World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0281 - Capturing The Beast

Chapter 281 - Capturing The Beast


Under that kind of fast speed, Chen Xiang's clothes turned ragged, and his hair turned extremely messy. Seeing this scene, Hua Xiangyue could not help but burst into laughter.

"Just as I was thinking of having a stroll, I did not expect you to come and look for me." Hua Xiangyue mischievously laughed and said as she helped Chen Xiang sort out his messy hair.

Chen Xiang, just from her casual dress, came to the realization that this woman had actually nothing to do. She was the supervisor of the Danxiang Taoyuan, yet a few years ago, she actually went to the secular world, moreover, she also abducted a few good seedlings from the secular world to make them an alchemist. Chen Xiang himself too was almost tempted by her.

"Sister Xiangyue, why did you went to the secular world?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I went there to investigate the secular world before it disappears, and also to find the reason or clue why it would disappear. However, I didn't find anything, instead, I found you, this treasure. I’m just regretting that at that time, I didn’t pressed hard enough, otherwise, I would have use tougher means to drag you to Danxiang Taoyuan." Hua Xiangyue let out a deep sigh.

Chen Xiang suspected that Hua Xiangyue already knew that he had Yin and Yang divine vein, and that was the reason why she tried to draw him to the Danxiang Taoyuan, to the point of even selling herself with clothes which would make any man's blood seeth. As her figure appeared in his mind, Chen Xiang's face slightly turned red.

Hua Xiangyue walked in the front and spoke while laughing, "You may have to stick more closer to this sister. I'll take a look how strong are you now." While speaking, she had already rushed into the forest. Chen Xiang pursed his lips, before he gave her a chase.

Chen Xiang's qing gong was quite amazing. Although he had a sturdy physique, the kind of light and nimble agility he was showing was still much better than Hua Xiangyue, all that could be credited to the wind power present inside the Azure Dragon True Qi he was using, which turned his body a lot lighter.

TLN: Qing Gong = Movement Technique/Skill

In the forest, a man and a woman were stepping on the leaves present at the crest of trees, rapidly leaping, as if they were flying horizontally to the ground. Their speed was so fast that in just a blink of an eye, they were across more than a hundred zhang.

Chen Xiang simply could not catch up to Hua Xiangyue, while Hua Xiangyue secretly praised Chen Xiang's elegant yet common agility technique. Of course, Chen Xiang's speed had given her even more surprise; it was a lot quicker than she had imagined.

Even after rushing for half a day, Chen Xiang's breath was not a bit unsteady. The True Qi within his body was so vigorous that he had not even consumed a bit of it. This caused the onlooking Hua Xiangyue to secretly praise Chen Xiang in her heart.

"Little rascal, your strength is not bad. Your body and True Qi are very formiable. Not anyone can do this, and currently, even I can't do this!" Hua Xiangyue suddenly slowed down to wait for Chen Xiang. Shoulder to shoulder, they leapt at the top of the trees.

Before, she had grabbed Chen Xiang, and in a blink of an eye, they moved outside from within the Fragrance City. If Chen Xiang didn't have a tough body, with that kind of frightening speed, he would have been already torn to pieces. Because of that, Hua Xiangyue concluded that Chen Xiang's body was very strong.

"Of course." Chen Xiang proudly laughed and said.

"No wonder Liu Menger will value you so much. Alas, you have been found by someone else. The early bird truly catches the worm." Hua Xiangyue helplessly heaved a sigh.

Chen Xiang didn't want this topic to continue, so he just said, "Dear sister, when can we see powerful spirit beasts?"

"We need to go deeper. You want to catch a spirit beast, right? Do you have the profound beast bag?" Hua Xiangyue asked.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to buy, but who knew that just as he said he wanted to catch a spirit beast, Hua Xiangyue arrested him and flew outside the city from the window.

"I don't have one. Who told you not allow me to speak and pull me?"

Just as Chen Xiang intended to return to buy, Hua Xiangyue grinned, "Take it, little rascal, count it as your gift. I remembered that in the secular world, you gave me a small piece of Hell Spirit Grass."

A profound beast bag was at least worth ten million crystal stones, moreover, it was not so easy to buy one. Since it was sent by a wealthy mistress, Chen Xiang accepted it with a peace of mind. The profound beast bag and the storage pouch, with regards to their appearance, didn't seem to be any different, yet on the inside, there was rather a big difference.

Hua Xiangyue's complexion suddenly sank as she said in a rather serious tone, "Little rascal, this world is not so common as you imagine. Although you have come into contact with many powerful Deans who can proudly breeze through the Chenwu Mainland, you have to remember, what you've seen is just the tip of the iceberg. The Chenwu Mainland, among the mortal worlds, is only a dust!"

"You'd better put in a little bit more effort, or else no one can save you from what is about to come!"

Chen Xiang's heart madly pounded, as he looked at Hua Xiangyue with a look of dismay, catching sight of her deep and beautiful eyes. Chen Xiang felt as if he was completely seen through.

"You've been so close to Liu Menger and I, it is not impossible to see some more things! Don't think we are weak just because of our appearance. I and Menger are, although not the strongest in the Chenwu Mainland, so long as we wish, destroying the Chenwu Mainland is still something we could accomplish." Hua Xiangyue's voice was very solemn, she appeared as if she was a strict senior disciplining a junior.

"Does Sister Menger know?"

Hua Xiangyue nodded her head, "Don't blame her. Her and my relation is not the same as the rumors suggests, our relations are very good. She let me listen to her analysis, allowing me to have a bit of an idea.”

Chen Xiang sighed lightly, he and Liu Menger had kissed, how could she not know Chen Xiang have Yin and Yang divine vein? Liu Menger also knew that he had a very good relations with the three tycoons of the Extreme Martial Sect, so it was not farfetched to associate him with the sealed Huang Jintian in the forbidden land of the Extreme Martial Sect...

Chen Xiang really thought Liu Menger was too simple, but after all, she had lived for more than ten thousand years, and he sometimes got carried away and ignore this fact. However, Liu Menger was very good to him, and this was something that he was very clear about.

Thinking of himself capturing the heart of a proud daughter of the heaven, a proud smile emerged on his face. Seeing this, Hua Xiangyue nibbled her lips secretly.

"You’d rather die than change! You little rascal..." Hua Xiangyue gave a low spat.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "Dear sister, I know you are worrying that I will get confused by a beautiful woman, but don't forget, previously, you were naked in front of me, yet you could not get me, ha ha..."

Hua Xiangyue's face became flushed as she spat a few times. Regarding this point, she could neither deny nor not admire Chen Xiang's state of mind.

Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue also did not continued speaking about this matter. Chen Xiang realized that his means of concealing were not clever enough, and he was completely seen through by the other party.

As early as in the secular world, Hua Xiangyue had already discovered that he had Yin and Yang divine vein.

Of course, even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou too didn't expect Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger to be so formidable. Because of them, Chen Xiang thought that his means of concealing were very clever, but now it backfired on him.

The two women inside the ring were reflecting. Before, in the Southern Wasteland, Chen Xiang was continuously being discovered by Lu Jie, and now listening to Hua Xiangyue, they were even more skeptical.

Time flew and the sky was already dark, under a tree, Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang were baking the flesh of some demon beast. During the entirety of the day, they had failed to find any spirit beast, and they only encountered some demon beasts.

"After eating, take out the Hundred Beasts Dans. If we don’t use this trick, it will never work!" Hua Xiangyue said. At this time, her mouth was completely greasy, and seeing it made Chen Xiang very much want to lick her lips.

Chen Xiang took out ten Hundred Beasts Dan. He laughed and said, "Ten should be able to attract some powerful spirit beast!"

The Hundred Beasts Dan also had another name, it was called Attracting Beast Dan. To beasts, it was very appealing, even if they were far away in another region, a spirit beast could still smell its odor.

The Hundred Beasts Dan had not been taken out for too long, yet a beast roar completely enveloping the sky had already echoed out. Hearing this roar, Hua Xiangyue’s tender body suddenly quivered as a look of fear completely covered her face.

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