World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0287 - Zhenzhen

Chapter 287 - Zhenzhen


Refining the Building Foundation Dan was very easy for Chen Xiang, because his divine sense, compared to the time when he first refined the Building Foundation Dan, was remarkably stronger, he didn't feel the least bit of pressure.

While refining, he had a leisure expression. From time to time, he would look at Hua Xiangyue, but no matter how he looked, he would never get tired of looking. The more he looked, the more comfortable he felt, especially today that her clothes were so luxurious.

Chen Xiang speculated that Hua Xiangyue might have been affected by Liu Menger, that was why she was dressed like a Queen. However, she didn’t really have that first under heaven kind of imposing manner, and she also didn't have Liu Menger's cold and noble temperament. Instead, there was another kind of charm, which was coquettish, captivating and filled with noble aura. Her attractiveness could evoke any man's desire to conquer her.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt some movements inside the profound beast bag. After the little White Tiger had entered the profound beast bag, it has always been sleeping. Chen Xiang eventually had to wait until she woke up.

"Little guy, it might be a bit narrow in there, but I ask you to be patiently for sometime, once I have the opportunity, I'll replace it with a little bigger space." Chen Xiang gently said.

"N...No, it's all good." The little White Tiger's timid voice rang in Chen Xiang's mind, it was clear that she had been quite scared by Chen Xiang. She was already thoroughly afraid of him, making it somewhat harder for Chen Xiang to adapt.

"What is your name?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't have a name, m-master, can you help me choose one?" The little White Tiger carefully asked.

Spirit beasts could not speak, they could only use divine sense. The humans were the wisest of all living beings. After the final evolution of beasts, they could take a human form, just like Long Xueyi. She would rarely transform into dragon, and most of the time, she would be in her human form.

"Let me choose for you!" Long Xueyi excitedly said.

This gave a scare to the young White Tiger, because she didn't expect Chen Xiang to also have such a powerful existence beside him, not to mention that it was a dragon.

"Since she is a White Tiger, her surname can be Bai, same as Sister Youyou. And since she seemed to be timid (胆小, Dan Xiao), her name should be Bai Dan Xiao." Long Xueyi said.

"Dan Xiao your ass, you chose such a stupid name." Chen Xiang reprimanded loudly. At first, he thought that Long Xueyi was speaking logically, yet at the end, it turned out to be shit.

"She is a female (母, Mu), lets call her Bai Mumu (白母母)." Long Xueyi quickly thought of another name.

"You’re an idiot dragon, can you not even think of one normal name? According to your view, why is your name not foolish dragon or stupid dragon?" Chen Xiang was completely speechless from the names Long Xueyi had suggested. He felt that he could only rely on himself to think of a name for the young White Tiger.

At the side, Su Meiyao was snickering, she too had been thunder struck when she heard Long Xueyi’s suggestion. On the other hand, Bai Youyou was very seriously thinking, because her surname was also Bai.

"How about Bai Zhenzhen?" Bai Youyou said.

Su Meiyao mischievously laughed and said, "Isn't that the name senior sister had used to deceive others."

"Good, then it is decided! Little tiger, from now on, your name is Bai Zhenzhen, Chen Xiang was quite satisfied with Bai Youyou’s suggestion.

"En, thanks a lot master!" Bai Zhenzhen obediently replied. She had been completely conquered by Chen Xiang.

Being called a master by a White Tiger made Chen Xiang feel a little strange, yet it also made him have a sense of accomplishment.

"Zhenzhen, won't your parents worry about you?" Chen Xiang asked. He was most worried about this, if he was caught by two furious White Tigers, he would be completely finished.

"Rest assured, originally, I was evicted by them." Zhenzhen replied.

On one side, he was chatting with the White Tiger, while on the other, he was refining a dan with a serious look. This made the three old alchemists to secretly nod, if they came to know that Chen Xiang had just received a young beast as his slave, they would definitely vomit blood.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour went by, and under Chen Xiang's exquisite control, the refinement inside the furnace went very smoothly. At the moment, the solidification of the dan has already started, and very soon, he would be finished refining.

While refining, Chen Xiang, from his very serious appearance, suddenly stretched his waist lazily and yawned, making the three old alchemists surprised for a moment; this was not something to do while refining a dan. Because Chen Xiang had moved his palm away from the furnace, that meant that the flow of flames had already been broken, which was rather a serious mistake.

For this, Hua Xiangyue was not the slightest bit surprised, for she knew Chen Xiang had already finished refining the Building Foundation Dan.

"I've finished refining. Seniors, you can check." Chen Xiang calmly said. The three old alchemists were suddenly sweating profusely; just a moment ago, they wanted to scold Chen Xiang for committing such a big mistake, yet Chen Xiang had actually finished refining in just half an hour.

As they had already seen Chen Xiang refine the Hundred Beasts Dan, they were not really that surprised that Chen Xiang had once again succeeded. However, in their heart, they were secretly shocked by Chen Xiang’s monstrous talent.

It was Hua Xiangyue who opened the lid. Inside the furnace, there were actually four Building Foundation Dans! This almost scared the shit out of the three old alchemists. Refining four Building Foundation Dans at once was something they had never even heard before, let alone seeing it with their own eyes; they almost felt like kneeling to Chen Xiang.

"Excellent quality!" Hua Xiangyue, on the contrary, was very calm as she took out a Building Foundation Dan and observed it.

Four dans, moreover, they were of excellent quality. This seemed to have given a pretty big blow to these three old alchemists. Coming here, they thought that they could take a high and mighty stance like an emperor. They were thinking about having Chen Xiang give them a salute, yet the result had left their face red from shame.

Chen Xiang received the Building Foundation Dans as he laughed, he said, "Now the final one."

Hua Xiangyue and the others were very much in anticipation regarding what was the final dan. All of them calmly sat on their chair and patiently waited.

First, Chen Xiang took out a lot of auxiliary herbs for processing, and then he took out the Divine Spirit Flower and the Raising Soul Grass. Seeing these two herbs, Hua Xiangyue let out a cry.

The three old alchemists knew that the small grass and flower was definitely not something ordinary, but they did not recognized what it was. They all looked at Hua Xiangyue, but Hua Xiangyue didn't say anything. She only shook her head, saying, "Wait for him to finish refining, you will then know it."

Chen Xiang didn't expect that these three old alchemists actually didn’t know what he was about to refine. They couldn’t even recognize the Divine Spirit Flower and the Raising Soul Grass. These two were but the main ingredients for refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, however, these two herbs had already disappeared for a long time. The Elemental Spirit Dan was mainly used to elevate spiritual power and cultivate the divine sense. Of course, its most important role was in the cultivation of the Divine Soul.

Chen Xiang suspected that Hua Xiangyue was an alchemist, because she had a very great knowledge about herbs. Not only this, while Chen Xiang was refining a dan, she was earnestly watching, and she could even see through each and every step. If she wasn’t an alchemist, she would not be able to recognize all of these things.

It was only today that he had such a doubt. If Hua Xiangyue was an accomplished alchemist, then it could be said that she was very secretive. At the very start, Su Meiyao had said that she was a powerful woman.

While refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, Chen Xiang was very careful. Until now, this was the most difficult dan he could refine, and he had only been successful once.

Hua Xiangyue and the others, seeing Chen Xiang was a lot more serious compared to before, had a more solemn look; this made them feel that the atmosphere was somewhat tensed.

These three old alchemists firmly believed that Chen Xiang was certainly refining some unconventional, never before seen low-grade profound level dan. In their opinion, knowing how to refine this kind of dan didn't have any prospects, and the commonly used dans were comparatively harder to refine.

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