World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0268 - 5th Level Immortal And Devil Body

Chapter 268 - 5th Level Immortal And Devil Body


Inside the White Jade Dragon Cauldron, Chen Xiang kept on howling in pain without stopping. At this point, the temperature had already been stabilized, and as he operated the exercise, the True Qi revolved in accordance with the specified circulation in his meridians. The molten iron stimulated his body, giving birth to a peculiar energy that appeared in his bones and muscles. It was a kind of golden energy that directly fused with his muscles.

Chen Xiang had experienced endless pain, and the idea of giving up had appeared many times in his heart. But whenever he thought of Lu Jie wanting to trample on his dignity, determination stemming from anger arose in his heart, making him persist on enduring.

"I absolutely cannot give up!" Chen Xiang wrathfully pounded his fists on the furnace, bursting off with 'Bang Bang' sounds.

"Little rascal, do you want to come out?" Liu Menger asked with her divine sense.

"No!" Chen Xiang immediately replied. The True Qi within his body has already started revolving, and entered an excited state. Although he was enduring the pain, he felt his body transforming bit by bit, and this made him incomparably refreshed.

If he was successful, he would acquire the 5th level Immortal and Devil Body. If exchanged with an Extreme State's body, it would not be as formidable as him. In other words, his defense in the future would become even more formidable.

During the refinement process, Chen Xiang had already controlled the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor into not resisting the scorching heat, otherwise, there would be no point in jumping inside the furnace.

After an hour passed, Liu Menger once again asked Chen Xiang whether he wanted to leave or not, but after discovering that Chen Xiang could still answer, she heaved a sigh of relief. Although only an hour had passed on the outside, within the furnace, a whole day had had already passed by while her True Qi and divine sense kept on being drained; pushing the time formation required a lot of her strength, after all, there was a living person inside.

For this kind of perverse actions of Chen Xiang, Liu Menger knew she could not use common sense to deal with it. Chen Xiang was only just a few levels into the True Martial Realm, yet he had tempered his body into the 2nd level of the Immortal and Devil Body, which was extremely difficult. And after the refinement, he would have the 5th level Immortal and Devil Body, which was even more astounding.

There was not a moment when Liu Menger was not worried about Chen Xiang's life. She decided not to do this kind of crazy stuff together with Chen Xiang ever again, because this kind of worry was unprecedented for her. She was worried Chen Xiang would die, and thinking of the smiling little rascal leaving her, her heart suddenly felt a throbbing pain.

As Chen Xiang cultivated in accordance with the Black Tortoise External Strength Technique, he only felt the strength of his body soaring, he had never felt like this before. In just a short three days, he felt his own body was several times stronger than three days ago. Although he had advanced by only three levels, each additional stage of the Immortal and Devil Body was pretty much different, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Of course, only three hours had passed on the outside. In these three hours, Liu Menger was worried to death; she suddenly felt her own feelings for Chen Xiang, those vague feelings, becoming clearer and clearer, but she neither dare to admit nor dare to face this fact. She heaved a complex sigh and scolded, "With what kind of sweet talk, did this little rascal really bewitched me? In the future, I must avoid him."

"Sister Menger, I can come out!" Liu Menger suddenly heard Chen Xiang shouting with his divine sense, so she hurriedly retracted the flames. As she opened the lid, she saw Chen Xiang leisurely lying on the inside, simply as if there was no molten iron inside, and as if he was just enjoying in the hot springs.

"Little rascal, are... are you successful?" Liu Menger shouted in astonishment. Although she was surprised, she was rather joyful.

"Successful, but currently, my whole body is aching. Sister Menger, you have to massage me, anyways, you have to help me!" Chen Xiang grinningly said.

As he crawled out of the White Jade Dragon Cauldron, Liu Menger immediately turned her head and tenderly spat, "Little rascal, someday I'll make you look good."

Chen Xiang dressed himself, grinned and said. "Sister Menger, thanks a lot! Can I kiss you as thanks?"

"Pooh, no wonder you are successful. Your facial skin is so thick that you are not even afraid of molten iron." Liu Menger scoffed and said. She walked over, and with her delicate and beautiful hands, she fiercely pinched Chen Xiang's waist and vigorously gave a twist. Chen Xiang’s soft flesh began turning as Liu Menger tenderly laughed and said, "Don't think your 5th level Immortal and Devil Body is formidable."

Chen Xiang felt the pain in the waist, and he suddenly began howling, "Sister Menger, I was wrong, quickly stop!"

Liu Menger was in the Nirvana Realm. Although she had not refined her body, but with the intake of Spirit Qi round the year, her body was nurtured with the True Qi, making it become very strong. As a Nirvana Realm martial artist, with just a little bit of her strength, she could make Chen Xiang feel pain within an inch of his life.

"Who told you to always bully me?" Liu Menger released Chen Xiang as she angrily spoke.

"I just want to dote on Sister Menger. It’s just that Sister Menger does not appreciate it." Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue. Seeing Liu Menger's angry and shy appearance, he secretly complained in his heart. The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress was truly alluring; with just a simple gesture, she could already capture a man's soul.

Liu Menger glared at him, "Knock it off, I'm but Xianxian's and Youlan's master, you have to respect me! If others came to know we have this kind of relationship, they would definitely gossip."

"What relation?" Chen Xiang asked while smiling.

"Humph, you little rascal, I hate you to death!" Liu Menger stamped her foot on the ground and tenderly scolded, "You quickly get out! You’re always making me angry!"

Chen Xiang suddenly pointed at the White Jade Dragon Cauldron behind Liu Menger and said, "You see that White Jade Dragon Cauldron."

Liu Menger immediately turned her head around, Chen Xiang immediately approached her face and kissed on her tender cheeks. This caught Liu Menger by surprise for a moment, before she burst into a series of curses while Chen Xiang had already run out of the cave.

Liu Menger’s beautiful face was flushed red. She softly snorted, before she received the White Jade Dragon Cauldron and went out.

"Be careful that you don't get killed. You still have Xianxian and Youlan." Liu Menger knew Chen Xiang was going to fight a powerful adversary, thus she exhorted.

"I also have my beautiful Sister Menger." Chen Xiang grinned ear to ear, then rushed out of the courtyard entrance. He swaggeringly walked into the Divine Weapon Palace. If not for his need to return quickly, he would have definitely stayed with Liu Menger for sometime. Being together with the Empress made him strangely excited.

Chen Xiang flew back to the Extreme Martial Sect, and in total, it only took him five days. Before he left, he also gave the Black Armored Crocodile he had obtained in the Southern Wasteland to Liu Menger to let her forge an armor for Leng Youlan.

After returning to the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang immediately inquired about Lu Jie's location, and he came to know that he was in the 1st martial courtyard. In that place, he had already roped in a lot of people, and he also fared very well with several True Disciples of the 1st martial courtyard.

After Chen Xiang and Lu Jie's matter occurred, Chen Xiang had disappeared, and according to Lu Jie, Chen Xiang would not be able to recover before one to two years. This clearly proved he was a lot stronger than Chen Xiang, however, many thought he was just being shameless. Not only was he older than Chen Xiang, he was also a lot stronger than Chen Xiang in cultivation. He got so proud after winning against Chen Xiang, as if he had won against a 9th level True Martial Realm martial artist.

"Humph, a 7th level True Martial Realm guy winning again Chen Xiang, a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist, and actually still boasting. He really has thick skin." Zhu Rong, while looking at Lu Jie far away in the square, ridiculed.

"Exactly, this kind of guy is simply not in the same level as Elder Brother Chen." Yun Xiaodao sneered in agreement.

Their voices were rather loud, causing many to hear. After the distant Lu Jie heard, his complexion turned incomparably colder. His figure suddenly disappeared, and in the blink of an eye, he had already appeared in front of Zhu Rong.

"Damn fatty, do not think after entering the King Martial Courtyard, you can be self-righteous. Not to mention you, even Chen Xiang, I could slap you both to death!" Lu Jie coldly said. He raised his palm high and fiercely smacked towards Zhu Rong's face.

Just as Zhu Rong thought he was dead, Lu Jie's hand suddenly came to a halt. Chen Xiang's tall and strong figure appeared in front of him, blocking Lu Jie's wrist with just his finger, completely stopping Lu Jie's assault.

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