Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Chapter 295 - Bai Aoxue's Crisis—Being Encircled and Suppressed!

Chapter 295 Bai Aoxue’s Crisis—Being Encircled and Suppressed!

In the cold, damp prison, there was the stench of condemned prisoners and the smell of rust that anyone could smell.

Those who were sent by Jun Wuhen to watch Jun Yeyan didn’t know when Zhao appeared behind them and how they died.

And the conversation between Jun Yeyan and Zhao can be heard pretty clear in this silent, cold prison.

That low, hoarse male voice carried the proud momentum which cannot be ignored as the man had the majesty of looking down everything at the world.

“Let’s go. Go to the Imperial Palace. I want to see Aoxue.” Jun Yeyan looked at the scarlet moon and felt a little uneasy in his heart.

He did not know why because usually he would not have such a feeling. It seemed that he was going to miss something. That feeling was so strong.

No matter what to miss, he could not miss Bai Aoxue. No matter he had promised her five days or a few days, he did not want to obey this agreement. She wanted to find her uncle. Then he would help her to find him.

As long as she was by his side and let him protect her!

Hearing Jun Yeyan’s words, Zhao said respectfully, “I have ordered my people to get ready. Master, you can move at any time.”

Jun Yeyan nodded and turned around slowly. He looked at those condemned prisoners who were sleeping like logs and said, “I know that some of you are not sleeping. But if you tell others what you’ve seen and heard today, you know what will happen to you.”

In the silent prison, no one answered but Jun Yeyan knew that they had heard.

“Let’s go.”

For Jun Yeyan, the door of the prison was like an ornament. Jun Yeyan only waved his hand and the door of the prison collapsed instantly.


The wooden door fell on the ground, making a heavy crash.

Zhao turned sideways. Jun Yeyan went out firstly. But as soon as Jun Yeyan had just walked out, many men in black came out of every place of the dungeon.

“Master.” Just like Zhao, they called respectfully, putting one single hand on the chest and kneeling on one knee.

Jun Yeyan walked n the middle of the road and slightly raised his sleeves.

“Stand up.”

He had gone far but that sexy voice was still echoing in this dungeon.

The mass followed Jun Yeyan and left at a trot.

Until Jun Yeyan left, those prisoners who pretended to sleep took a deep breath in relief.

They all knew that they could not bother this man.

Jun Yeyan took the mass to leave the dungeon without hindrance. The people who were waiting outside were several leading cadres of the Department of Penalty.

Seeing Jun Yeyan, they all called him by the 5th Prince respectfully.

When Jun Yeyan looked at the people of the Department of Penalty, he lazily lifted his eyelids and then hung them again.

Even such a behavior made people’s hearts anxious.

“Since you have chosen to follow me, you had better not be disloyal to me. I am not Jun Wuhen.” Jun Yeyan said slightly with a bit of coldness in his words.

As soon as the mass heard this, in an instant, their bodies were strained straight, and fear filled their hearts.

“We, as subordinates, are aware of it. Prince, please be at ease!”

Jun Yeyan nodded and said, “Then I will leave now. You know what to do here.”

Several people of the Department of Penalty hurriedly nodded and respectfully saw Jun Yeyan off.

In their eyes, they were also more determined in their choice. Their choice was right. This man could pacify the war and unite the world and people could really live a peaceful life!

These people chose to follow Jun Yeyan mostly because of Ye Zhaojue.

They and Ye Zhaojue were best friends in spite of age. Jun Wuhen arbitrarily sentenced Ye Zhaojue to the crime of treason but they did not believe it. Now the people couldn’t depend on anything to live. They knew that if the Chengxi Dynasty was still ruled by Jun Wuhen, they were afraid that the country would fall in a few years.

After all, Qi Liange had been enthroned in the Nanyue Dynasty. They all knew Qi Liange’s intelligence and wisdom. The Chengxi Dynasty would be destroyed by him sooner or later.

But if the emperor of the Chengxi Dynasty was someone else, they could be confident that the Chengxi Dynasty would become better than before!

This was why they made the decision as soon as they knew that Jun Yeyan was that potential king!

But what they did not know was that under the circumstance that they had betrayed Jun Wuhen, Jun Yeyan could still keep them alive.

Originally who Jun Yeyan despised most were the people who were betrayers. If they could betray somebody once, they would betray for the second time.

But Jun Yeyan also understood that they were concerned more about the country, so they chose to betray Jun Wuhen. Therefore, Jun Yeyan would keep the several people alive.

When he reached the outskirts of the Imperial Palace, it had already been midnight.

He believed that he could see Bai Aoxue when he entered the Imperial Palace. But Jun Yeyan didn’t know that, at the moment, they missed it.

On this side, Bai Aoxue took Ye Zhaojue to leave the dungeon quickly. When she saw the faint light, Bai Aoxue knew that they would go out soon. She was a little urgent.

“Uncle, we will go out very soon. You hold on for a little while.” Bai Aoxue turned around to look at Ye Zhaojue and said gently.

Hearing Bai Aoxue’s words, Ye Zhaojue who lowered his head slowly nodded and said, “Let’s hurry a little.”

It was a simple sentence, but it made Bai Aoxue’s footsteps trembled slightly. But Ye Zhaojue did not sense it.

Looking at that light, which was very close, Bai Aoxue suddenly stopped her footsteps.

Ye Zhaojue turned around to look at Bai Aoxue in confusion, only to see that Bai Aoxue was staring at him without a blink and said nothing.

“What’s wrong? ” Ye Zhaojue asked in confusion.

Bai Aoxue said gently, “I suddenly remember that on my big wedding day when I sent you away, you had been saying that you had something to give me but hadn’t. I am a little confused.”

As soon as Ye Zhaojue heard Bai Aoxue’s words, his face became stiff. And then he made a smiling face and said, “There’s no time to say this. When we leave here, I will give you that thing. I have promised you and I will never break my promise.”

Hearing Ye Zhaojue’s words, Bai Aoxue smiled coldly and said, “Well, maybe it is also good for uncle to stay here forever.”

As soon as Ye Zhaojue heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he opened his eyes wide in an instant. He said unbelievably, “Aoxue, what are you saying!? We can leave in a minute. Don’t give up at this moment!”

“Now I understand. Uncle, you were going to sacrifice yourself to let me leave. I had been ungrateful just now. But now I think your idea may be workable. Uncle, you stay here forever and I… will live very well for you.” Bai Aoxue slightly smiled, with a pair of beautiful phoenix-shaped eyes flashing cold lights.

As soon as Ye Zhaojue heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he withdrew a few steps back quickly, but Bai Aoxue was even faster to stop him.

“Where do you want to go? You were very weak just now, weren’t you?” With double knives reaching Ye Zhaojue’s neck, Bai Aoxue said coldly.

As soon as Ye Zhaojue heard Bai Aoxue’s words, there was a little panic in his eyes. He hurriedly said, “Aoxue! What are you doing! I’m your uncle. What do you want to do to your uncle!?”

“Of course, I want to kill you and save my own life.” Bai Aoxue said gently.

Ye Zhaojue took a step back and planned to escape backward but Bai Aoxue had inserted the knife into his instep.

Before he could shout in pain, another knife had already cut his throat.

“Don’t worry. You won’t die very soon. I’m just letting you bleed slowly and when you’re out of blood, you will die. It is much happier to feel the loss of life than fool me.” Bai Aoxue patted Ye Zhaojue’s face and said coldly.

At this moment, Ye Zhaojue could not utter a word. He was just looking at the Bai Aoxue in fright.

“My uncle never said that he was going to give me anything when I got married. It seemed that your information is not accurate enough.” Bai Aoxue slightly raised the corner of her mouth and said.

“Although you cleverly camouflaged to be my uncle. Your look in the beginning was very similar to my uncle. He does look at me in that way. I almost believe in you. Your feeling didn’t seem to be fake.” Bai Aoxue looked at the confused face of the man who disguised as Ye Zhaojue and said gently.

“How can you find out the flaw?” The man who disguised as Ye Zhaojue still didn’t give up and asked.

“I didn’t see it from the beginning to the end. It was you who betrayed yourself. Remember? You said let’s hurry a little. My uncle will never urge me.” When she was saying, Bai Aoxue pulled out a short knife to cut off tendons of the arms and legs of the man who disguised as Ye Zhaojue.

This series of actions only cost her the time of a blink of an eye. Finishing all this, Bai Aoxue turned around to go back according to the original route.

There must be a lot of people waiting for her outside now. How could she go outside and be killed?

When she went back for a short while, Bai Aoxue heard a burst of hurried and disorderly footsteps.

She paused. Bai Aoxue knew it that they were going to outflank her from both sides.

Jumping slightly, Bai Aoxue hooked beams and columns with both of her hands and quickly climbed on the eaves.

Luckily it was night now and no one could see her. And she could also slip away from the eaves.

Thinking in this way, Bai Aoxue clung to the eaves with both of her hands and left cautiously.

Those people who come from the back to outflank didn’t find Bai Aoxue. On the contrary, they saw that the person who disguised as Ye Zhaojue have become a half-dead man. They knew that Bai Aoxue had escaped.


Outside this broken palace stood lots of imperial troops. And in front of them, the person who wore yellow robes was exactly Jun Wuhen who was waiting at the Imperial Study before!

When Jun Wuhen saw his people go out, his eyelids twitched and said, “Where is she!?”

“Report to the Emperor! No one was in sight. She may have escaped from the eaves, but she should still be around. I have already sent people to search for her!” Meng Fei said respectfully.

As soon as Jun Wuhen heard Meng Fei’s words, he frowned and said, “Continue searching for her! You must catch her! She can’t escape! Send people to climb to the eaves!”

Meng Fei obeyed his order and again commanded people to search for her.

Just as what Jun Wuhen expected, Bai Aoxue had not left. This place had been surrounded by the Imperial Army. It was indeed not easy for her to leave right now. Also, her any movement would expose herself.

When Bai Aoxue was thinking, a guard from the Imperial Army was approaching her from behind.

Bai Aoxue reacted very quickly to kill the person. But the broken bricks still made the sound.


“What sound?!” Several imperial guards asked in a low voice. And this also attracted Jun Wuhen’s attention.

Several people were approaching Bai Aoxue’s. Bai Aoxue knew that at this moment she could not hide anymore. She clenched the short knife in her hands and roared in a low voice, “Fight!”

She jumped up and the short knife was like a flowing dragon in her hand. It was quick, accurate and fierce!

Jun Wuhen finally saw her. Seeing the Imperial Army was about to go forward to help, he slightly raised his hand to stop them and said, “Archers, get ready.”

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