World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0263 - Ghost Martial Technique

Chapter 263 - Ghost Martial Technique


Hearing Lu Jie's voice, Chen Xiang was a bit surprised. While coming over, Chen Xiang had converged his breath, yet he was still sensed by Lu Jie; it was obvious that Lu Jie's divine sense was not on the weak side.

Chen Xiang had not planned to meet with Lu Jie, so he pretended not to hear him. Rather, Chen Xiang just continued to walk, but immediately after from above, he heard the sound of a window opening, before a man jumped down from the third floor of the hotel and stood in front of him.

Lu Jie was garbed in a luxurious white robe and was holding a fan. He was very handsome with his sword-like eyebrows, long eyes and fair complexion. At the moment, he was sizing up Chen Xiang.

"Was it you who killed my master?" Lu Jie dismissively asked, from the expression in eyes, not a sliver of anger could be seen, this caused Chen Xiang to feel strange.

Originally at the entrance, there were many people standing, and all of them recognized Chen Xiang and Lu Jie. In many people’s opinion, Lu Jie should be somewhat stronger than Chen Xiang. However, Lu Jie's master death in Chen Xiang’s hands was well known to everyone, and Lu Jie hating Chen Xiang was also taken for granted. But now seeing Lu Jie looking so indifferent made everyone feel strange.

Chen Xiang replied, "Yes, I killed him."

Lu Jie slightly smiled, "My master has always been my target, and my teacher was killed by you, so now you are my target. Do you dare to have a bout with me?"

The other party was in the 7th level of the True Martial Realm, two levels higher than Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang wouldn’t take on this kind of stupid matter, because if he didn’t use the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he would be a lot weaker, moreover, he had just entered the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, and he was yet to fully familiarize himself with his current capability.

"Not interested!" Chen Xiang replied. Once these words came out, Lu Jie's complexion immediately changed, it turned a lot colder.

Chen Xiang felt something was wrong. Just as he had this kind of feeling, he was invaded by a dangerous feeling.

"Be careful!" Long Xueyi tenderly shouted, but it was too late. Chen Xiang only felt a power fiercely bombarding on his dantian, so as to make his body seem to be struck by a million of jin of power. Although he did not have the time to dodge, the True Qi within his body automatically operated, and also most of the power was resisted by the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor hiding under his skin.

Chen Xiang, from the impact of the sudden invading power, retreated two steps. From the corners of his mouth, a trace of blood gradually flowed out and dripped on the ground. At the moment, his Five Zhang and Six Fu were all ruptured. Just a moment ago, he felt everything within his body was being pressed upon, as if it was being crushed.

In just a blink of an eye, he was seriously injured. The True Qi within his dantian was difficult to mobilize, because most of his meridians had been damaged. If he forcefully utilised True Qi, it would only cause even more serious damage to his meridians.

Chen Xiang clenched his fist, his line of sight was currently somewhat fuzzy, but it gradually recovered. Now, his complexion was somewhat pale, yet it was still full of anger.

"What's the matter with you?" Lu Jie asked.

Chen Xiang’s whole body quivered. He found Lu Jie had been standing there with that fan in his hand, and yet he was able to release such a powerful attack; not even the least bit of aura was leaked. The surrounding people were also giving a strange look to Chen Xiang. They only saw Chen Xiang retreat two steps a moment ago, and then blood suddenly overflowed from his mouth.

"Lu Jie, I'll not let you off!" Chen Xiang wiped the trace of blood on the corners of his mouth, before he spoke with an expressionless look, appearing very tranquil. If not for the fact that he himself was capable, perhaps he would have been crippled a moment ago. Lu Jie started out rather heavily.

"Now do you want to compete with me?" Lu Jie once again slightly smiled, his smile was rather cunning.

Chen Xiang knew Lu Jie must have used some powerful means to attack him, however, it was not seen by others. He himself did not see anything, and he knew that this kind of attack was definitely formidable.

"No, I’m going to kill you!” Chen Xiang coldly said, he had not even walked two steps, before he suffered a lightning-like kick, hitting him on the knees and causing him to kneel on one knee.

Everyone was immediately shocked. All of them fiercely backed off as they realized something must have definitely occurred a moment ago, which caused Chen Xiang to speak out these kind of ruthless words.

Lu Jie's face turned completely cold, "Extreme Martial Sect's top youngest expert, good prestigious name. I now want to make you kneel. I'd like to see what is your ability! Seriously, I hate your very face, I'm jealous of the fame you got, I want to destroy you! I'll use my strength to prove that I'm stronger than you!"

While speaking, Lu Jie grabbed Chen Xiang's hair, while his foot was on Chen Xiang's other knee. He intended to make Chen Xiang kneel on both legs.

Chen Xiang was completely angry, he did not expect Lu Jie's thoughts would be so abnormal. Chen Xiang’s arm suddenly turned incomparably fiery; this was the power lended to him by Long Xueyi, she too could not stand idly and watch.

"Kneel down!" Lu Jie raised his leg as he shouted with a grim voice. He vigorously kicked on Chen Xiang's other knee. In his opinion, Chen Xiang was already heavily injured and was not able to resist anymore.

Chen Xiang's anger had reached the boiling point. His face turned very red as shocking Slaughter Qi overwhelmingly emerged at the hotel's entrance, sending many bystanders to involuntarily quiver. At this moment, they felt as if they were in hell. They felt that the Slaughter Qi could seize their life at any moment.

Chen Xiang had killed a lot. The evil creatures he had killed were rather difficult to count, so the Slaughter Qi he accumulated could even make those Deans feel ashamed.

Lu Jie, at this moment, was slightly astonished as he stared at Chen Xiang in dismay. On one knee, Chen Xiang burst into a roar. This roar was filled with anger like a dragon's roar, causing the entire hotel to slightly shook from its power. The roar echoed everywhere, and it was extremely terrifying.

At the same time he let out that furious roar, Chen Xiang blasted out his fist like a thunderbolt, and it ruthlessly and quickly landed on the only visible part between Lu Jie's two legs. That crazy fist’s strength suddenly surge into Lu Jie's body, and he was unable to endure it as he fiercely spew out a mouthful of blood. After that terrifying strength entered Lu Jie's body, even undulations burst forth from his body with the fierce winds. In an instant, the place where Lu Jie stood was completely wrecked.

With both of his hands covering the place in between his legs, Lu Jie trembled and retreated a few steps back. His complexion turned ashen, but there was more of a shock written all over his face. He himself was rather clear of the power Chen Xiang's fist had exuded from a moment ago.

"Either quickly get out, or continue to stay in the Extreme Martial Sect!"

"Whoever insult me must die!" Chen Xiang's voice was filled with hate. It was sharp as a blade, bringing about a lingering fear to everyone nearby.

Chen Xiang strided away. Although Long Xueyi's power was still there, he could not use it. His body had suffered serious injuries, yet he had still used Long Xueyi’s great power, and this would make it difficult for him to recover. If he was even a tad-bit more seriously injured, he would have been crippled.

"A while ago, that guy hit you with a fist in a very, very quick speed. Moreover, his attack was so quiet, that when I discovered it, you have already been hit!" Long Xueyi said.

"This kind of martial skill is very rare, is it the legendary Ghost Martial Technique?" Su Meiyao doubtfully said.

Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he had ruthlessly punched the manhood of Lu Jie, yet he was only injured, nothing more. The power within his fist a moment ago was not at all weak, but it could be seen that Lu Jie's defense was also stronger. Chen Xiang knew that Lu Jie was a powerful enemy.

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