World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0288 - Successful

Chapter 288 - Successful


The Building Foundation Dans were very rare, so they were not considered commonly used, however, they were very famous. As for the Hundred Beasts Dan, it was used for practicing, and its reputation was not very small either. Beside these, there was also the Life Elemental Dan, if one took it when he was exhausted, then he would be able to recover a large amount of True Qi in the blink of an eye, allowing them to become energetic for a short span of time. In addition, it could also stimulate a person’s hidden potential. As for refining the Life Elemental Dan, it was not considered too tough, it was only the herbs which were rare.

Then there was the Baptizing Marrow Dan, this was the low-grade profound level dan Chen Xiang had been wanting to refine, but it was too difficult to refine it. Moreover, its herbs were also very expensive, fetching a price several times higher than that of the Hundred Beasts Dan. It was mainly used to strengthen the body, and it was quite a popular dan.

There was also the Altering Fate Dan, which could improve its user's poor spiritual vein to a better one, it was a dan often bought by some wealthy families, and it was slightly difficult to refine. In addition, its herbs were also slightly expensive.

As for the Elemental Spirit Dan Chen Xiang was refining at the moment, it was in the forefront of the low-grade profound level dans. After all, it was used to strengthen the divine sense. Cultivating the True Qi was easy, tempering the body was rather difficult, and cultivating the divine sense was the most difficult. Chen Xiang had a Divine Soul, and only through cultivating in Shinto would enable him to make his divine sense super strong.

In the Chenwu Mainland, Chen Xiang's alchemy talent could be described as second to none, yet he was not proud and arrogant of himself. He once heard Su Meiyao speak of a place called the Sacred Dan World, and in there, the alchemists were as many as dogs, moreover, the rank of the alchemists there was different from the Chenwu Mainland. It was a very fertile world, and rumor had it, precious spirit herbs were like common grass there.

This was the place Chen Xiang had been longing for, however, going there was very difficult. In addition, Su Meiyao didn't even tell him how to go there. She only said that even if he knew, it would not be of any use, because he wasn’t strong enough.

Previously, when Chen Xiang was refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, it led to many failures because his divine sense was inadequate. But now that his divine sense was so powerful, refining the Elemental Spirit Dan wasn’t too much of a burden.

In the beginning, Chen Xiang was sweating profusely. Although he had succeeded once, but Chen Xiang still felt that it was a bit difficult to refine. His divine sense was indeed very strong, but he discovered that using too much divine sense all of a sudden to suppress the Herbal Spirit Qi in the alchemical furnace would result in the Herbal Spirit Qi to turn even more tyrannical, which would be counterproductive.

Looking at Chen Xiang’s appearance, the three old alchemists were wondering in their hearts. In their opinion, refining this unconventional dan should be relatively simple, yet Chen Xiang was now encountering such difficulties. In their heart, they were secretly happy, at the least in this regard, they were better than Chen Xiang.

Hua Xiangyue was seriously watching, her pretty eyes were shimmering strangely again and again, as if she could see through Chen Xiang's furnace. Those three old alchemists also could not understand why the supervisor of Danxiang Taoyuan was so entranced.

"This woman is quite an expert in hiding herself, she’s very formidable!" Long Xueyi said in a low voice, she was intently watching Hua Xiangyue.

Hua Xiangyue also felt inconceivable, she suddenly discovered that Chen Xiang's alchemical furnace was mysterious. Her mouth could not help but flash a charming and enthralling smile as she determined that Chen Xiang's furnace was very formidable.

Of course, what was totally out of her expectation was Chen Xiang could actually refine the Elemental Spirit Dan. This was a dan which could only be successfully refined with a very subtle control over one's divine sense, moreover, compared to numerous dans, it had a very high requirement for flames.

"Incredible, this woman's divine sense is very powerful. It seems that she have discovered something." Long Xueyi said with surprise.

Chen Xiang, at the moment, had no time to pay any attention to this, he was seeking the feeling from the last time when he had succeeded. All the Elemental Spirit Dan's herbs required to absorb his divine sense in order to solidify the dan; he could not let these herbs absorb too much or too little. Even the slightest bit of mistake would lead to failure.

Soon, he had arrived at the most crucial moment, as the alchemical furnace actually slightly began to shake. It appeared as if the furnace was about to explode, which made the three old alchemists secretly ridicule. Before, they had suffered a blow from Chen Xiang, but finally, they could regain a bit of their dignity.


A muffled explosion rang, before Chen Xiang fiercely opened his eyes, his head was full of sweat. He had actually failed, moreover, an explosion in the furnace had also occurred, he secretly sighed and once again took out the herbs. On one side, he was processing, on the other, he was recalling the reason which lead to the failure a moment ago.

A slight gloating look hung up on the faces of those three old alchemists, seeing Chen Xiang blast his furnace, they felt a lot better in their heart. Even though they didn't know which dan Chen Xiang was refining, but they believed they themselves would not commit this kind of error. They felt good that Chen Xiang actually failed refining an unconventional dan.

Hua Xiangyue frowned. She was thinking about the reason behind Chen Xiang's failure. She could sense the subtle changes inside the furnace, and she could see Chen Xiang was very rich in experience regarding the refinement of the Elemental Spirit Dan; these things should not have been the reason of his failure.

"Damn girl, you chirp so continuously. If not for you chirping continuously, father would have not failed!" Chen Xiang, using his divine sense, cursed Long Xueyi.

Long Xueyi indignantly replied, "I suddenly found that seductress was very formidable, I could not help but tell you!"

"So what if you wanted to tell me, why were you yapping shit with Zhenzhen, that little white tiger. If you want to chitchat, then chitchat! Why the fuck do you want to make me listen." Chen Xiang became even more angrier.

"I'm sorry, I only felt Zhenzhen was very strange, that was why I was chatting with her, who would have thought that it will make your refinement of the Elemental Spirit Dan become so difficult." Long Xueyi pettily said, making Chen Xiang unable to get angry again.

Fortunately, there was still an opportunity to refine again, but it was the last chance.

Long Xueyi, while Chen Xiang was processing the herbs, told her findings to Chen Xiang, "Little rascal, that seductress’ divine sense is very strong, she could clearly sense the situation inside the alchemical furnace."

"She knows many of my secrets, I'm not afraid if she also came to know about this." Chen Xiang sighed and said. Hua Xiangyue knew his and Liu Menger’s secret, and she also knew that he was the disciple of Huang Jintian. Although she wasn’t vocal about, Chen Xiang was still sure that she had definitely figured it out.

"In front of me, these women usually pretend to be stupid, but I have never thought that they were so smart." Chen Xiang cursed.

"If girls in front of you are too clever, you would not be happy. They act stupid only to seduce you." Su Meiyao said while tenderly laughing.

Chen Xaign began to place the herbs inside the furnace, and then began to pour in the flames, before he exhorted Long Xueyi, "Little girl, whatever matter it is, wait till I have finished refining. Only then can you tell me."

"I know." Long Xueyi tenderly shouted.

This once, Chen Xiang was just the same as a moment ago, profusely sweating. He began to hate refining the Elemental Spirit Dan a little. Refining this kind of dan, no matter how strong an alchemist’s divine sense was, if they have not grasped it well, then they would definitely suffer a loss.

"Bring it on! Two dans!" Chen Xiang, in his heart, became resolute. Using his divine sense, he divided the fused masses of the Herbal Spirit Qi and the Herbal Powder into two. Afterwards, he began to squeeze them into dans.

For the first time, Chen Xiang was refining two dans at the same time. If he was only refining one dan, by that time, he would not be able to completely unleash the potency of the herbs. If not for him being not too familiar with the Elemental Spirit Dan, he would have definitely gone for three dans.

Now, inside the furnace, two masses of energy were slowly being squeezed. Hua Xiangyue’s senses were crystal clear, in her heart, she was extremely surprised. When she looked at Chen Xiang, a look of admiration appeared in her eyes.

"Solidify!" Chen Xiang shouted in his heart as the trembling furnace suddenly calmed down. During the solidification of the Elemental Spirit Dan, as long as an alchemist’s divine sense was strong enough, the process would then be very easy.

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