World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0266 - Jealousy

Chapter 266 - Jealousy


Chen Xiang seeing the slightly surprised appearance of Liu Menger, handed her a beast skin.

Liu Menger's memory was excellent, she remembered when Chen Xiang obtained the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, this beast skin was inside, with the Black Tortoise External Strength Technique written on it. At that time, Chen Xiang wanted to give her a copy, but she had refused.

As she opened it, those esoteric martial art method appeared in her view. Because it was a powerful divine exercise, her breath couldn’t help but turn heavy as her chest heaved up and down.

"I didn’t expect it to be so formidable. However, the requirements are considerably high. It actually requires 2nd level Immortal and Devil Body. You should have not reached it yet." Liu Menger said, according to her knowledge, the 2nd level Immortal and Devil Body should be comparable to the body of an 8th or 9th level True Martial Realm martial artist. She had also reached that level in the past.

After looking through the Black Tortoise External Strength Technique, Liu Menger immediately understood why Chen Xiang came to look for her, but now she was considering whether she should help Chen Xiang or not. If refining him had some mishaps, then Chen Xiang would end up dying.

"I have already reached it." Chen Xiang said as he scratched his head while laughing.

Liu Menger's tender body quivered. With a look of disbelief, she glanced at Chen Xiang. Her slender and tender hand rushed over to Chen Xiang like lightning, grabbing ahold of Chen Xiang's wrist. She said in a soft voice, "Don't resist, I'll check if you truly have the 2nd level Immortal and Devil Body. If you have it, then I’ll help you."

Under normal circumstance, Liu Menger could not see through Chen Xiang at all. If she didn’t carefully probe Chen Xiang’s body, in her eyes, Chen Xiang would be same as an ordinary man. As she let her divine sense enter Chen Xiang's body, she probed the strength of his body. If she hadn’t done this, then she would have never noticed. However, the moment she did, she immediately discovered that Chen Xiang's body was far more stronger than she had imagined.

"Humph, you hide too well!" Liu Menger retracted her hand back.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said, "Sister Menger, I want to deal with a powerful guy. I want to quickly become powerful, that's why I can only take the risk. If I can successfully cross the first stage, in the future, it will be much simpler. But by that time, I still have to trouble Sister Menger."

Liu Menger let out a light snort and said, "How come you did not go to look for Hua Xiangyue, that seductress, she is also very strong."

Chen Xiang could not understand, after he had arrived here, he had never even mentioned Hua Xiangyue, yet Liu Menger had already spoke of her twice.

"Sister Menger, when can we start? I'll give you twenty Building Foundation Dans as a compensation. This compensation can’t be considered low." Chen Xiang said.

Twenty Building Foundation Dans were naturally not low. What Liu Menger must do was very simple, and it was rather simpler than refining spirit equipment. She just have to look after the furnace and control the flames well, that was enough.

"Follow me." Liu Menger carefully considered for some time, before deciding to help Chen Xiang. Even if Chen Xiang had not offered to give Building Foundation Dans, she would have still helped him. She wanted to obtain the Building Foundation Dans from Chen Xiang, because she must prepare before the great storm. She wanted to train many powerful disciples to consolidate their basic strength.

She could feel Chen Xiang was good to her. Although he usually molested her, but it still brought both of them closer.

"Sister Menger, to tell you the truth, my Dean bought them from me. I sold it to him for half a million crystal stones for one dan. You are my Sister Menger, that is why I brought them along with me. If I have more in the future, I will give them to you." Chen Xiang smiled and said. To women, using the materialistic attack was extremely effective, take Elder Dan for instance, she was rather obedient now.

While speaking, Chen Xiang took out twenty True Elemental Dans and gave it to Liu Menger.

"Chen Xiang, from where did you get so many building Foundation dans?" Liu Menger asked rather doubtfully. She took a look and found that these Building Foundation Dans were all of top-grade quality.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, "If I said they were refined by me, will you believe?"

"I don't believe!" Liu Menger immediately replied. Accompanying Chen Xiang, they walked towards a hill in front. At the foot of this hill, there was a cave entrance.

Chen Xiang just laughed, "In the future, when you see Elder Dan, ask her then you'll know."

Liu Menger still didn't believe. Rather, with jealousy in her tone, she asked, "How did you hook up with Hua Xiangyue, that seductress?"

Chen Xiang pursed his lips, "Sister Menger, why do you care so much about this? Xianxian was not as tensed as you."

A flush appeared on Liu Menger's pretty face. She herself didn't know why she was always concerned about this, but whenever she thought of Hua Xiangyue ambiguously touching Chen Xiang's cheek, she would always feel inexplicable uncomfortableness in her heart.

"I'm worried for Xianxian. Are Youlan and Xianxian not enough for you?" Liu Menger said in a low voice. She was already aware of the feelings Leng Youlan had for Chen Xiang. She knew Leng Youlan would stay together with Chen Xiang sooner or later, and Xue Xianxian wouldn’t be against it. On the contrary, she would just get very close with Leng Youlan.

"How can it be enough? Unless Sister Menger also marries me!" Chen Xiang touched his chin as he said with a grin.

Liu Menger bit her lips, turned around and hit Chen Xiang's head, "You're joking in front of me, that's ok, but never ever say that in front of Xianxian and the others! Explain honestly, in the end, what is your relation with Hua Xiangyue? Although she is a very powerful woman, you brat have many means in hand. Hua Xiangyue getting closer with you is not impossible."

Even Hua Xiangyue, an aloof Nirvana Realm figure, didn't have any resistance towards Chen Xiang at all.

"I came to know her in the secular world..." Chen Xiang, one by one, lay it all about how he encountered Hua Xiangyue in the secular world. On hearing this, Liu Menger was very surprised, she didn't expect Hua Xiangyue to actually have such close relations to Chen Xiang. She knew Hua Xiangyue's status was not low, but at that time, that seductress actually let Chen Xiang, the little rascal who had not even entered the True Marital Realm, to look at her body, moreover, it was also intentional.

"This woman’s insight is actually so formidable. She had actually foreseen you'll have today's achievements. Xianxian and Youlan were also not mistaken, and you were actually not tempted!" Liu Menger heaved a sigh.

Chen Xiang asked, "Sister Menger, who the hell is Hua Xiangyue? It seems she is responsible for managing Danxiang Taoyuan."

"Don't ask me, I too am not clear with things about her. Many years ago, she suddenly jumped out of nowhere, claiming to be a maid of the Dean of the Danxiang Taoyuan. In her hands, she has the token of Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, and now she is responsible for dealing with many matters of Danxiang Taoyuan, as well as all those which were handled by the elders." Liu Menger shook her head, "Don't you regret not accepting her as your woman that time?"

"Of course not! Now, whenever I want to make her my maid, it will be done." Chen Xiang proudly replied, although he was just joking.

"Who would believe it. Although that seductress is coquettish, she is extremely strong, at least in the Nirvana Realm. Usually, she would have very little contact with other men, but why would she be so good to you?" Liu Menger said doubtfully.

Chen Xiang also did not understand this, he just laughed and said, "This is my charm, sister Menger, weren't you also impressed by my charm?"

"Pah! Don't boast. Keep a little bit of your strength for screaming. You will definitely die from pain." Liu Menger spat out a mouthful of saliva.

As they walked into the cave, Chen Xiang felt a bizarre stifling heat coming from inside the cave, causing him to become rather tensed.

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