World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0265 - Refine Me

Chapter 265 - Refine Me


Chen Xiang saw a blade and a sword erected at the entrance of the city, causing him to suddenly utter a cry of shock. Both the blade and the sword were rather huge; they were even higher than the city walls, and it seemed they were forged of iron.

After entering the city, a rather bustling scene of the city came into Chen Xiang's view. Most of the store inside were selling weapons and armors, moreover, he could also hear many sounds of hammering of iron. Because the refining of equipments required flames, there was a floor of refining on each of the store. This lead to the rise of the entire city’s temperature.

The citizens here were very sturdy, all of them were tall, strong and very warm. But of course, no small number of people also came from other provinces. Majority of them came here to buy the appropriate weapon, or came to get the goods to sell in other provinces.

East of the city was the Divine Weapon Palace, which was surrounded by red high walls. It was the same as the Extreme Martial Sect and had many courtyards of various sizes. In the past, it used to be the Divine Weapon Sect, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's main organisation. Inside there were not only disciples, there were also some officials who were responsible for dealing various things for the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire.

Just as Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance of the Divine Weapon Palance, he stopped and took out the token given to him by Liu Menger.

"I want to see your Empress." Chen Xiang dismissively said. He had easily arrived here since he had not encountered any kind of attack on the way. Wearing a straw hat, a big beard on his face, and also an eye patch covering one eye, made it harder for others to recognize him.

Those guards at the main entrance, after seeing the token, did not dare to show the slightest bit of neglect, and had someone arranged to go with Chen Xiang. As far as they know, not many could have this token. If required, the token could be used to mobilize the army of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. Having this token was also the proof of good relation with Liu Menger, and it was also the sign of her trust.

These guards knew Xue Xianxian also had one.

If Chen Xiang was familiar with the Divine Weapon Palace, he could also walk around with that token, but currently, he was not even aware of the meaning of the token.

Chen Xiang followed that guard through courtyards one after another, and finally arrived at a very remote place.

"In front is her majesty's residence. I can not go there, I don't dare to approach any closer.” After speaking these words, the guard hurriedly left.

In front, there was a very big courtyard, and Chen Xiang could even see a small mountain inside. At the same time, he could also smell the fragrance of flowers wafting from inside out. Indeed it was the residence of a female.

No one was around the large courtyard. It was rather quiet in here, and one could hear the cries of birds coming from the courtyard from time to time.

Chen Xiang walked over. Originally, he had planned to directly go over the wall into the room and give Liu Menger a pleasant surprise, however, he didn't expect he would be sent into retreat by a powerful force. A very powerful formation was actually guarding the courtyard.

"Who?" From inside the courtyard, a noble yet cold and beautiful shout came out.

"It's me!" Chen Xiang replied low-spiritedly.

The door automatically opened. With a mischievous smile, Chen Xiang immediately walked inside. Just as he entered, the door was automatically closed, which made him secretly amazed. Liu Menger was actually lazy.

After entering, a beautiful woman wearing a white longuette, leisurely sitting on the soft lawn, came into his view. Her eyebrows were twitching as she was observing a spirit pattern picture on a paper. At the moment, her pretty eyes were glistening strangely.

This place was overflowing with the fragrance of flowers, as well as an intoxicating body fragrance of female. Seeing the elegant, refined and with noble bearing Liu Menger in front, Chen Xiang's heart fluttered. He could not help but think of various ambiguous things he had experienced with her inside his mind. This made his lower abdomen suddenly hot.

"Humph!" Liu Menger, although she still hadn’t seen Chen Xiang, still felt the bizarre temperature change in Chen Xiang's body, causing her to spat. Regarding Chen Xiang, this little rascal, she was already used to his demeanor.

Liu Menger stood up and walked towards Chen Xiang. Feeling the fragrant wind blowing, Chen Xiang, who was in a daze, suddenly regained his senses as he mischievously laughed and said, "Sister Menger, I came to see you! Right, where is Xianxian? Is she not together with you?"

"I have sent her to the Icewind Valley. Both Xianxian and Youlan have the very same constitution, going there for her is very good." Liu Menger glared at Chen Xiang in resentment. With arms akimbo, she let out a tender snort before asking, "What is it? Quickly Speak!"

Looking at that face that was as peerless and as beautiful as jade, Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, "Sister Menger, I truly came to see you and Xianxian, and I conveniently want your help too."

"Humph." Usually, Liu Menger would have a cold, proud and noble attitude, but after encountering Chen Xiang, she was at her wit's end, and her real character was exposed.

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed foolishly, "Sister Menger, aren't you going to ask me to sit down, then give me some tea or something?"

"Pooh, you have some bussiness with me, why should I serve you?" Liu Menger concluded that Chen Xiang came because of something. Although she herself and Xue Xianxian often told Chen Xiang to come here, they knew Chen Xiang's character; if he truly wanted to come, then he would have already arrived.

Liu Menger directly sat down on the lawn and said, "Just sit down, you don't have anything to hurry about, but I'm very busy."

Chen Xiang sat cross-legged on the ground. Looking at Liu Menger, he laughed and said, "Sister Menger, are you angry at me?"

Liu Menger tenderly snorted and said, "Who dares to get angry with you, you made us, old tycoons, bleed so much. On the contrary, Hua Xiangyue, that seductress, only gave you a bit of dans which didn't held any value."

Chen Xiang was surprised for a moment. He suddenly felt Liu Menger seemed to be jealous and also interested in him. This made his heart suddenly palpitate as he felt some sort of inexplicable excitement.

"Sister Menger, you are truly stupid. How could you send Youlan and Xianxian to the Southern Wasteland, that was too dangerous!" Chen Xiang blamingly said .

When Chen Xiang raised this matter. Liu Menger suddenly got angry. With her tender finger, she ruthless poked on Chen Xiang's forehead as two tender blush could not help but emerge on her beautiful face.

"It is all because of you! I wouldn’t have let them go, but Youlan, that girl actually said big rabbits... Since I didn’t let her go, she kept on saying… Humph, humph, finally I also had no other options as I could only make Xianxian follow her along, lest anything went wrong with that thick-skinned girl." Leng Youlan's voice was full of complaint. It was all Chen Xiang's fault, and it was him who had taught Leng Youlan everything.

Chen Xiang embarrassingly started laughing, "Cough, cough, Sister menger, I have twenty Building Foundation Dans, does your Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire want it? If you want it, I can sell them to you."

Liu Menger was surprised first, before she hastily replied, "I want it! Say your price!"

An evil smile appeared on Chen Xiang's face, "Kiss me and I'll give you."

Liu Menger tenderly spat in response and said, "Don't joke, quickly say the price."

Suddenly, the smile on Chen Xiang's face disappeared, he solemnly said, "I don't want money, I just want Sister Menger to help me with something."

Liu Menger frowned tightly and asked, "What is it? Speak what you need."

"Sister Menger, do you have a big furnace?"

Liu Menger nodded her head, "I have. I usually use the big furnace for refining a large number of materials for refining equipments. Do you want me to help you refine something? Did you come to me for this trivial thing?!"

Chen Xiang shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I don't want you to refine something for me, rather, I want you to refine me."

"What?" Liu Menger suspected she had heard him wrong. Refine him? Was it not a suicidal act?

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