World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0274 - Kissing

Chapter 274 - Kissing

[TLN: In the 17k site this chapter is censored, the title at 17k is also different, it is Fusion of Fire Spirit, so if someone find it rather different from 17k chapter, please don’t blame me.]


"Is this every woman's talent?" Chen Xiang secretly endured. Liu Menger's body was much more powerful than Chen Xiang’s, despite the fact he had the 5th level Immortal and Devil Body, her clawing still left bloody marks.

Both of Chen Xiang’s hands were wrapped around Liu Menger’s soft and slender waist. He held her tight in his bosom, a close knit hug while Liu Menger’s body alternated between two extremes of hot and cold. Feeling those two round voluptuous soft lumps transmitting hot and cold sensations, waves surged in Chen Xiang’s heart.

However, Liu Menger had also rendered numerous bloody scratches on Chen Xiang’s back. Thus, he was currently both happy and in pain. Liu Menger’s face was buried in his chest, after nibbling her lips for a long time, she suddenly felt a lot better. She was barely conscious of the fact that her nails were lacerating Chen Xiang’s back, but she could not control herself, she was simply in too much pain.

“Little rascal, I’m going to die! Ugh… It’s so painful…” whimpered Liu Menger. She raised her head and looked at Chen Xiang, her beautiful face had been distorted with pain. Her pretty eyes revealed a complex look that only gave a hint of the unbearable pain she was going through.

Upon seeing this, Chen Xiang felt a dull throbbing pain in his heart for some unknown reason. Looking at those beautiful eyes, he could not help but lower his head. He slowly brought his lips closer, before eventually sealing those bleeding lips belonging to Liu Menger.

Liu Menger was in pain and felt disgraced, even when she bit her lips down even more tightly, Chen Xiang’s soft and fiery tongue managed to pry them open.

Chen Xiang was taking a huge risk right now. With the unimaginable pain Liu Menger was going through, it wouldn’t be a strange event if she suddenly clenched her jade teeth and bit his tongue right off.

With some effort, Chen Xiang’s tongue finally made its way safely into Liu Menger’s mouth. Soon, he managed to locate that hiding fragrant tongue, stroking it around… He was quite familiar with this, as Xue Xianxian and Chen Xiang had often kissed, so he was well versed in this sort of thing. The last time he managed to compel Su Meiyao into unable to stop herself.

This kind of strange feeling was like an electric current. It suddenly surged through Liu Menger’s whole body from the inside of her mouth. Because she knew that Chen Xiang’s tongue was moving around in her mouth, she did not dare to vigorously bite down, no matter how painful it was for her. At the same time, she managed to curse Chen Xiang through her pain for taking advantage of her crisis and doing this sort of thing to her. She was Xue Xianxian’s master, and Xue Xianxian was Chen Xiang’s wife!

Actually, when Chen Xiang thought of this relationship between them, he became even more excited, stirring up that unyielding fragrant tongue.

Liu Menger did not last long in her futile resistance. Every single time her tongue got caught by his, her body would feel inexplicably comfortable which eased much of pain. She jerkily met with Chen Xiang’s, as her soft delicate tongue wrapped around his...

Chen Xiang secretly felt very happy in his heart. The last time he and Su Meiyao kissed was also similar to this. Although both women had lived for a very long time, neither of them were proficient or well versed in things regarding men and women. In fact, they had never even kissed someone before! Now, when they tasted its sweetness, Liu Menger was infatuated with the soft comforting sensation spreading through her, as was Su Meiyao. They both took the initiative and passionately returned the action, kissing Chen Xiang of their own accord.

Unconsciously, the throbbing pain in Liu Menger’s body gradually weakened. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang also had a bizarre feeling. At this time, Long Xueyi exclaimed, “Your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is releasing a peculiar aura! It’s actually flowing through your mouth into Liu Menger’s body and suppressing that strange Fire Spirit.”

Liu Menger’s pain had completely disappeared now. She felt as if she had just emerged out of hell and entered a paradise. She could clearly feel a bizarre stream of energy surging into her body through Chen Xiang’s tongue. After entering her body, this energy seemed to accelerate the fusion between her body and that strange Fire Spirit.

This was a very mystical sensation. Sometimes a bad accident would bring about something beautiful. This was definitely the case for Chen Xiang, what was currently happened was something he had only dreamed of coming true.

In the ring, Su Meiyao was tenderly snorting. “This little rascal... Humph! He is really bad. He’s even bullying his wife’s master!” When she thought to the past of personally kissing Chen Xiang last time, her beautiful suddenly flushed a bright red. She was overwhelmed with a feeling of longing, however, she would never voice that out loud.

The sun fell as night came… Liu Menger suddenly slumped down and instantly fell asleep. When both of their lips had parted, Chen Xiang was completely satisfied. At the same time, he recalled that sensation with a feeling of nostalgia. He looked at the defenseless beauty lying in his arms and felt proud in his heart. He stroked her soft hair and wiped off the streaks of tears left on her face.

That sort of indescribable pain rendered Liu Menger physically and mentally exhausted, even though Chen Xiang did help her in relieving some physical pain, he added some to her mental exhaustion, yet all in all she was completely exhausted from all the ordeal of today. Chen Xiang still felt a stinging sensation on his back, and knew the scene was appalling but he felt it was still definitely worth it.

Chen Xiang remained motionless. He feared that the slightest movement would wake Liu Menger and shatter this beautiful and fragile moment. He didn’t even dare to breathe heavily and only stared at Liu Menger’s sleeping face with love, she was so stunningly beautiful.

“You little rascal… Hei hei, you’re definitely a bad boy, but this girl liked it!” Long Xueyi mischievously laughed. She also wanted to come out and stroke that beautiful face.

“It seems that when she was fusing with the Fire Spirit, she underwent far more excruciating pain than Wu Qianqian.” Chen Xiang said with a heavy sigh.

“Of course that’s the case, she is in the Nirvana Realm after all! The fact that she’s not dead is pretty good. Don’t forget that Fire Spirits are all very strange, a Purple Fire Spirit is very good, but it was also with freezing cold Purple Fire Spirit! That being said, it is also the most suitable one for her! It is a very unique Fire Spirit, if used correctly, it’s not necessarily worse than your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit.” Su Meiyao said with envy.

Chen Xiang just laughed it off and said, “Sister Meiyao, just wait until I’m strong enough, I’ll definitely help you find a powerful Fire Spirit!”

Bai Youyou said with a neither cold nor warm tone, “Junior sister… This brat is definitely planning to take advantage of women when they fuse with Fire Spirits!”

“Sister Meiyao, when you fuse with the Fire Spirit, this brat can be perfectly justified in his actions to help ease your pain. He will definitely take advantage of you quite cheaply.” Long Xueyi said with a wide grin.

Chen Xiang muttered, "Bunch of bad women, gauging the heart of a gentle man with their own mean measures. I am truly thinking for Sister Meiyao’s sake."

He said this, only to hear Long Xueyi along with the two sisters suddenly tenderly snort in unison. None of these three women believed what Chen Xiang just said.

Chen Xiang was worried that after Liu Menger woke up, she would be estranged from him. At that time, it would be very difficult for him to meet her ever again. He very much missed the sensation of kissing Liu Menger.

Chen Xiang sighed lightly, when he thought about how he was able to kiss one of the strongest female martial artists in the world, he was both satisfied and worried.

At dawn, Liu Menger gradually opened her eyes as she woke up.

When Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian fused with their Fire Spirits, they slept for a long time. Yet, Liu Menger only slept for one night before waking up.

Liu Menger’s eyes were half opened. Her face was still buried in Chen Xiang’s chest. She could hear the pounding of Chen Xiang’s heart which mirrored her own. She was still powerless at the moment, the fusion with the Fire Spirit had yet to finish.

“Hey… Little rascal wake up!.... My body is hurting again…” Liu Menger powerlessly trailed off. Chen Xiang instantly opened his eyes. He was fiercely elated in his heart. Liu Menger managed to tilt her head upwards and stare into Chen Xiang’s eyes, her own filled with a complex attractive splendor.

In response, Chen Xiang stroked her pale face before lowering his head. He once again began passionately kissing Liu Menger. This time around, his tongue met no resistance and easily entered Liu Menger’s mouth. The two intertwined in a warm and tender embrace. The Fire Qi from the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit instilled into Liu Menger’s body while the two individuals became immersed this warm sensation filled with happiness…

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