World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0282 - White Tiger Family

Chapter 282 - White Tiger Family


Noticing Hua Xiangyue's complexion, Chen Xiang hastily asked, "Which beast is it?"

Hua Xiangyue just shook her head and spoke with a heavy tone, "It’s better to put away the Hundred Beasts Dan, this guy isn’t easy to deal with."

After Chen Xiang put away the Hundred Beasts Dan, Long Xueyi said with disdain, "It’s just a White Tiger, moreover, not that old."

"What? A White Tiger!?" Chen Xiang exclaimed with astonishment.

"En, the White Tiger. The legendary God of Slaughter from legends. The White Tiger Family is widely distributed, they are almost present in every world. However, those who can arrive at the level of a White Tiger Divine Beast are very few. But then again, the White Tiger Family is nothing to be trifled with. They are very strong, each of them having extremely dense Slaughter Qi." Long Xueyi explained.

Hua Xiangyue closed her eyes as if she was trying to sense something. After a moment, she said, "It’s a White Tiger in the 7th level of the True Martial Realm or so. If you want to nurture this spirit beast, not only would you need to have huge amounts of resources, you also have to show strength worthy for the White Tiger to acknowledge you. In other words, you must beat in a fight.”

Chen Xiang clenched his fists. It was a 7th or 8th grade spirit beast. Even if it was a martial martial artist who was a bit stronger than it, they would barely be able to cope with it. Spirit beasts were relatively stronger than their humans counterparts. Although spirit beasts lacked any martial skills, they were naturally born with powerful bodies and considerably powerful fighting skills. Many martial skills were based on the fighting skills of the spirit beasts beasts, from this, it can be seen that spirit beasts were comparatively stronger than humans. Especially those who had awakened their wisdom.

"Encountering the White Tiger is pretty good for you. These White Tigers are very rare. If you are afraid, I can take you away. Decide quickly, that guy is coming." Hua Xiangyue urged, "The best way is to quickly finish the fight and capture this little guy. There is definitely a much more powerful White Tiger around. If we disturb that old monster, we’ll definitely be in trouble."

Chen Xiang clenched his fist and decided to just do it, "Let me try dear sister. Is the old White Tiger here very formidable?"

"Of course! Among the White Tiger Family, those who could bear White Tiger cubs are definitely not weak. At the very least, they are in the Nirvana Realm. Generally, before crossing the Nirvana Tribulation the White Tigers will leave offspring behind. Once they crossed their Nirvana Tribulation, they can take a human form." Hua Xiangyue said.

The profound beasts had the strength of Extreme State and beyond were just like humans. The distinguishing level was the Nirvana Realm, at that time the beasts gain the ability to transform into humans.

"Little rascal, you should be careful. If the old White Tiger is here you’re in for some trouble. It might even be a couple, if they discovered that you have abducted their cub, you will be in a very big trouble." Long Xueyi mischievously laughed.

Chen Xiang’s mouth twitched. A White Tiger couple, moreover, both might be in the Nirvana Realm. Generally, beasts could find their companions based on the smell. If he was found out, it would indeed be very troubling.

"It’s here!" Hua Xiangyue tenderly shouted, before she jumped up high into the air. At the same time, a white figure leaped over, pouncing towards Chen Xiang.

The White Tiger was the same size as any ordinary tiger, but its fur exuded a white light. In the dark night, it appeared extremely sacred and beautiful. But after a roar filled with Slaughter Qi, combined with the fierce expression in its eyes, it returned to a ferocious tiger who only knew one thing, to slaughter.

Chen Xiang didn't show any sign of weakness. When he felt the Slaughter Qi emit from the young tiger, his Slaughtering Heart was shaken. From him, a resonating cry broke loose along with a tyrannical Slaughter Qi, completely enveloping the surrounding.

While the White Tiger was pouncing over, after it felt that dense Slaughter Qi, It let out a roar, but its pounce came to stop.

Chen Xiang’s Slaughter Qi made the little tiger feel a bit cordial, but also made its battle intention soar. Any descendant of the White Tiger Family loved to fight and slaughter. Even among their own kin, there would be countless battles.

After the little White Tiger roared a few times, both of its eyes glittered before it suddenly pounced again. Its speed left Chen Xiang stunned and was directly pushed to the ground. Both of his shoulders were firmly held down by the two huge tiger paws. The sharp claws pierced into Chen Xiang’s shoulders as he winced in pain.


The White Tiger's energy soared up as a powerful burst of Qi came out from its claws, impacting on Chen Xiang's shoulder. Making Chen Xiang feel as if his bones were about to be crushed into pieces.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth and did his best to endure the pain. He didn't expect the White Tiger to actually be so formidable. Both its speed and power were filled with an unfathomable explosive force, if not for being in the 5th level of the Immortal and Devil Body, Chen Xiang would have been crushed to pieces by the energy released by the young White Tiger.

The young White Tiger roared several times at Chen Xiang, as if it was feeling proud for his victory. It was feeling elated because it had knocked down someone with relatively stronger Slaughter Qi than itself.

Looking at those snow white sharp teeth gradually approaching, Chen Xiang let out a thunderous dragon roar, which suddenly released a shockwave and caused the leaves in the vicinity to rustle. From Chen Xiang's mouth, an azure aura surged out, along with streaks of furious lightning. Suddenly, a wind aura filled with destructive force directly bombarded on that young White Tiger, which entered its body from its mouth, making that young White Tiger burst into stuffy roars that sounds like coughing, before it released its hold on Chen Xiang.

"Ha ha..." Although Chen Xiang's shoulder were aching in pain, he could still not help but laugh at the scene in front of him. The Azure Dragon Roar he had released surged out, and the majority of its force rushed inside the young White Tiger.

The young White Tiger furiously roared, then once again pounced at Chen Xiang like lightning. However, it was evidently slower compared to before.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had taken a loss, so he already learned his lesson. This time, he didn't dodge, but instead smacked a palm as Universal True Qi surged out, which transformed into a fierce vibrational power.

The Shocking Heaven Palm struck towards the young White Tiger's head. The palm had not yet made contact with the young White Tiger, yet the palm force had already burst out causing an intense shock wave to burst forth in all directions, with Chen Xiang at its center. Suddenly, the nearby trees collapsed from the intense shock wave and even the ground had begun to split open.

The young White Tiger's body could not be considered small, yet these frightening vibrational force swept it away, causing it to collide with the close by trunk. As its heavy body fell through the wood and onto the ground, its white fur was covered in sand. From the looks of it, the White Tiger appeared to be in an extremely sorry and messy state.

"This guy seems to be rather simple-minded." Chen Xiang mischievously laughed. A moment ago, when the young Whiter Tiger was struck by the Azure Dragon Roar, its internal body had already been disturbed preventing it from releasing its full power. If it was a human, they would have definitely eliminated the effects first before continuing to attack Chen Xiang. Otherwise, their attack would be adversely affected.

Hua Xiangyue was also shocked again and again. Chen Xiang's strength was indeed very frightening; this kind of overbearing power was astonishing. She knew Chen Xiang cultivated True Qi of five elements, and speculated that Chen Xiang could already fuse these five elements True Qi together. Only then would he able to release this kind of invisible and colorless yet strangely terrifying True Qi.

The young White Tiger let out a low-spirited roar. It looked extremely furious. It raised its head and gave out another roar, the earth suddenly shook as it slowly walked towards Chen Xiang. With each step, the ground would fiercely tremble. However, if one looked carefully, one could discover that its four limbs had already left the ground. It actually was walking on air yet still released an invisible shockwave that shook the earth.

Chen Xiang knew he had angered this young White Tiger. If the palm he had displayed a moment ago landed on a 7th level true Martial Realm martial artist's head, even if that martial artist didn’t die, they would definitely suffer serious injuries. Yet the White Tiger actually seemed completely unaffected, besides turning furious.

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