World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0286 - Diligently Refining

Chapter 286 - Diligently Refining


In order to not let people perceive that he has a fire spirit, Chen Xiang intentionally converged the flame's aura. However, those old alchemists still could feel Chen Xiang's flames were very formidable. Although this kind of light Fire Qi was usually very weak, they could figure out it was extraordinary from the Fire Qi emitted.

Hua Xiangyue was the only one calmly watching while Chen Xiang was refining the dan. He was very serious now, focused on the alchemy with all his heart and not the least bit affected by the people around him.

Chen Xiang's control over flames had already reached an insanely high degree, these old alchemists all closed their eyes to feel the changes in the temperature inside the alchemical furnace. What made them astonished was that the temperature in the furnace seemed as if there has been no change, it was very smooth.

Only Hua Xiangyue could sense that Chen Xiang's control over the temperature of flames was very good and very subtle, which was comparable with many high-ranking alchemists.

These old alchemists felt it was a little strange because the changes in the temperature on the outside and the inside was very unique. They had seen others refine the Hundred Beasts Dan, and they themselves knew how to refine but not quite the same way Chen Xiang did it. The flames at beginning were not like this, it had too few changes. Under normal circumstances in the refinement of the Hundred Beasts Dan, the flames at the beginning would be very intense, in order to bake the herbs. Various herbs required different amount of heat, logically speaking, the different heat fluctuations from the furnace should be very obvious.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes, and laughed towards Hua Xiangyue. The onlooking old alchemists were all slightly surprised for a moment, a moment ago, Chen Xiang was dead serious, yet he was now making careless gestures which was taboo in alchemy.

Chen Xiang seeing the complexion of the three, could guess everything, he in his heart was secretly having a good laugh, "Indeed the situation you sensed in the alchemical furnace is strange, after all this is the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, the flow of time is different from the outside."

Hua Xiangyue spat in low voice, a moment ago she was secretly praising Chen Xiang's seriousness in her heart, yet now he was all smiling towards her.

This caused the good impression he had created to the three old alchemists to suddenly disappear. Especially the look in his eyes when he looked at Hua Xiangyue, made them hold him secretly in contempt. During alchemy, this brat actually did not forgot to look at a beauty, it made them regret ever coming to supervise Chen Xiang.

"Be a little serious!" Hua Xiangyue scoffed.

Chen Xiang grinned, "I've finished refining."

"What?" Hua Xiangyue and the three old alchemists could not help exclaim, they hastily jumped up from their chairs with a look of disbelief hanging on their faces.

How much time had passed? They remembered Chen Xiang just closed the lid not long ago, they also had not seen even a little indication that it was done, yet Chen Xiang said he had finished refining.

"Don't joke around!" Hua Xiangyue finished speaking, before Chen Xiang opened the lid of furnace. An azure aura emerged from the inside before ten azure dans exuding bizarre herbal fragrance were calmly lying inside the furnace. This was the scene appeared in their view, before the white mist surrounding the dans slowly began to disperse.

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Unexpectedly, there were ten dans! Seeing this, these three old alchemists were dumbfounded, they quickly approached the cauldron and seriously counted three times, before deciding that there were indeed ten Hundred Beasts Dan.

"Do not doubt, these were all refined by me. Everybody here are all old seniors in the world of alchemists, I dare not play any tricks under your eyelids." Chen Xiang snappily said. He had been rather more serious than the usual in refining the Hundred Beasts Dan, that was the only reason he could refine them so quickly, but he did not expect these people would not believe what was in front of their eyes.

"Impossible! The Hundred Beasts Dan can actually be refined so quickly, how long ago have you started refining this dan?" An old man carefully observing a Hundred Beasts Dan asked.

"Not long ago, a few months ago that's all." Chen Xiang replied. As a matter of fact, he had successfully refined this dan a few days ago, he didn't want these old alchemists be scared to death which was why he didn't speak truth. Hua Xiangyue too expressed understanding regarding this.

Even then, these three elders were not so lightly scared. Their shocked expressions looked very funny, looking at their appearance, they could not wait to kill themselves. When comparing the quantity, quality and the time required to refine the Hundred Beasts Dans, their accomplishments simply didn’t amount to anything in regards to Chen Xiang. If they competed in refining the Hundred Beasts Dan with Chen Xiang, it can be said they will lose ten times out of ten.

Although Hua Xiangyue was very surprised, she soon calmed down. She was very familiar with Chen Xiang, and got gradually accustomed to the shocking deeds of Chen Xiang. For instance, Liu Menger, this super beauty had been chased by millions of young martial artists ten thousand years ago, but now she had been taken by this little rascal Chen Xiang. Moreover, he had taken both master and the apprentice of two of the most beautiful women in the Chenwu Mainland. If these deeds was revealed, certainly no one would come to believe them to be the work of Chen Xiang.

"Cough Cough... I just didn't want to delay senior's valuable time, that's why I refined a bit faster!" Chen Xiang seeing those three old alchemists staring at the Hundred Beasts Dans, forcefully coughed and said.

These three old alchemists once again felt a blow, the alchemy time can not become faster when you want it to be faster. If they didn't care about their face, they would definitely pester Chen Xiang and make him impart some experience of his.

Chen Xiang's first and foremost principle of alchemy was not to waste the herbs. The herbs should be used completely out to an extreme, this way it might be possible to refine out even just one more dan. During alchemy, there would be many minute herbal powder transforming into mist and flowing out of the furnace. And this was the reason why the private room of many alchemists would be filled with the herbal fragrance. However, Chen Xiang’s case, he would not let such things happen. He completely controlled everything to remain inside the furnace, this was why there would be one or two dan more refined out than other alchemists.

This point was something Hua Xiangyue and the other three also realized when Chen Xiang was refining the dan, it could be said, that there was no trace of any herbal scent. This made them feel ashamed, because it was not something which could be achieved only through the talent, it was also a reflection of their state of mind. During alchemy, they only pursued the ability to refine the dans, sometimes even ignoring the quality of the dans! Yet Chen Xiang’s requirements regarding the quality and the usage of the herbs were both very high.

Even Su Meiyao admired this point of Chen Xiang, she believed that perhaps the reason why Chen Xiang could progress so much faster in the alchemy was because of this diligence, it was also why he could refine so much better than his peers.

The second dan Chen Xiang was going to refine was the Building Foundation Dan. Although during the last assessment he had also used this dan to replace the High-Grade Spirit Level dan, he still had to refine it once again.

Chen Xiang took out the herbs for the Building Foundation Dan and cautiously processed them. At this point, the three old alchemists were watching very intently, they were worried they would miss the slightest detail from Chen Xiang’s refining process. Although they could also refine the Building Foundation Dan, they had not for many years. The Azure Profund Fruit was not that easy to find, it would be even rarer for one to get the chance to see others refining it, so of course they would seriously watch the alchemy process.

In the eyes of these three old alchemists, Chen Xiang had become very tall, just like their teacher. Hua Xiangyue was the only one rather with a dull look, she already knew Chen Xiang could refine the Building Foundation Dan. On the contrary, she was much more curious about what other dan beside the Hundred Beasts Dan and the Building Foundation Dan he was going to refine, and also which type of Low-Grade Profound Level Dan he could refine.

Chen Xiang had refined a lot of Building Foundation Dans, and had a lot of them in his pockets. If he was willing and expended everything in growing the Azure Profound Fruit, he could almost eat Building Foundation Dans like they were jelly beans.

The Azure Profound Fruit Liu Menger had given him was of very high quality, he could refine four dans from it! Last time, because of the quality of the herbs, he was only able to refine two dans, which was still very shocking.

After processing the herbs, Chen Xiang placed them inside the furnace, before he covered the lid and poured in the flames. This was very tedious process, but the three old alchemists watched it with relish. Chen Xiang didn't know what in the world they were looking so intently at, they could neither sense the temperature nor the situation inside the alchemical furnace!

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