World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0283 - Tiger Fist Vs White Tiger

Chapter 283 - Tiger Fist Vs White Tiger


The young White Tiger walked towards Chen Xiang, sending tremors to the surroundings with each step, and making it difficult for Chen Xiang to gather the True Qi from his dantian. This left him panic-stricken, if he could not utilise his True Qi, then it would be very terrible.

Chen Xiang slowly stepped back, his whole body was numb from the shock waves, contracting his Five Zhang and giving him an urge to vomit blood.

The young White Tiger was not so stupid as Chen Xiang had imagined, it was just a bit impetuous. At the moment, it was using its released shockwaves to slowly torture Chen Xiang, its tiger eyes filled with pride had a look of teasing, as if it caught a mouse.

"This guy..." Chen Xiang finally could not endure as he spat a mouthful of blood, this kind of shockwaves were very frequent, moreover, they would alway impact whenever he began gathering True Qi, scattering it and rendering his whole body to become numb from pain.

Seeing Chen Xiang spat blood, the young White Tiger opened its jaws, followed by an earth shaking tiger roar. The land within the radius of several li fell into a fierce earthquake; the land began to split, mountains started shaking, and an even more intense shockwave surged out, directly impacting upon Chen Xiang and sending him flying. As he flew, he continuously collided into several trees.

Only someone like Chen Xiang, with his terrifying body, could get up once again under this kind of situation. However, his body was intensely aching in pain.

"Fortunately, the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor resisted the majority of the impact. This guy is too strong." Chen Xiang just wiped the blood at the corner of its mouth, before another shockwave suddenly invaded upon him, causing him to spew blood once again, which left a sweet taste in his mouth.

Hua Xiangyue frowned and transmitted to Chen Xiang, "You can't defeat this guy, give up, this guy seems to be stronger than I have imagined. You and that tiger are two or three levels apart, not to mention now, even if you are in the 9th level of the True Martial Realm, you might not be able to the bear the brunt of its shockwaves."

"Sorry sister, just wait for a while, I have taken a liking to this guy, I'll definitely make it obediently stay in the profound beast bag!" Chen Xiang replied in a completely confident tone.

Chen Xiang, while looking at the young White Tiger coming over, rather proudly and elegantly sneered, "Little guy, I'll make you pay."

The young White Tiger let out a lazy roar filled with disdain. It simply did not place Chen Xiang in its eyes. Its roar was followed by a tyrannical step as an extremely powerful shockwave befell from the sky, landing upon Chen Xiang's head. Chen Xiang spat a mouthful blood as he fell onto the ground.

The young White Tiger’s strength was mainly because it could release these kind of shockwaves. It seemed to have a grasped a mysterious skill, giving it an exquisite control over these shockwaves.

The speciality of the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was to allow Chen Xiang to absorb any kind of power. Now that he had already clearly perceived the characteristics of the White Tiger’s shockwaves, he was now familiar with the shockwaves and its tyrannical attribute.

Chen Xiang operated the True Qi within his body, but this time, the True Qi would vibrate as it flowed; this was all due to Chen Xiang making his own True Qi vibrate, and through this, his True Qi would become stable, even against the shockwaves.

As a shockwave once again came over, Chen Xiang no longer felt any kind of discomfort, because the mobilization of the True Qi within his body proceeded in the mysterious way of operating of the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. It allowed him to give birth to a kind of power which could fuse together with the shockwaves invading his body.

The young White Tiger was surprised, then fiercely took several steps again, sending continuous shockwaves at Chen Xiang. Originally, just a moment ago, it thought there was just a mistake, otherwise, how could Chen Xiang be unaffected. However, now it realized that something had really changed.

Chen Xiang’s figure suddenly disappeared then reappeared behind the young White Tiger. Suddenly, he ruthlessly spanked the young White Tiger's butt with the Shocking Heaven Palm. The Shocking Heaven Palm’s shockwaves were a lot more formidable compared to the young White Tiger's, and it was filled with violence and destruction.

The young White Tiger loudly roared once it got struck by Chen Xiang’s palm.

"White Tiger Divine Fist!" Chen Xiang shouted as numerous silhouettes of fists flew out, completely enveloping the young White Tiger. One by one, the golden tiger heads carrying violent and slaughtering aura bombarded upon the young White Tiger's body, along with the continuous eruption of deafening tiger roars, overshadowing the young White Tiger’s roars.

"Little guy, I'll hit you till you give in!"

Since Chen Xiang got this opportunity, he would absolutely not let it pass. He grabbed it ahold like a snake, deadly biting upon its prey. He would never give his enemy any breath of respite, now that he had casted the fierce storm like attacks. Each of his punches were the White Tiger Divine Fist, filled with monstrous Slaughter Qi, mercilessly landing upon the young White Tiger. It was just like the scene before, when the young White Tiger was relentlessly releasing shockwaves upon shockwaves upon him.

Chen Xiang wasn’t using White Tiger True Qi for the White Tiger Divine Fists, instead, he was using the Universe True Qi. However, because of the Slaughtering Heart and the White Tiger Divine Fists, only violent and golden tiger head fists were formed.

The young White Tiger's body was pounded by numerous roaring tiger heads madly, smashing throughout upon its body. Because its body was very strong, at first, it only felt slight pain, and it believed that this onslaught would very soon end. But to his surprise, Chen Xiang turned out to be too abnormal, and his True Qi seemed to be inexhaustible, there was no end to his attacks as they ruthlessly struck upon the White Tiger’s body, making it shiver.

In the air, Hua Xiangyue was dumbfounded as she watched what was happening, her pretty face was filled with astonishment. Just a while ago, she believed that Chen Xiang would definitely give up under those kind of continuous and relentless shockwaves, yet to her surprise, Chen Xiang could suddenly endure the effects of those shockwaves, moreover, he even spanked the tiger's ass, turning the energy within the young White Tiger's body chaotic. This was followed by a rising Qi gushing out like a river, continuously releasing terrifying attacks.

When Hua Xiangyue thought about Chen Xiang in the Nirvana Realm and using this kind of move to fight with her, her tender body quivered. This was precisely Chen Xiang’s potential!

"Bastard, didn't you enjoy making father spew blood. Now I'll also have a good time!" Chen Xiang, on one side, used his fists to madly pummel the young White Tiger wailing on the ground. While doing this, he was also loudly cursing. Although it was a young White Tiger, its head was still very large, however, because it was young, it was wailing.

To reign in spirit beasts, a martial artist must use their own strength to deter the spirit beast, deeply implanting a fear towards oneself in the spirit beast's soul. At this moment, that was what Chen Xiang was doing.

"Little rascal, till when are you going to hit it!" Hua Xiangyue could not bear to watch anymore. She felt pity for the young White Tiger.

"Father will hit it till he is tired, hahaha..." Chen Xiang insanely laughed as his punches turned even more fiercer. As Hua Xiangyue was here, he was not afraid of consuming his entire strength; he wanted to thoroughly implant a fear of him in this young White Tiger’s heart.

The ground in the surroundings of Chen Xiang have been affected, and it was so ruined that everything was just a mess. As for the young White Tiger, it was lying in a pit, deeply sunken into the ground by Chen Xiang’s punches that were like rainstorm.

After half a day passed, the sky had already turned bright. Chen Xiang too was tired, and the young White Tiger's eyes were now half opened as its battle power had already disappeared. Chen Xiang, while carrying its body, climbed out of the pit, then threw the young White Tiger's bulky body on the ground.

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