World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0273 - Agonizing

Chapter 273 - Agonizing


The existence of Fire Spirit was very rare. In the entire Chenwu Mainland, only Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian had the Fire Spirit, as for Elder Dan, even though she had it, as it came from the Purple Moon World, it was not naturally born and bred in the Chenwu Mainland. And even Chen Xiang’s Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit was not bred in the Chenwu Mainland, because it was given to him by the Ancient Fire Beast..

In other words, only Wu Qianqian's Blue Star Fire Spirit was native to the Chenwu Mainland.

And according to both Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao, on a mainland, although the Fire Spirits were rare, it didn't mean they were not there. Generally, it would all be hidden, and although some people had them, they would never use them in their lifetime. In addition, there were also some Fire Spirits which would keep on burning to their death.

Chen Xiang was secretly excited in his heart, because he would soon find a naturally born Fire Spirit.

Liu Menger, this kind of powerful figure, also didn't have the Fire Spirit. It clearly showed how rare the Fire Spirits were.

"What Fire Spirit is it? It can even turn this piece of land into a desert." Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi.

"No idea. In short, it is marvellous, at least it is no less than the Blue Fire Spirit." Long Xueyi said, in her heart, she too was looking forward to it.

An entire day passed, and the flying disc has been flying over the scorching desert all this time. The deeper they flew towards the direction where Chen Xiang’s pointed direction, the more Liu Menger felt hot.

"We are getting farther and farther away from the Fragrance City, what the hell is that thing?" Liu Menger asked with a pout. She had asked several times, yet Chen Xiang had not answered.

"Hold on, I'll surely tell you later, overall, it is a good thing." Chen Xiang laughed and said.

At this time, a rather strange scene appeared. The scorching desert with steam rising was actually linked together with an ice cold ground completely covered in snow.

Liu Menger had long found something was rather wrong here, especially after she saw this scene. Something was strange, that was why she believed what Chen Xiang had said; there must be something affecting the environment, only then would this place turn like this.

The scorching desert and the ice cold ground completely covered in snow were only separated by a thin line. Liu Menger landed on the middle of that connection and asked, "This is strange, what kind of thing could actually cause this type of phenomena?"

Chen Xiang stood on the line connecting the scorching desert and land of ice, then with Liu Menger, he walked along the line. He walked in accordance with the feeling he was getting from within his body, he trusted the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit's feeling.

"We will soon arrive!" Chen Xiang said in excitement. Liu Menger didn't know what it was, only, in her heart, she was very doubtful. At the same time, she was secretly in anticipation.

Chen Xiang suddenly stopped and excitedly said, "Just below here. Sister Menger, quickly dig the thing out from here!"

Liu Menger said in a tender voice, "Why should I dig? Why don't you do it yourself?" Her voice was filled with resentment, it was not the first time Chen Xiang made her do these kinds of things. She was a dignified Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, yet she was being ordered.

"Little rascal, don't you have compassion for women." Liu Menger tenderly snorted and said. While speaking, an incomparably formidable power burst out from her body, making Chen Xiang feel as if something was pressing down upon him. He could not help but retreat.

At this time, Chen Xiang remembered that this pretty woman was a Nirvana Realm martial artist. However, he was rather proud, because he often verbally molested her, and he was also very close with her.

A deep crack appeared on the ground, which was opened up by Liu Menger’s power. Just as Chen Xiang took a step, he felt a powerful cold and hot stream surging out from deep within the crack. In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang felt extremely cold to the point of shivering, but in another blink of an eye, he felt heat as if he was being burned by fire. This feeling of alternating hot and cold had suddenly made him softly lay paralyzed on the ground; he didn't expect that the Fire Spirit would actually have freezing cold power.

Liu Menger was even more surprised than Chen Xiang. She was originally a martial artist cultivating Fire and Ice True Qi, and she had a very high resistance against fire and ice. However, she also could not bear the alternating heat and cold, causing her to trust Chen Xiang's words even more; a very powerful thing was indeed hiding underground.

"That thing is coming up, Sister Menger be careful!" Chen Xiang suddenly burst into a shout. He wanted to block the pouncing and frightening Fire Spirit, but he was paralyzed by the alternating cold and hot stream.

Liu Menger was surprised as she quickly retreated, only to see a purple thing shoot out of the crack, with even more intense cold air and scorching heat, making Chen Xiang even more uncomfortable.

Liu Menger finally knew what it was. She was a fire user, and regarding flames, she had a very deep understanding. With one glance, she recognized it was the greed for all the fire users, the Fire Spirit. However, it was also with freezing cold characteristic, and based on her knowledge, this type of Fire Spirit should not exist.

"Purple Fire Spirit, Sister Menger, quickly receive it, don't let this thing run away!" Chen Xiang quickly shouted. Liu Menger glanced at Chen Xiang in surprise. She didn't know why Chen Xiang knew there was a Fire Spirit here, moreover, the Purple Fire Spirit was formidable.

In her opinion, such a youngling should not have such a deep understanding about Fire Spirits. Not to mention Fire Spirits, even people who knew about Martial Soul were not many. Although the Martial Soul was similarly rare, they were still more of them compared to the Fire Spirits.

Chen Xiang looked at the bunch of purple flames floating in the air. Even though he didn't know what Fire Spirit it was, he knew that this kind of Fire Spirit was a strange type, and it was different compared to the Fire Spirits he had seen.

When Chen Xiang wanted to urge Liu Menger to receive the Fire Spirit, the Purple Fire Spirit actually consciously flew towards Liu Menger and merged into Liu Menger's body.

The moment the Fire Spirit merge into Liu Menger, Liu Menger's beautiful face suddenly distorted from pain as she let out crisp and sharp screams.

Chen Xiang had suffered this kind of pain, and it was also the same for Wu Qianqian. Seeing the painful appearance of Liu Menger, Chen Xiang was heartbroken.

Liu Menger let out mournful and tender screams in pain while rolling on the ground. Chen Xiang didn't expect that when fused with the Fire Spirit, even Nirvana Realm martial artists could experience such excruciating pain.

"This is necessary, because after the fusion with the Fire Spirit, her flames and her body will undergo advancement. Moreover, her flames and body are already both very strong, that's why she must suffer pain even more severe than what you and Wu Qianqian had experienced." Su Meiyao said.

Liu Menger felt like she was dying. At this time, she suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang rather powerfully with her tender hands.

"Little rascal, it’s very painful..." Liu Menger screamed. Seeing this, Chen Xiang felt his heart bleed. He hugged Liu Menger and let her lean on his arms, just like when he hugged Wu Qianqian the last time.

Although Liu Menger was in agony, she knew she was being hugged by Chen Xiang, which made her extremely disgraced and furious. However, she simply could not reprimand Chen Xiang, since the pain intensified.

Liu Menger was now sitting on Chen Xiang's lap, and her slender thighs were closely sandwiching Chen Xiang's thick waist. Her beautiful hands were also closely clutching Chen Xiang's generous waist, and her nails had already entered Chen Xiang's clothes and dug into Chen Xiang's flesh. At the moment, rounds after rounds of bloody scratches appeared on Chen Xiang’s back.

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