World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0262 - The Missing Genius

Chapter 262 - The Missing Genius


The King Martial Courtyard in the Extreme Martial Sect’s Mysterious Realm, although it was small, Yun Xiaodao and the others did not feel disappointed. On the contrary, they were rather excited. In their opinion, entering this King Martial Courtyard was an honour.

Chen Xiang and the other 10 were all gathered here. As soon as he came, he saw Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong wearing two small medals on their chest, which was the clear proof of being a bronze disciple and silver warrior.

Chen Xiang was unable to hold his laughter, “It seems only the two of you can be high profile.” As he glanced at the others, he discovered that the others were unlike them.

“This is what we got after busting our asses In the Southern Wasteland, and this is our honor.” Yun Xiaodao replied as if he did not care at all and struck out his chest.

Zhu Rong also proudly said, “ While I have these two medals, on the way, the others looked at me with different expressions in their eyes!”

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled, “When you can get the golden casted medal, then show off again. With one glance, everyone will know that you guys are lazy. If it was someone who cultivated regularly, he would have already thrown it away.”

Yun Xiaodao let out a snort and said,”Can’t I wear it on the first day of the King Martial Courtyard?”

At this moment, Gu Dongchen arrived. He was the Chief of the King Martial Courtyard, and Chen Xiang and the others still didn't know in the end what was so special inside this courtyard. In Chen Xiang’s eyes, for the Dean to personally teach them martial skills, it didn't really amount to anything, but for the other disciples, it was a kind of a special treatment.

Everyone, before going to the Southern Wasteland, were all trained by Gu Dongchen. Now, they did not feel any need for formality; it was as if a junior was just facing his elder. They could speak and smile nonchalantly.

“During the 3 months of special training, our Elder Courtyard has analysed your strengths and weaknesses. Now, I will arrange your cultivation in accordance with this aspect, and teach you martial skills.” Gu Dongchen said.

Everyone were suddenly thrilled inside their hearts. Before, the 3 months of special training was for them to survive in the Southern Wasteland, and at that time, they were more or less worried whether they could come back or not. But now, they were in the King Martial Courtyard for at least 3 years, and they could even get guidance from Gu Dongchen himself.

“There are three alchemists here, and to not affect your alchemy I have made a better arrangement for all of you.” Gu Dongchen then looked at Chen Xiang and slightly smiled, “Chen Xiang, you are now a lot stronger than the other nine, I also don't have too much time, that's why you will have to sacrifice your time. I will not personally guide you, the time saved will be spent on other disciples.”

Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders as a look of ‘it was none of his business’ appeared on his face. His teacher was Huang Jintian, and the obtained inheritance could already make Gu Dongchen envious himself. Moreover, Gu Dongchen didn't really have anything to guide him.

Gu Dongchen began to talk about some cultivation, but Chen Xiang was not interested in this. After yawning, he immediately left, and this caused Yun Xiaodao and the others to feel somewhat sorry, because Chen Xiang could not receive the guidance of Gu Dongchen.

Chen Xiang walked out of the Extreme Martial Sect’s Mysterious Realm. He knew that in the future, he might rarely get ahold of Yun Xiaodao and the others. A while ago, he had heard of some of the plans of Gu Dongchen, and in his heart, he was secretly laughing, especially for Zhu Rong. Zhu Rong’s time was heavily scheduled, and it would definitely be extremely arduous.

Everyday, staying in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard had caused him to feel bored. He roamed around in the martial courtyards one by one, yet he still failed to find any good seedlings.

"What are you doing here? Quickly go sign up!" A man shouted at a group of people walking down the road.

"Sign up for what?" A man asked somewhat confusedly.

"Don't you know? Thirty years ago, the missing genius with three pulses has returned, moreover, he has advanced to the 7th level of the True Martial Realm! He now wants to rope in some people and go out for some experience, but first, those people would need to go through his assessment." That man replied.

The group of people were all old, and they knew who that missing person was. After they heard of his return, they suddenly rejoiced and hastily followed along with that man.

"Genius that was missing for thirty years!" Chen Xiang rubbed his chin as he also hastily followed along; he wanted to see who this person was.

Three pulses represented that one could cultivate three kinds of True Qi. However, it required a rather good martial exercise, and only then would cultivating it be possible, otherwise, it would be difficult to advance. The cultivation process was also very complicated; take Chen Xiang for example, if he could control his True Qi better, then regarding his strength, there was no need to speak of it anymore.

This man was actually outside the Extreme Martial Sect. Along the way, Chen Xiang also saw a lot of people. After hearing the news, all of them were rushing, because if they were selected, they would get a lot of dans, and that was rather very attractive.

"Senior brother, are you also going?" A man seeing, Chen Xiang following everyone along, immediately asked.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and laughed, "Going to join in the fun."

The man replied, "You'd better not go, this guy is the disciple of Elder Lu. He is also a high-level foster son of the Lu Family."

Chen Xiang frowned. The Lu Family had migrated long ago and left the Extreme Martial Province. The Extreme Martial Sect's high-level figures also knew Lu Family had colluded with the devil path, however, there was no evidence, that was why they could not do anything. The Lu Family did not pose a threat to the Extreme Martial Sect, so the Extreme Martial Sect also put it aside. Furthermore, there were no important people in the Extreme Martial Sect from the Lu Family.

"It doesn't matter. I have not offended him, moreover, Lu Family has done some things to me, who doesn’t know this? I only did what a normal person would have done." Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said. Although he said so, he had already done some preparation for that man. This time, he also wanted to take a look at that man's bottom-line.

Thirty years ago, the man was indeed a genius, though he was probably not better than Chen Xiang. But at that time in the Extreme Martial Sect, everyone knew his name.

"Lu Jie, he disappeared for thirty years, where the hell did he went?" Chen Xiang, in his heart, was doubtful as he walked rather slowly. He was somewhat suspicious that the Lu Family had been colluding with the devil path sects from a very long time ago. If this Lu Jie went inside these devil path sects, and now he came back again, then it might be a conspiracy of the devil path sect.

If he had returned somewhat earlier or later, Chen Xiang wouldn’t have such doubts, but now he had come after the devil path's plan in the Southern Wasteland failed. Chen Xiang could not help but become suspicious.

Su Meiyao suddenly said, "You have to be careful, the devil path sect in the Southern Wasteland have suffered heavy losses, and if that guy, Lu Jie, really came back from the devil path sect, I'm afraid he has come for you.."

Chen Xiang certainly have thought of this, however, this was in the periphery of the Extreme Martial Sect, and Chen Xiang also had nothing to worry about.

It was inside a hotel on the third floor. This time, outside the hotel, there were many people, and they were all waiting in line for their interview. People from inside kept on coming out, and all of them had a look of disappointment.

"There is indeed a 7th level True Martial Realm martial artist, the True Qi within his body are fire, lightning and gold respectively. Three kinds of attribute, and they are also very pure and have overbearing True Qi." Long Xueyi suddenly determined.

Chen Xiang was now in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm. Not to mention three pulses martial artist, against a single pulse, he would not necessarily be victorious, but he would manage to be even against one. Although his True Qi was very rich, his current cultivation level at the True Martial Realm was still inferior. One must know that the more the True Qi was gathered, the higher the degree of compression would become.

"By observing his True Qi, he does not appear to be from devil path. However, he doesn’t really need to know devil path martial exercise, because just like you, your True Qi is pure as well as rich, yet you can still use powerful devil techniques." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang didn't step into the hotel, turned around and left, he felt he must look for Wu Kaiming, make him pay attention to this Lu Jie.

He had just turned around, before a rather dull voice with a sliver of pride came, "Since you have come, why leave?"

God knows from where the sound came. It was not very loud, yet everyone felt as if it rang inside their ears; this was the voice of Lu Jie.

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