Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Chapter 296 - Finally It Was the Fight of Fate!

Chapter 296 Finally It Was the Fight of Fate!

Bai Aoxue looked at the Imperial Army which was gradually approaching. Her bright and clean forehead slightly spilled a little sweat.

Now she couldn’t be bellicose. There were too many people. If she went on like this, she not only would be injured, but also might not be able to leave here!

The knives and swords had no eyes. Bai Aoxue deeply knew the truth. if it had been the past, she would have died in the battle rather than shrink.

But now it was different. She knew that there was a person waiting for her, waiting for her to go home, waiting for her to spend the rest of his life with her. So, in such a place, she definitely couldn’t die!

She didn’t think about it anymore. She concentrated her attention on enemies. All she could do at this moment was focusing. Her every movement must be accurate enough to hit the enemies’ fatal places.

She and the enemies could not survive all!

And she had the reason for not dying like that!

She no longer concealed the violence and the intention of massacre. In this case, even the intention of killing could increase her chance of victory.

As long as the enemies were a little hesitate and timid, it could be the beginning of her victory.

Jun Wuhen was in the distance. He looked at Bai Aoxue’s decisive killing actions which were not sloppy or slovenly at all. Every time when she raised her hands and the knives fell, a man was killed. But she did not hesitate at all.

Looking at Bai Aoxue like this, Jun Wuhen seemed to make up his mind, “Ready.”

The Imperial Army behind him had regularly lined up, holding bows and arrows in their hands. They waited in an orderly manner.

The Imperial Army which was besieging Bai Aoxue decreased gradually and Bai Aoxue’s strength was gradually lost. She breathed slightly but she didn’t have time to hesitate.

As long as she killed the enemies in front of her, she could survive. This was the truth she had understood since she was a child and she had always implemented it.

That cold knife seemed to understand its master’s determination. The blade which cut through the air carried freezing coldness.

When she raised her hands and the knives fell, those splashing blood was the symbol of a person’s death.

“Bai Aoxue … You can’t leave here today! Don’t make meaningless struggles!” Jun Wuhen’s voice came with a little sarcasm.

As soon as Bai Aoxue heard Jun Wuhen’s words, she smiled coldly but she still mercilessly killed the enemies in front of her.

“Jun Wuhen, I really underestimated you. It turns out that you have such a smart plot.” Bai Aoxue killed the person behind her with a knife and said, slightly raising the corner of her mouth.

As soon as Jun Wuhen heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he said confidently, “Since Zhaoye can betray Jun Yeyan, he definitely will betray me. Of course, I will not keep him alive. The reason why I kept him alive is to cajole you into my plot.”

Jun Wuhen looked at Bai Aoxue’s decisive actions and frowned slightly. He said, “You didn’t believe it, did you? There was a person in the world who could imitate Ye Zhaojue. I also looked for him for a long time. I wouldn’t think that you would rise to the bait!”

“No more nonsense! How long do you think you can rule this country?” When Bai Aoxue said these words, she slightly bent her body and avoided the attack from the side.

As soon as Jun When heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he was furious and shouted, “If you don’t die here today, you are really taking advantage of me!”

The people who encircled and suppressed Bai Aoxue had already been scarce at the moment. Jun Wuhen looked at the situation and slightly flexed his fingers. The hesitation in his eyes just now finally disappeared.

“Ready to shoot.” His voice was indifferent. At this moment, Jun Wuhen had some momentum of emperor.

Bai Aoxue has long noticed Jun Wuhen’s movement. Just now she saw the intention of killing in Jun Wuhen’s eyes.

She also knew in her heart that it was absolutely impossible to leave here safe and sound….

When Jun Wuhen noticed that the number of the people who were besieging Bai Aoxue gradually declined to a few, he shouted violently, “Shoot!”

As soon as the rows of archers heard Jun Wuhen’s words, they no longer hesitated and pulled the bows to shoot, regardless of their companions there.

Bai Aoxue was entangled by several people of the Imperial Army when she saw those arrows shooting like the rain. Her brows frowned slightly, and a cold light flashed in her eyes.

At this moment, the few people of the Imperial Army who were encircling and suppressing Bai Aoxue began to flee to save their lives, regardless of Bai Aoxue’s life or death.

When they were fleeing, Bai Aoxue quickly crept to the ground and pulled a dead body near her to block herself from those dense feather arrows.

When Jun Wuhen saw this, he shouted loudly, “Continue shooting! You must not let her leave alive today!”

Hearing Jun Wuhen’s words, the Imperial Army shot harder.

The number of feather arrows gradually increased. The bricks originally were crumbling due to fighting. At the moment, they were more on the verge of collapse.

Bai Aoxue knew that the eaves would not hold on for long. Now Jun Wuhen’s people were shooting and no one dared to approach here at all. This was also the best time for her to escape!

When Bai Aoxue was thinking, she didn’t notice that among one of the many bodies beside her, there was a person who was still breathing weakly!

“Uh…” Bai Aoxue knitted her brows tightly and groaned slightly.

Tilting her head, she saw that the area beside her chest was pierced by a sharp sword!

Holding the bricks of the eaves with one hand, Bai Aoxue slightly tilted her body to kick out the man who hadn’t died.

It was just a blink of an eye, and the man was shot like a honeycomb by sharp arrows. The dense arrows shot through him!

Because of Bai Aoxue’s actions, the Imperial Army slightly turned their sights and most of their arrows aimed to the man who was shot into a honeycomb.

Bai Aoxue reached out without hesitation and broke the sharp sword which penetrated her chest. She moved carefully to the direction which was opposite to Jun Wuhen.

Jun Wuhen and his people didn’t notice because Bai Aoxue’s location was relatively remote and a little dark. They did not see Bai Aoxue’s movements.

The extreme pain in her chest made Bai Aoxue know that she must treat the wound as soon as possible and the blade in her back also needed to be pulled out.

Behind the eaves was a wood. Bai Aoxue originally planned to escape from the woods, but the dilapidated brick and tile fell on the ground and made a sound because of the overwhelming burden.

Jun Wuhen’s hearing was so good and he heard the sound. He looked towards the direction of the sound and said, “There!”

Bai Aoxue knew that her track had been exposed so she no longer hid. She held the eaves and rose vigorously. She slightly bent her body like a leopard preying, sharply as well as decisively!

The bricks and tiles of the eaves couldn’t withstand the burden and some of them collapsed. Bai Aoxue took the opportunity to quickly run away.

Jun Wuhen’s Imperial Army also started shooting. Because of the falling bricks and tiles, the shooting was not accurate. And this made Bai Aoxue escape several fatal attacks.

“Pit-a-pat!” The arrow shot into the flesh and made muffled sound.

Because the movements of the thighs were a little slower, an arrow was chasing after her to kill.

When this arrow shot into Bai Aoxue’s thigh, she also had successfully entered the wood.

When Jun Wuhen saw this, he clenched his fist and said, “Catch up! She must not be far! She is injured!”

Bai Aoxue’s action just now was not agile. Although she had tried hard to hide it, he could see it at a glance.

As soon as the Imperial Army heard his words, they also quickly chased after her.

After Bai Aoxue entered the wood, she stumbled forward. The wound in her chest was painful. The blood which was spilling from the corner of her mouth was quickly wiped away by her.

The thigh was hit by an arrow. Every time as she walked, it struck her nerve. Listening to the sound of footsteps in the distance, Bai Aoxue knew that if she continued walking like this, she couldn’t go far. She heavily leaned against the big tree beside her. Bai Aoxue closed her eyes. With one hand, she clenched the feather arrow on her thigh.

In an instant, Bai Aoxue had already pulled out the feather arrow. At the same time, her blood also flowed out quickly.

Bai Aoxue took out a porcelain bottle and applied all the medicine powder on her thigh. She tore off the sleeve and casually wrapped the wound.

After doing all of this, the footsteps had been near.

Bai Aoxue did not stay. She ran as hard as she could. Looking at the fire which became increasingly bright, Bai Aoxue did not give up.

Slightly turning her head, she saw a few obscure figures in front of her. The first thing that she thought of was that Jun Wuhen’s people had come here to besiege her!

On this side, Jun Yeyan entered the Imperial Palace and came to Luoyan’s palace. He wanted to tell Bai Aoxue that he had found Ye Zhaojue as soon as possible.

He entered the palace. But Jun Yeyan didn’t see Bai Aoxue. Instead, he saw Luoyan and his men who used to guard Bai Aoxue.

When the man who used to guard Bai Aoxue saw Jun Yeyan, he immediately took a few steps forward. He knelt on one knee and said, “Master, the Princess went to chase after Zhaoye. But now she hasn’t returned yet.”

As soon as Jun Yeyan heard his words, the smiling intention at the corner of his mouth froze suddenly. He looked down at the man in front of him without saying a word.

As soon as Zhao and other people heard this, the alarm sounded in their hearts suddenly.

When Zhao wanted to speak, Jun Yeyan has already opened his mouth and said, “She asked you to come back and guard, didn’t she? Where did she go?”

The indifferent tone was not like his hoarse noise when he was angry. The tone at this moment was really cold to the extreme which made people really feel cold.

“I, as a subordinate, will lead the way for Master.” The man said in a low voice. He was also very worried about Bai Aoxue.

Jun Wuhen had not appeared so far, and Bai Aoxue hadn’t returned for so long. He was afraid that something happened.

“Send someone to guard here. Ying Er take people to save Ye Zhaojue. The others come with me.” Jun Yeyan tried hard to suppress the thirst for blood and panic in his heart and said slightly.

Zhao and his people also quickly got ready and followed Jun Yeyan and quickly left.

Jun Yeyan only felt that his heart was beating so wildly. That kind of fear was just like last time when she fell off the cliff!

Jun Yeyan just walked overwhelmingly in the Imperial Palace. No one dared to step forward to stop him.

When the man took Jun Yeyan to the place where he parted with Bai Aoxue, this group stopped there.

“At that time, I parted with the Princess here. Zhaoye went in that direction and then the princess went to follow him.” The man pointed at the corner and said.

When Jun Yeyan looked at that place, his originally long and cold eyes narrowed slightly, and his pupils suddenly contracted.

He was so familiar with that place. From here, the road could only take them to one place.

Jun Yeyan didn’t say anything. He led his people straight to the destination.

Even if no one led the way, he knew how to get there!

He walked there so many times when he was young. He knew where there was a shortcut. He knew the things there. Even with his eyes closed, he could still reach the destination!

Zhao and his people looked at each other. They quickly followed Jun Yeyan.

Jun Yeyan came to the destination one step ahead. It was still a broken place where the traces left by the fire still did not disappear. Everything happened here when he was a child was still clear even if he did not intentionally recall it.

At this moment, the ground was full of corpses. The blood was meandering like a stream. The red blood and the moonlight on the horizon complemented.

The yellow figure in the distance was like the figure appeared when he was taught a lesson by his mother. This figure tightly concentrated on his mother’s every movement.

Hum… No matter it was the past or the present or maybe it would be the same in the future, he still didn’t like this so-called brother.

Perhaps… Between he and him, one of them should die.

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