World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0289 - 5th Level Alchemist

Chapter 289 - 5th Level Alchemist


The three old alchemist, after seeing Chen Xiang suddenly relax, knew that Chen Xiang must have been successful, which also meant that Chen Xiang would become a 5th level Alchemist, albeit a low 5th level alchemist. But for Chen Xiang's current age, it was still very amazing. Thinking of Chen Xiang's promising future, the three elders felt jealous in their hearts. All of them had only become 5th level Alchemists at the end of their poor lives.

"What dan have you refined?" The old woman, while walking over, asked.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "Senior, won't you know after I open the lid?"

The other two old men and Hua Xiangyue encircled Chen Xiang. Hua Xiangyue already knew what dan Chen Xiang had refined, but she didn't expect Chen Xiang would actually be successful in refining it.

After the lid was opened, a burst of golden aura suddenly shot out from inside, dazzling everyone's eyes. But very soon, the golden aura disappeared as two bright dans circulating in a golden brilliance were lying inside the furnace, sending the three old alchemists into extreme shock. They had still not recognized which dan it was, but they knew that it was definitely a very formidable low-grade profound level dan, especially because of the slight aura it gave off, which could affect one's mind.

The three old alchemists gulped down a mouthful of saliva, they felt a little embarrassed. Before, they thought Chen Xiang was refining an unconventional dan, and they even believed that they would certainly be able to recognize it, but now, even after looking at the dans, they weren't able to recognize it. This dan was absolutely not the unconventional dan which wasn’t really useful like they had imagined.

"This is the Elemental Spirit Dan, it is also the first for me to see it." Hua Xiangyue dismissively said, she took out a dan and carefully observed it.

Chen Xiang didn't expect that even Hua Xiangyue had only seen this kind of dan now. It just made it evident how rare the herbs for the Elemental Spirit Dan were.

"Elemental… Elemental Spirit Dan, the legendary Elemental Spirit Dan which can make its user's divine sense soar!" One of the old men was stunned; they had certainly heard of it, but its exact details, no one knew for sure. Even its recipe, not a single one of them knew it.

The three old alchemists were thoroughly stunned, the Elemental Spirit Dan was, although a low-grade profound level dan, its usage was very big. A long time ago, it was once set to be included among the middle-grade profound level dans, but as its degree of difficulty in refining had not yet reached the middle-grade profound level, it was set as a low-grade profound level dan.

This dan was much more valuable than the Building Foundation Dan. Chen Xiang not only had the herbs, he could even refine it. The three old alchemists who were secretly sneering at Chen Xiang for refining an unconventional dan before, now knew how wrong they were. Chen Xiang had not refined just any unconventional dan, but instead the second to none among the low-grade profound level dans, the Elemental Spirit Dan.

"Are you willing to sell this Elemental Spirit Dan to the Danxiang Tower? We only need one, just for showcase; we will absolutely not sell it." Hua Xiangyue's eyes had a pleasant expression as she asked Chen Xiang.

The three old alchemists also wanted to buy it, but they knew how rare and precious the Elemental Spirit Dan was. They estimated that Chen Xiang would mercilessly suppress them with his price, that was why they also gave up.

In his herbal garden, Chen Xiang had planted a lot of herbs. In the future, he could still be able to refine it. Selling a dan to Hua Xiangyue was nothing, so he said with a laugh, "Of course I can, but before we talk about the price, give me the 5th level Alchemist medallion first."

Hua Xiangyue, seeing that cunning look hanging on Chen Xiang’s face, knew that she would definitely be swindled by Chen Xiang. She secretly clenched her teeth as she took out a jade card with five light golden stripes engraved upon it. After taking it out, the three old alchemists, with their blood and divine sense, signed behind the jade card.

Chen Xiang waited for a short while, before they were all done. The three old alchemists politely greeted Chen Xiang, before they left fully ashamed.

Hua Xiangyue poked Chen Xiang's waist, before softly snorting, "Little rascal, when did you learn refining the Elemental Spirit Dan?"

"I've learned it long ago, I'm now a 5th level Alchemists, hahaha..." Chen Xiang, looking at the jade card, began laughing. The five golden lines were a little bleak; it was a sign of a low 5th level Alchemist. For the medium 5th level Alchemist, it was a little bit brighter, and as for the high 5th level Alchemist, the golden lines were incomparably brighter.

If Chen Xiang wanted to be assessed again, he could only ask the person in charge of the Danxiang Tower to make the golden lines a bit brighter. For the jade card was specially refined by the Danxiang Taoyuan, as such, the engraved spirit patterns were all very complex and abstruse.

"Don't be proud, quickly speak your price." Hua Xiangyue pinched Chen Xiang’s arms. Thinking of herself being swindled by Chen Xiang with a big price, she felt very uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang, after seeing her complexion, pursed his lips and said, "What do you think of me? I, from the beginning, was planning to give you one."

This was contrary to what Hua Xiangyue had expected. She hastily touched the place she had pinched a moment ago, laughed and said, "Your really are my dear brother, you have not wasted my love for you."

[TLN: 这倒是出乎花香月的意料,她急忙摸了摸刚才捏的地方,媚笑道:“真是我的好弟弟,没枉费我这么疼你。”, In the last part 疼 means both love and pain, Hua Xiangyue is here making fun of him, by saying this word, representing her pinching, while at the same time, her relationship with Chen Xiang.]

Before, Hua Xiangyue had given him a profound beast bag, which allowed him to catch the White Tiger. For this, Chen Xiang felt very grateful for Hua Xiangyue, and giving her a dan was nothing.

After Chen Xiang gave the Elemental Spirit Dan to Hua Xiangyue, he rushed to register for the tournament, he directly sought for Mrs. Li. Hua Xiangyue had informed Mrs. Li long ago that Chen Xiang was going to take the 5th level Alchemist assessment, but she did not expect it would be so soon.

"Young master Chen, a-are you really a 5th level Alchemist?" Mrs. Li, looking at Chen Xiang's jade card, was still a little bit doubtful. She had spent a long time in the Danxiang Tower, but it was the first time for her to see such a young 5th level Alchemist.

"Hei hei, of course, it’s true! I want to register for the high rank tournament." Chen Xiang laughed and said. Mrs. Li soon accepted this fact, because she had also supervised Chen Xiang's assessment before.

After registering, Chen Xiang also asked about the content of the high rank tournament, but Mrs. Li had her lips sealed, because it must remain a secret, lest the alchemists could specially make preparation for the tournament. This was a big test to the participants.

Very soon, the alchemists circle of the Fragrance City was stirred, because an Elemental Spirit Dan was showcased in the Danxiang Tower. This was a dan that has long been lost with the passage of time. It was certainly a legendary dan.

Of course, all of them didn't know who had refined it. Hua Xiangyue had also asked the three old alchemists to keep it a secret; she couldn’t allow the tycoons of the other forces to know Chen Xiang had arrived here, otherwise, it would bring him some trouble. Not to mention that this time, the devil path sects are also eyeing the tournament. Although the devil sect, after their failure in the Southern Wasteland, promised they would no longer have any conflict with the righteous sects again, their commitment was unworthy of trust.

What Hua Xiangyue was most worried was, since the devil path’s plans had been ruined by Chen Xiang, he would definitely be targeted by those from the devil path.

Chen Xiang didn't return to the Divine Weapon Shop. According to Hua Xiangyue, Liu Menger would not return there anymore, so she asked him to stay here for safety. And Chen Xiang was not going to refuse a beauty, so there was no harm in staying here.

The showcased Elemental Spirit Dan attracted many onlookers, and majority among them were alchemists or someone who was learning alchemy. The Elemental Spirit Dan was placed in a transparent and sealed box, lest the potency of the Elemental Spirit Dan dissipate. Although it was only a low-grade profound level dan, in the eyes of many alchemists, it was a novelty.

Hua Xiangyue took Chen Xiang to a tour in the Danxiang Tower. On the Danxiang Tower, there were also some herbal gardens. These herbal gardens have all been covered by a large formation for gathering Spirit Qi, moreover, the water used for irrigation had all been done by someone specialized in using True Qi to nurture them. Chen Xiang also noticed that the spirit herbs used for refining the True Elemental Dan and the White Jade Dan were growing here. He noticed that after they were carefully bred, their growth rate had significantly increased.

This also opened Chen Xiang's outlook. But just as when Chen Xiang intended to go to a higher floor to have a look for more precious spirit herbs, Hua Xiangyue frowned.

At this time, a voice resounded in the entire Danxiang Tower, "Who is the supervisor of the Danxiang Tower?"

"Someone is here to make trouble!" Chen Xiang quickly shouted. In his heart, he was somewhat excited, because he knew that there would be some good show to watch.

Hua Xiangyue showed Chen Xiang the whites of her eyes, before she quickly went down.

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