World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0272 - Fire Spirit“s Reappearance

Chapter 272 - Fire Spirit’s Reappearance


Witnessing Chen Xiang happy appearance, Liu Menger scoffed in her heart.

"Let's go now." Chen Xiang said, this kind of stiff feeling made him very uncomfortable.

"Elder Sister Liu, I’m requesting you to take care of this brat." Gu Dongchen smiled and said as he touched Chen Xiang's head and said.

Chen Xiang didn't expect Liu Menger to actually be older than Gu Dongchen. Liu Menger faintly smiled, and replied, "Both of you rest assured."

Chen Xiang followed Liu Menger out of the Extreme Martial Sect. He rode on a lotus shaped flying disc produced by her, this flying disc was very large. After the Extreme Martial Sect became a mere spec in the distance in Chen Xiang's view, he laid down and let out a satisfied moan, "Really comfortable!"

"Little rascal, your relationship is quite good with Gu Dongchen and the others!" Liu Menger tenderly spat before speaking. She then vigorously gave a pinch on Chen Xiang's arm, he actualy so casually lied down on her flying disc.

"That is of course, isn't our relationship also quite good?" Chen Xiang laid on the lotus disc and looked up at the blue sky, "Sister Menger, thanks a lot for helping me temper my body. I easily killed that guy!"

Seeing Chen Xiang sucking in her body fragrance, Liu Menger slightly blushed, "Little rascal, is that guy you killed very strong? Tell me."

Chen Xiang told the conflict with Lu Jie to Liu Menger, which made her very astonished.

"This guy was definitely using the Ghost Martial Technique. According to what my parents told me, a martial artist cultivating in the Ghost Martial Technique will eventually turn into a mindless person. Only Devil Yang Clan has this technique, even in the Devil Yang Clan, its cultivation was banned! It is a forbidden martial skill!" Liu Menger's pretty complexion took a drastic change.

When Liu Menger listened to Chen Xiang describing the various things that occurred with the Lu Family, she said with certainty, "The Lu Family was definitely colluding with the Devil Yang Clan. I didn't expect such a dangerous person was even hiding in your Extreme Martial Sect."

"But he was finished off by me!" Chen Xiang said with a wide grin.

Liu Menger had always believed Chen Xiang was rather resourceful or fortunate, but regarding him being able to kill a 9th level True Martial Realm Elder, she was now somewhat suspicious.

"Was he truly killed using your own strength? From what I remember, when the rumors about this was spreading, you were not even in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm!" Liu Menger said.

"Believe what you want to believe!" Chen Xiang also didn't explain this matter, because at that time, he had relied on Long Xueyi's strength. He mischievously laughed and said, "Sister Menger, you should also lie down, there’s still a lot of space!"

Liu Menger pursed her lips and said in a tender tone, "Do not think I can not throw you down!"

Chen Xiang took out a jade pillow, padded it under his head, and with a rather enjoying look, laid down on the disc. Seeing Liu Menger was once again about to twist his arm, he immediately asked a question.

"Sister Menger, how are the studies going on the spirit patterns I gave you? When are you going to teach me how to refine equipments!"

"To tell you honestly, I don't have a clue! These spirit patterns are not the ones I am familiar with, moreover, there are so many! If only I knew the characteristic of each spirit pattern, I would be able to analyze the combinations, so that I could fuse various characteristic of different spirit patterns and release power of spirit patterns. This is a very vast project." Liu Menger replied.

This lotus flying disc was made out of white jade. Even though its speed was relatively not fast, it could still fly at a very high altitude.

"Sister Menger, can you help forge one of these flying things?" Chen Xiang asked. If he had one of these things, he could have a leisurely napping spot in the future when he had to go far away.

"This is a brilliant level equipment, it is not so easy to refine. Not to mention, the materials required are very rare. Wait till I gather the appropriate materials, then I'll take some time to help you refine one! However, both Youlan and Xianxian are ahead of you in priority. Xianxian often pesters me for one, I can not be biased either, so I have to give Youlan one too." Liu Menger caressed her hair and faintly said. Seeing this charming beautiful posture, the observing Chen Xiang was dazed.

"Brilliant equipment, very expensive, sigh! Looks like the Dean has also been ripped-off by you." Chen Xiang said. There were not many brilliant equipments, refining them was difficult and the materials were rare, very few could afford to refine them.

"Sister Menger, will you take crystal stones from me too?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"We'll talk about it then, anyway, I have not yet started refining." Liu Menger stood up and looked far away.

"Hey!" Liu Menger shouted in surprise while staring at the distance.

Chen Xiang also stood up. After seeing the desert in front of them, he also felt a little strange. They were on their way to the Fragrance City, and traveled quite a ways to their destination. Chen Xiang had also gone through this very same road yet he did not remember any desert along the way.

The desert in the front of them was enveloped in scorching atmosphere. Looking from afar, the desert air seemed to be slightly distorted. At this time Chen Xiang and Liu Menger both felt the presence of some people.

"I've traveled the road countless time, and this dessert had definitely never been here before, yet now it has suddenly appeared out of nowhere." Liu Menger said in a low tone.

Chen Xiang also felt it was incomparably odd, "How about we go and have a look? With Sister Menger’s strength, I think there should be nothing to fear."

Liu Menger nodded her head as the lotus disc became a lot faster. Chen Xiang once again laid down while Liu Menger stood at the edge, looking at that vast desert with a solemn countenance.

Seeing Liu Menger’s beautiful and elegant figure, Chen Xiang really wanted to hold her from behind, and then kiss her cheek...

Floating in his imagination, Chen Xiang's body could not help but release a slight heat. Liu Menger's five senses were superb, just a second later, she sensed the slight heat emanating from the abdomen of that little rascal behind her.

As Liu Menger turned around, she saw Chen Xiang staring at her with an evil look in his eyes. She was extremely ashamed and furious, she gave white eyes to Chen Xiang along with a tender snort, "Little rascal, what are you thinking?"

Chen Xiang didn't expect Liu Menger's senses to be this strong. She could actually know what he was thinking, he forcefully smiled and said, "Nothing, just recalling some memories of a happy past..."

The flying disc had already entered the sky above the desert. The originally lying Chen Xiang fiercely jumped up, a strange look brimmed up his face. Just a moment ago, a power within his body slightly trembled for a bit. It was the quivering of the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, and now he was also having a rather strong and strange feeling, it was not something he could explain.

"There’s signs of a Fire Spirit, a Fire Spirit is about to be born!" Long Xueyi shouted in shock.

Chen Xiang was fiercely surprised for a moment. The strange feeling from within his body seemed to be guiding him to find the Fire Spirit. He didn't expect the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit to actually have such a use, it could apparently sense the location of the Fire Spirit.

Liu Menger found Chen Xiang acting a bit strange, she hastily asked, "Little rascal, are you alright?"

Chen Xiang pointed at a direction, shouted, "Sister Menger, fly to that side. We will find a good thing there."

"What good thing? That's the north side, it is very cold there." Although Liu Menger said so, she still controlled the lotus disc into flying towards the direction Chen Xiang had pointed.

Chen Xiang shook his head, "I'm still not sure whether it’s what I think the thing is or not.”

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