World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0284 - Reining In

Chapter 284 - Reining In


The young White Tiger was as big as a cow, rumour had it that in the future, it could grow even bigger. Chen Xiang, thinking of himself riding on a huge White Tiger, wandering in the world, felt slightly elated in his heart. It was a matter of how trendy it was, but of course, he only thought about it. He still felt that it was rather good to just keep the White Tiger in the profound beast bag, and only release when fighting against someone.

Chen Xiang sat down on the ground, his whole body was profusely sweating. The White Tiger was in even more sorry state, its whole body was dark, majority of its body had wet soil stuck upon it.

"Little guy, you were attracted by this stuff! Haha... you have still not eaten, yet you already been beaten madly by me, don't you hate me very much?" Chen Xiang took out the Hundred Beasts Dans, shaking them in front of the young White Tiger, as he spoke while laughing.

Even Long Xueyi, this glutton, could not resist the temptation of the Hundred Beasts Dan, let alone this inexperienced young White Tiger.

The half-opened eyes of the young White Tiger was indeed filled with fury, but then it was also became full of fear for Chen Xiang. As it thought getting beaten by Chen Xiang for half a day, its eyes suddenly became moist.

"This little guy seems to be a female, you are not very kind." Long Xueyi mischievously laughed and said.

"Tigress!" Chen Xiang laughter turned even more hearty.

Chen Xiang, on one side, was laughing, while on the other, he had begun stuffing those Hundred Beasts Dan into the tiger's mouth, as well as several good dans. The young White Tiger was also a big-eater, otherwise, it would not have left its den to search for things to eat. Chen Xiang knew he had to quickly subdue this young White Tiger, because once its parents arrived, he could only choose to escape with Hua Xiangyue.

The young White Tiger forcefully moved its mouth and ingested those Hundred Beasts Dan into its stomach, as the look in its eyes turned somewhat grateful. Chen Xiang grinned and once again began stuffing a few more dans.

This made Long Xueyi secretly jealous, she was reluctant to eat so many at one time, and because of that, she would taste them slowly, yet this young White Tiger ate so many dans at the same time.

"This is the profound beast bag, if you are willing to follow me, you’ll never be lacking these Hundred Beast Dans! You have already experienced my strength, if you follow me, it will not be an insult, moreover, I also have your ancestor's martial skill. Just a moment ago, you had experienced it!" Chen Xiang said, he knew many spirit spirit beasts could understand human language.

Chen Xiang just finished speaking, before a '王'(King) character shimmering in golden light emerged out from the White Tiger’s forehead. Along with the character, there were many obscure spirit patterns, and this made Chen Xiang to feel secretly excited. This was exactly the character which would only appear when a high grade spirit beast would make a contract with humans The White Tiger family, who had inheritance, were high grade spirit beasts, that was why they understood these things.

Chen Xiang quickly cut his finger, so that his blood would drip upon the spirit formation on the young White Tiger's forehead. At that moment, Chen Xiang had a very wonderful feeling as he felt a very mystical contact between him and the young White Tiger.

"I'm now very weak, give me more to eat?" In Chen Xiang's mind, a timid girly voice resounded, as if a girl was worried about being harmed.

Chen Xiang was astonished. He now could feel a connection with his spirit beast, but what made him smile wryly was that this young White Tiger was the same as the little greedy dragon, both of them were gluttons.

Chen Xiang stuffed a few Hundred Beasts Dan in the young White Tiger's mouth, before receiving her into the profound beast bag. In his heart, he was secretly excited, he could rein in such a powerful spirit beast, moreover, a spirit beast which had such a large potential to grow.

Hua Xiangyue fiercely landed down from the sky. She grabbed Chen Xiang, before their figures appeared and disappeared for several times, leaving that battlefield from before, which was now burning in raging fire as a billowing smoke was rising up in the sky,

At the same time, from deep within the forest came a desolate yet angry roar, startling Chen Xiang’s heart. This kind of roar was filled with so much Slaughter Qi, that it made him extremely panic-stricken. The Slaughter Qi had suddenly enveloped the sky over the forest. Chen Xiang had always believed his own Slaughter Qi was one of the best in the Chenwu Mainland, yet compared to the roar from a moment ago, it was a lot worse.

"Do not worry, after it entered the profound beast bag, its breath will be isolated from the world. That old man will not be able to find this small thing." Hua Xiangyue held Chen Xiang and rapidly leaped away, her speed was too fast that it made Chen Xiang unable to breathe. His body, under the impact from this high-speed movement, stimulated the injuries he had from a while ago.

Very soon, they arrived outside the Fragrance City.

"If talking about speed, mine is second to none in the Chenwu Mainland, don’t think I’m bragging!" Hua Xiangyue proudly said while laughing. As she looked at the embarrassed appearance of Chen Xiang, she laughed even more happily.

Chen Xiang scoffed and said, "I'll surpass you in the future!"

"I'm waiting." Hua Xiangyue negligently said. After she finished speaking, she once again grabbed Chen Xiang and flickered, before their figures appeared inside the Danxiang Tower.

Chen Xiang was very tired, yet he still refused Hua Xiangyue's persuasion to stay. He returned to the Divine Weapon Shop, however, there was still no sign of Liu Menger.

After returning to his room, Chen Xiang swallowed a few True Elemental Dans and began to regulate his body.

"Did Hua Xiangyue intentionally took me to find the White Tiger?" Chen Xiang, in his heart, was feeling rather suspicious.

"It is very possible, but who knows, a woman's thought process is impossible to grasp, just like a needle at the bottom of a haystack!" Long Xueyi said, "Dear brother, give me a few Hundred Beasts Dan."

"You already have some, yet you are still asking me!" Chen Xiang scoffingly said. As he looked at the little White Tiger in the profound beast bag, he found the little guy was already fast asleep. Inside the profound beast bag, there was a small courtyard, with some lush green grass and some trees. There was also a pool, and overall, the environment seemed to be pretty good.

Chen Xiang said, "Did I do something cruel to her? Taking her away from her father and mother!"

"It's okay, wait till she gets familiar with you. Even if you want to send her back, she will not go. Encountering you was also not her bad luck, this little girl is going to leave her parents soon anyway." Su Meiyao said.

"Ah, right, am I not the same, kidnapped by you, little rascal!" Long Xueyi said with a pout.

"Little dragon, you’re distorting the truth. From the start, you voluntarily followed me, now do you regret it? I'm certain you'll follow me despite anything. Even if I want to throw you away, you'll still follow me." Chen Xiang scolded.

Long Xueyi only grinned, she didn’t retort at all. Chen Xiang was waiting for Liu Menger to return, he wanted to have her take him back to the Extreme Martial Sect to get the Azure Profound Fruit, in order to prepare for the 5th level Alchemist assessment.

He was not lacking with regards to the other materials for the Building Foundation Dan, but it was exactly the Azure Profound Fruit he was lacking, because they were still growing! As for the herbs for the Elemental Spirit Dan, he had some, but not too many. He only has five set of herbs. The herbs of these two kinds of dans were all very rare, and the Danxiang Tower definitely didn't have them.

As for the herbs of the Hundred Beasts Dan, there was no need to speak. When Chen Xiang would go take the assessment, he would definitely ask the Danxiang Tower to provide them.

He rested for a day, and when he had recovered the True Qi he had consumed, he discovered that his True Qi had elevated by a lot. In addition, Liu Menger also came back.

Chen Xiang quickly ran out of his room to look for Liu Menger, but in the room of Liu Menger, what left Chen Xiang surprised was that, he also saw Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan there.

Liu menger actually went to the Icewind Valley in order to bring these two girls.

Xue Xianxian, after seeing Chen Xiang, quickly swooped over. Her face was full of sadness after she came to know the disappearance of the secular world. Just like Chen Xiang, she was very worried.

Leng Youlan didn't have any relatives in the secular world, now, only Xue Xianxian and Chen Xiang were her closest relatives, and seeing Xue Xianxian sad, she too also became sad.

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