation.

"How long are you planning to hide?" Liu Menger asked. She was obviously aware of some of Hua Xiangyue's secrets, which Chen Xiang also wished to know.

"Wait till he is formidable than me, I'll tell him then! Menger, maybe by then we will become sisters, this brat's charms are too much, my heart's is a bit shaken, hei hei..." Hua Xiangyue tenderly laughed and teased.

Being busy in tournament, Chen Xiang naturally didn't know that two beauties were talking about him. Although he was looking serious, once in awhile he would sweep his gaze down the stage and glance at those beauties drenched in fragrant sweat. In particular, those with good figures, he would always take a second glance. Which made him even more excited for the tournament.

One by one, all the participating alchemists were engrossed in burning the candle. Only Chen Xiang happened to be half-hearted in his efforts, for him, the tournament was not challenging enough. During the alchemy, the control over flames required to be even more demanding, that was why this tournament was the same as a game in his eyes.

The red ice particles in the candle had already been locked by Chen Xiang’s divine sense, and he simply controlled the flames as he desired and mixed in with them. These flames were like a part of his body, he control them freely as he wished.

Among the three tournament stages, Chen Xiang’s performance was very eye-catching, not only the flame he had released was very vigorous, the flames had completely wrapped the whole candle. At a single glance, it was rather conspicuous.

Suddenly, the flames in front of Chen Xiang disappeared. The entire audience immediately burst into clamor. At the same time, the crowd burst one by one into exclamations, because the candle was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, many rice grain-like red ice particles were suspended directly in front of Chen Xiang. With Chen Xiang's control, these ice particles all fell into the special ice box.

After the candle had been wrapped around in Chen Xiang's flames for quite sometime, it all just suddenly disappeared, just like a magic trick. Which was followed by emergence of many red ice particles, taking everyone's breath away in astonishment.

"One hundred particles!" Mrs. Li personally came over and confirmed the total amount. She swept with her divine sense to confirm the count once again in disbelief, she too had a look of astonishment on her face.

Chen Xiang was the fastest one to complete, but also perfectly cleared the first round. This made other alchemists feel a great pressure. They all believed that there was something wrong with Chen Xiang's brain before, but now they found out, they had been the snobs all along!

Chen Xiang sat on the tournament stage, and watched over the middle-rank tournament stage, where his apprentice Yao Haisheng, and also his good friend Wu Qianqian were present. Both of them were among the finest alchemists of the Extreme Martial Sect. Especially Wu Qianqian, her progress had been extremely alarming. Although she happened to be 3rd level Alchemist, she could already refine True Elemental Dan. According to Chen Xiang estimation, in one or two years, she might be able to advance to the 4th level Alchemist.

After Wu Qianqian learned from Elder Dan how to hide her flame's color, she didn't expose her blue flames at all. At this point, her flames had shamed more than hundred alchemists on the middle-rank tournament stage, both young and old. Due to her having a Flame Spirit, her flames were considered noble among flames. This was why the flames released by Wu Qianqian happened to have a different aura from the general populace.

As for Chen Xiang's Heavenly Sun Fire, it was much better than Wu Qianqian's. Both in its noble aura, and in its royal aggressiveness.

"Worthy of the first beauty of the Extreme Martial Sect, her figure is in same level with Sister Menger, Hua Xiangyue, Sister Youyou, and Sister Meiyao, not to mention she is more than thirty years old, even her mature charm is..." Chen Xiang looked at Wu Qianqian’s exquisite tender figure, and indulged in a train of thoughts.

What was surprising was, not long after Chen Xiang had completed, Wu Qianqian also made her candle disappeared, before taking out hundred red ice particles. She too had perfectly passed the round, much to everyone’s surprise, both of them turned out to be disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect!

Once Wu Qianqian was finished, she looked towards Chen Xiang, and naughtily stuck out her tongue at Chen Xiang. She then revealed a sweet smile, which was a very beautiful sight to behold.

Noticing Wu Qianqian and Chen Xiang exchanging flirting glances with each other, Lian Changyun felt hate to the very drop of his blood. Although he had played with a lot of beautiful women, those women only had appearance and figure, and didn't have any position. All of them were people who were attracted to his wealth, which didn't give him any sense of conquest.

High and aloof beauties like Xue Xianxian and Wu Qianqian were the most tempting kind of treasure to this young lord.

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