World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0261 - White Jade Lotus Seed

Chapter 261 - White Jade Lotus Seed


Chen Xiang and the others, after relaxing for a few days, suddenly heard the Extreme Martial Sect's gathering bell. Not only the True Disciples were gathered, there were also the disciples above True Martial Realm.

A hundred or so people have gathered in a large courtyard inside the Extreme Martial Sect’s Mysterious Realm. Gu Dongchen first praised the bravery of Chen Xiang and the others, then personally gave them rewards. This was also the most exciting moment, in particular for Zhu Rong.

A million crystal stones, five hundred True Elemental Dans, bronze disciples and silver warrior medals, as well as direct entry to the King Martial Courtyard without any assessment. This made many onlooking disciples extremely envious.

Gu Dongchen too intentionally convened these disciples, ruthlessly made them envious and made them feel regret.

After the gathering ended, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen entered a private room with Chen Xiang.

"Young martial uncle, this time, you made my heart bleed too much. The Heavenly Heart Flame was something I had collected a very long time ago." Gu Dongchen complainingly said.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, "You bunch of good for nothings, you were almost hoodwinked by these devil path and also sent us to our deaths. If not for your martial uncle’s, my, breakthrough at the critical moment, you can not so leisurely sit here."

Both Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen could not say anything. If not for Chen Xiang, this freak, in the Southern Wasteland, perhaps now they would have been plunged into a bitter single. Both of them were very well aware of the fact that there were many powerful guys sealed in the Southern Wasteland.

"Young martial uncle, didn't you say you have Building Foundation dans? Can't you sell some to me for a little less?" Gu Dongchen asked.

Chen Xiang gave a pout before raising his head high, "Not a crystal stone less, five hundred thousand for one, buy or not, I don't care!"

The Extreme Martial Sects' Dean, a 7th tribulation Nirvana Realm martial artist, was someone whom Chen Xiang would not be afraid about not having crystal stones. If Gu Dongchen encountered such a person, he would have originally ruthlessly struck him down a couple of times. However, looking at his martial nephew’s identity, he knew that Chen Xiang also gave a very reasonable price.

If the Building Foundation Dans were taken for auction, and if he encountered someone with urgent need, it could be sold for a much higher price, not just half a million crystal stones.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were both somewhat speechless, but now there was no other way.

"How many do you have?" Wu Kaiming ased.

"Forty. You guys can only buy all of them at once, otherwise, I will not sell them." Chen Xiang laughed and said.

"Young martial uncle, Zhu Rong, that fatty, I'm afraid is not as sinister as you… forget it, we will take it." Wu Kaiming forcefully smiled and said.

"Do you want crystal stones or True Elemental Dans?" Gu Dongchen asked.

"True Elemental Dans." Because some auction houses only accept the True Elemental Dans, by the time he entered those, he would need to go and exchange for True Elemental Dans and that would definitely be very troublesome.

The total worth was twenty million crystal stones, and exchanging them for True Elemental Dans amounted to four thousand. Previously, Elder Dan had also taken out many True Elemental Dans in one breath. Today, Gu Dongchen was also like that, and it was evident that in the hand of these tycoons, there was a large amount of True Elemental Dans, however, they intentionally let others feel the scarcity by only taking them out bit by bit.

The dans could be preserved for a very long time, and these ten thousand years old tycoons, for so many years, had certainly accumulated a lot. After all, it was also an important resource for the development of the sect.

When Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he didn't find Elder Dan, and he also discovered that no one took care of his herb garden. This caused him to feel somewhat doubtful. Elder Dan very much cared about his herb garden, however, now that it was put aside, although it wouldn’t really matter that much, it was just that the growth of the herbs would slow down a lot.

Chen Xiang knocked on the door of Wu Qianqian. Wu Qianqian, since coming back, became very diligent. For several times, Chen Xiang went to find her, but she was focused on alchemy all the time, and it was the case even now.

"Qianqian, have you seen Elder Dan?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, I'm also looking for her, however, she had said that if I can't find her, then there is no need to look for her. It's very likely she had went into closed-door training." Wu Qianqian replied. Her whole body at the moment was drenched in fragrant perspiration, soaking her thin clothes, closely sticking along with her charming tender body. It was very eye-catching.

Chen Xiang, from time to time, glanced at her bosom, which was met with a light spat as she covered her bosom quickly, "I want to refine dans, I think that I will be able to refine four dans with one set of herbs very quickly, then from your hands, I can earn True Elemental Dans."

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "Then increase your efforts, your strength is already pretty good, however, there is still room for improvement. Don't always keep yourself occupied with alchemy, make sure to be uniform in every other aspects."

Wu Qianqian nodded her head. Chen Xiang returned to the herb garden and diluted the Golden Dragon Saliva coalesced in the Southern Wasteland into the water, before watering the various rare herbs and flowers in the herb garden.

"Sister Meiyao, do you think the White Jade Lotus Flower can be grown into a lotus?" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of this and excitedly asked.

"No idea, but you can try, however, the White Jade Lotus seems to be grown in water, which is in the sea of the Lotus Island." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang hastily fetched a small pond in the herb garden and said, "How to irrigate it?"

It was also his first time watering the herbs to make them grow. Directly pouring into the water was not enough, it would directly mix with water.

"Very easy. Just use your divine sense to wrap the Golden Dragon Saliva, and then control it into the water. Afterwards, you just have to infuse it into the White Jade Lotus Seed." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang placed that bead braving in white light into the water, before taking out a small bottle of Golden Dragon Saliva. At the same time, he poured it into the water and wrapped it with his powerful divine sense, creating an invisible white shield on the outer layer of the Golden Dragon Saliva, isolating it from the water. This way, it could seep into the White Jade Lotus Seed.

"If the White Jade Lotus Seed could absorb it, then we could assume that it could be planted. If you had a lot of these, in the future, it will be very difficult for you to die." Su Meiyao tenderly laughed and said.

Although it was in the water, Chen Xiang could sense the situation of the Golden Dragon Saliva, and he could also see it being absorbed by the White Jade Lotus Seed. This made him very excited. The Hell Spirit Grass, although a sacred healing herb, was still not good for planting, because it required Death Qi, while the effect of the White Jade Lotus Seed was somewhat better than the Hell Spirit Grass, not to mention that it could also be planted. In this way, even if he had completely used up all of his Hell Spirit Grass, he still did not need to worry about sacred healing herbs.

Chen Xiang now also had a hundred Building Foundation Dans, but at the moment, he still didn't know how to use them. He still hadn’t found the suitable candidates for nurturing, and Yun Xiaodao and the others had already eaten too many; eating more would do more harm than good, and that would also make their foundation unstable. As for him, there was no obvious effect if he took them, and they would only be wasted.

"It seems I have to go to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to find Sister Menger and sell a little to her." Chen Xiang thought he could ruthlessly dupe Liu Menger a little, and he secretly thought it was cool. He was not only planning to look for Liu Menger, he was also planning to go to Danxiang Taoyuan, however, he first wanted to see whether the White Jade Lotus Seed could be planted or not. At the moment, it still could not be determined.

Currently, he was also not sure when there would be any activity in the White Jade Lotus Seed, moreover, he had used just enough of the Golden Dragon Saliva, and he still had some coalesced Golden Dragon Saliva left.

Looking at those Azure Profound Trees, Chen Xiang decided to not ripen them first. He was not in need of the Building Foundation Dans at the moment, moreover, he was also lacking in dans which could allow him to improve his cultivation a tad bit faster.

For instance, the Five Elements True Elemental Dans. Now he was still collecting the ingredients, and he was sure it would not take him too long, before he could gather all the ingredients. By that time, as long as he had a stable foundation, he could immediately improve!

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