World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0285 - 5th Level Assessment

Chapter 285 - 5th Level Assessment


Leng Youlan and Liu Menger took their leave so that Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian could have some time alone. Chen Xiang comforted Xue Xianxian for a while, before a charming smile appeared on her face.

"Xianxian, I'm going to participate in the alchemy tournament, are you going to watch?" Chen Xiang asked as he made Xue Xianxian sit on his lap while embracing her.

Xue Xianxian shook her head and said, "I'm not going to watch, Youlan and I are going to cultivate diligently, otherwise we will not be able to keep up with you."

Seeing that delicate, pretty and fairy-like face with a trace of charm and cuteness, Chen Xiang could not help but bring his lips closer. Xue Xianxian realized his intentions and raised her head and began kissing Chen Xiang.

Both of them kissed for long a time. Since Leng Youlan and Liu Menger didn't hear any sounds of people talking coming from inside, they already guessed what was going on. In particular, Liu Menger thought about her own apprentice kissing with Chen Xiang, and herself having a kiss with Chen Xiang, she could not help but be flushed red. She secretly cursed Chen Xiang, this little rascal, took both master and apprentice as his own.

Although Leng Youlan, this white-haired beauty, usually appeared to be hot-blooded and impulsive, she was only a young inexperienced girl in regard to these matters. Peeking through the seam of the door, she was secretly envious, yet at the same time more curious about what that would feel like.

Chen Xiang, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan gathered back together for a short moment, before Liu Menger took them both away. Liu Menger only told Chen Xiang that she was taking both of them to a place inside Icewind Valley for cultivation, a place that would be rather beneficial for them.

Chen Xiang speculated that she was taking them to a Mysterious Realm. Originally, he wanted Liu Menger to take him to the Extreme Martial Sect to get the ripened Azure Profound Fruit, but he didn't expect Liu Menger to actually have one on hand. Seeing Chen Xiang’s need for it, without any further ado, she readily and generously gave it to Chen Xiang.

Liu Menger took Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan back, it would be few days before she would be back. Chen Xiang didn't tell Liu Menger he was taking the 5th level assessment, he was planning on giving her a pleasant surprise on her return.

After acquiring the Azure Profound Fruit, Chen Xiang had gathered all the ingredients he needed. Now he could go and apply for the alchemist assessment. Liu Menger brought Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan to meet Chen Xiang, not only to give comfort to Xue Xianxian, but also for another purpose. It was to let Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan relax before they went into the closed-door cultivation for quite sometime.

Just like the last time, the reason why Chen Xiang couldn't practice with Leng Youlan was also because of this,. They had been separated for a while, and at that time, he was worried to death about her. Chen Xiang had once told this to Liu Menger.

Danxiang Tower! This giant tower was the sacred place for many alchemists. It was also the examination site where they could obtain their credentials. The assessment here was very strict, it was same requirement for everyone, no matter who it was.

"What, you want to go through the 5th level assessment!?" In a room a luxuriously dressed Hua Xiangyue tenderly shouted.

Chen Xiang looked at Hua Xiangyue who was dressed just like royalty. In his heart, he felt rather bewildered, "You didn't hear wrong, I want to take the assessment. I have enough herbs to refine two dans."

Refining the dans during the assessment was comparatively a little more difficult than usual. This was because during the alchemy process, there were many onlookers, giving the participating alchemist quite a bit pressure, many people often failed at the drastic difference between refining alone and in front of others.

"Little rascal, do not joke with me! Do not waste these herbs and be obedient." Hua Xianyue tried to persuade Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was very confident of himself, but this pretty alluring woman in front was actually looking down him, this made him somewhat unhappy. Of course, he knew Hua Xiangyue was worried for his sake, that he would waste precious hard to obtain herbs.

"Sister, you are underestimating me too much. If I can pass through the low 5th level assessment, how are you going to pay me back?" Chen Xiang said with an evil smile. He was preparing to have a bet with Hua Xiangyue so he could take advantage of her.

"Just go take it! I'll be your invigilator." Hua Xiangyue said while pouting. She did not take his bait.

Chen Xiang felt strange. Generally if it was someone else, they would bet, yet Hua Xiangyue didn't, this made him somewhat disappointed.

Low 5th level Alchemist rank required one to refine three kinds of Low Grade Profound Level Dans. Hua Xiangyue knew Chen Xiang could refine the Hundred Beasts Dan and the Building Foundation Dan, but that only totaled up to two kinds of Low Grade Profound Level Dans, both of which were rather easy to refine. She could not think of any other dan Chen Xiang would be able to refine.

Hua Xiangyue had a high status in the Danxiang Taoyuan. In Chen Xiang opinion, her status was probably similar to that of Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming in the Extreme Martial Sect and could make executive decisions in general situations. Very quickly, she called in three 5th level Alchemists. Although it was only three people, they were enough to approve Chen Xiang's alchemy process should he pass.

Just like last time, Chen Xiang entered a private room. These three alchemist all knew about Chen Xiang, this young and famous talented alchemist. All of them very readily came over, they were very much interested in what this young man planned to do. From the start, they were doing alchemy in Danxiang Tower, so they arrived very quickly.

Among these three alchemists, two were old men with shining white hairs, while the third was a white haired old woman. All three of them were very old, yet they were very respectful towards Hua Xiangyue.

From their faces, Chen Xiang didn't know who these three were, but after he learned their names, he was very surprised. In the alchemists circle, there was a ranking list, upon which there were the names of many outstanding alchemists. Chen Xiang had once seen this list and he could recognize the names of these three. Among all the 5th level Alchemist, these three were very remarkable. It was said all of them had expectations to enter into the 6th level.

Chen Xiang very courteously saluted these three old alchemists, who sat together with Hua Xiangyue upon stone chairs on one side of the private room, waiting for Chen Xiang to begin.

Chen Xiang only needed the Danxiang Tower to provide the herbs for the Hundred Beasts Dan, as for the other herbs, he took them out himself.

"Little brother, besides refining the Building Foundation Dan and the Hundred Beasts Dan, which other low-grade profound level dan are you planning to refine?" An old man very curiously asked. Chen Xiang was not even thirty years old, yet it was well known he could refine two different kinds of low-grade profound level dan already. He was monster among geniuses, however, it was still wasn’t much to these seniors because these two Low-Grade Profound Level Dans were not that complicated.

Chen Xiang kept them guessing. He laughed and said, "Regular alchemy is too boring, three seniors, it will be more fun if you wait for me to refine then guess which dan I'm refining!"

“Good! Naughty brat...Hahaha." The old woman kindly laughed.,

Hua Xiangyue only secretly scoffed. She was also very curious, she had asked Chen Xiang before but didn’t get so much as a hint to what he was going to refine.

The Elemental Spirit Dan Chen Xiang was going to refine had not appeared for a very long time. It had only been mentioned in records, whether it was the herbs or the dan, both had long been deemed extinct.

Of course, Chen Xiang was going to refine the Hundred Beasts Dan first. It was relatively easy to refine, and also allowed him to warm up. He neither anxiously or slowly processed those herbs. This one step before the actual alchemy was also an ordeal to most alchemists, although it appeared to be slow, it was very skillful. Slow in fast, fast in slow, his elegant and quick actions cause these old alchemists to be secretly astonished.

The way Chen Xiang processed these herbs made it seem as if he had been refining dans for many years. Moreover, it had increased his overall speed. While refining a large number dans, this process could save a lot of time.

The Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was a very powerful alchemical furnace, yet in the eyes of these old alchemists, it seemed to just be some ordinary furnace. Perhaps their own furnace were more gorgeous and beautiful than Chen Xiang’s.

After processing the herbs, Chen Xiang deftly placed them inside the furnace. His action were very neat, from the time when Chen Xiang took out these herbs, all his actions were finished in one go.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang began to pour the flames into the alchemical furnace, as the warm heat enveloped the private room.

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