World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0267 - White Jade Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 267 - White Jade Dragon Cauldron


After entering the belly of the mountain, a huge square furnace came into his view. It reached the top of the hill and exuded a continuous scorching hot aura. Although it was very common in appearance, it could be easily seen that this huge furnace was ancient.

“It’s very big!” Chen Xiang exclaimed.

“No need to use this for refining you! It would be too wasteful, I'd rather use this.” Liu Menger took out a four legged furnace. It appeared to be made entirely out of white jade, but it was also very small.

Chen Xiang looked at that little jade cauldron on Liu Menger's palm and could not help but burst into laughter, "Sister Menger, are you kidding me? What can this little thing do? There’s no way anything but my little finger can be refined in there.”

Liu Menger glared at him and said, "Inexperienced fellow."

After Liu Menger put the jade cauldron on the ground, her eyebrows knit together as a white light suddenly burst out of the jade cauldron. It started growing in size, before it became as high as a human, in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xiang was suddenly dumbfounded. This jade cauldron could suddenly become many times larger, he knew this kind of mystical thing was definitely very rare.

As if to confirm his suspicions, Su Meiyao soon tenderly shouted, "This is the White Jade Dragon Cauldron! It is also made up of dragon jade, similar to your Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, this woman is truly marvellous! Otherwise, she would not have the Vermillion Bird Tender Thread along with this cauldron. Her parents must be famous figures in the Heavenly Realm."

"The White Jade Dragon Cauldron incorporates many rare materials, due to this, the cauldron can become larger or smaller. The largest it should be able to become is the size of a hill. More than ten thousand years ago, it once appeared in the Heavenly Realm, setting off a sanguinary, but later there was no trace of it to be found anywhere." Long Xueyi was also very surprised, "This White Jade Dragon Cauldron could be said to be better than your Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace!"

Chen Xiang gulped mouthful of saliva and said in surprise, "Sister Menger, is this the White Jade Dragon Cauldron?"

At this time, Liu Menger turned around in surprise as she hastily asked, "How did you know? My mother and father told me that I absolutely can't reveal the name of this cauldron, otherwise it would bring a fatal disaster!"

Chen Xiang said softly, "En, this cauldron should have set off a spree of plundering and murdering within the Heavenly Realm all those years ago. Was your Kiss of the Jade Dragon also given to you by your parents? In the end who are your parents, they’re actually are so formidable and even gave you so many good things!"

Liu Menger also felt very confused regarding this matter. She shook her head, "I don't know either, how do you know about this White Jade Dragon Cauldron?"

"The senior told me." Chen Xiang spread his hands and smiled. He had already told Liu Menger that he had obtained the guidance of a mysterious senior. Which was why he knew about so many things.

Liu Menger faintly sighed. Chen Xiang had also told her that he needed to keep the identity of this senior a secret, which was why she could not ask anything.

"When I refine equipment, this cauldron has aided me a lot. It allows me to do double the work with half the effort. Moreover, the refined materials are all much better. That being said, I rarely use it. Only when I want to refine something extremely powerful will I use it." Liu Menger made the White Jade Dragon Cauldron turn a lot smaller. Afterwards, she placed pieces of iron in it, for Chen Xiang to soak in.

"Sister Menger, why was the weapon refined for Youlan not that good? In the Southern Wasteland, she was using a run-down blade, while Xianxian’s weapon was quite good." Chen Xiang asked.

"Rest assured, I'll refine a good weapon for her. Do you think I'm biased like you? Only good to one person." Liu Menger said with a pouty face, which looked rather cute. The onlooking Chen Xiang very much wished to squeeze her face.

"When was I biased? I'm innocent." Chen Xiang spread his hands and asked.

"I'll not give you half of the Adamantyl Crocodile Python. Leave it alone so I can use it to forge Leng Youlan's weapon."

Liu Menger made the White Jade Dragon Cauldron become a lot bigger, before pressing one hand on the foot of the furnace. As she poured in the fire, a bunch of flames from her tender palm surged out, before the snow-white furnace suddenly turned fiery red. The iron pieces inside it melted, becoming molten iron in the blink of eye.

"Cut the crap, you must be well prepared. Going inside is not a joke." Liu Menger weakened the fire, then once again put in a few pieces of golden red stones. The molten iron inside suddenly started seething and broke out with scorching Qi waves one after the other. Seeing this, Chen Xiang could not help but gulp a mouthful of saliva. This molten iron could really send fear into one’s heart.

Chen Xiang had already memorized the cultivation chanting formula, there was nothing to prepare for anymore. He took a long deep breath, thinking of the insufficient strength he had and the scene where he was almost forced to kneel down by Lu Jie, his blood boiled with anger and he clenched his fist tightly.

Chen Xiang off his clothes, which cause Liu Menger to suddenly utter a rather sharp scream and blush. She hastily flung her head and yelled, "Little bastard, what the hell are you doing!?"

Chen Xiang grinned mischievously, "Of course I'm undressing. Taking a bath while wearing clothes, is such a thing comfortable for you? Although the last time you unknowingly showed me your big rabbits, I know it is rather disadvantageous for a woman, that’s why I'm paying you back. This way, we’re even."

Liu Menger suddenly felt extreme shame and anger. She was red all the way up to her ears, she fiercely stamp her foot before tenderly shouting, "Don't you fear I'll burn you to death? You little rascal, how can you always be this annoying!"

Chen Xiang fiercely took a jump and landed at the edge of the furnace. He looked at the golden red molten iron below, and suddenly his hair stood up. He took few deep breaths and said with a wry smile, "Sister Menger, you can not bear to burn me to death."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he jumped down into the cauldron. Just as Liu Menger wanted to say something, she heard Chen Xiang squealing like a pig getting butchered. Her complexion turned pale from fear, she hastily and tenderly shouted, "Little rascal, are you alright? How are you feeling? If you can not bear it then quickly come out!"

Seeing this noble and decorous beauty so concerned about him, Chen Xiang felt warmth. He felt there was nothing to fear, and clenched his teeth before saying, "I'm all right. In order to become strong, I'm ready to bear any kind of pain! Sister Menger, increase the temperature, it is not high enough. I'm exercising the skill, but it is not working."

Liu Menger nibbled her red lips. She also didn't know why she felt pain in her heart. She increased the fire, which made the special molten iron in the furnace fiercely start seething. Meanwhile Chen Xiang burst into bellowing bray which made her heart secretly throb with pain.

"Why do I always accompany this little rascal in doing something crazy?" Liu Menger asked herself. Her nibbled lips were about to bleed from the constant pressure.

"Listen up you little rascal! I’m going to mobilize the bizarre formation inside the White Jade Dragon Cauldron to increase your flow of time. On the outside, it will be only three hours for me, but it will be three days for you! However, I must cover the lid. If anything goes wrong, tell me immediately using your divine sense." Liu Menger said. She found that after hearing those painful screams from Chen Xiang, she could not calm herself down. If she could not control flame well due to her flaring emotions, Chen Xiang would fail in his cultivation.

"Alright, hurry!" Chen Xiang found the temperature inside rather unstable, and he had yet not successfully exercised the skill.

After the lid was covered, the mountain belly suddenly quieted down. However, Liu Menger's heart was still not calm. She was extremely worried about Chen Xiang, but just a moment ago she could see Chen Xiang's desire for power. This was the way Chen Xiang could steadily achieve the power he desired, she had to do her best to help him.

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