Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Chapter 294 - Who Fell into the Trap?

Chapter 294 Who Fell into the Trap?

Ye Zhaojue coughed violently on the ground but he couldn’t help but coughed up the scarlet bloodstains.

Such bloodstains were definitely poisonous.

Bai Aoxue panicked and rushed to Ye Zhaojue.

When she came to Ye Zhaojue, Bai Aoxue crouched down quickly. At this moment, she felt that her hands were shaking which made her terrified.

She dared not help him up because her hands were so terribly trembling that she was afraid to let Ye Zhaojue know.

The heart beat so fast that seemingly she couldn’t breathe.

“Aoxue… go…. Don’t stay here….” Ye Zhaojue covered his chest with one hand and said to Bai Aoxue.

Bai Aoxue fiercely shook her head. She quickly helped Ye Zhaojue up and felt his pulse and said, “Uncle, I’ll take you out! We said we’d go home together! We must go home together!”

Her slender fingers which were like scallions were trembling like the tottering flowers in the winter breeze.

Bai Aoxue gently took Ye Zhaojue’s hand and took a deep breath.

The pulse was getting weaker and weaker as if it couldn’t be perceived.

Bai Aoxue hurriedly took the porcelain bottles out from her pocket, putting them all on the ground.

“Uncle… I have medicine. You will be much better if you take it.” Bai Aoxue shivered in her voice. Her hands which were holding the bottle of medicine were trembling violently.

“Bang!” Because of the panic, the bottle fell to the ground, making a sound.

Looking at the broken porcelain bottle, Bai Aoxue’s eyes were blurred with tears. Regardless of the porcelain bottle debris, she picked up the pill with one hand. The broken porcelain chips broke her palm, but she couldn’t feel it.

Bai Aoxue gently fed the pill to Ye Zhaojue. Ye Zhaojue cooperated to swallow the pill with his mouth slightly opened.

Looking at Bai Aoxue’s flustered appearance, Ye Zhaojue had a mixed feeling. She had been calm in the face of machinations but now she was panicked because of him.

“Aoxue… Do not be afraid. Death befalls all men alike. Even if I were dead, I would always be your uncle. Do not be so sad. Be stronger. You are my niece, the niece of Ye Zhaojue.” Ye Zhaojue was difficult to open his mouth, saying to Bai Aoxue.

Hearing that, Bai Aoxue hastily nodded and said, “Uncle, you’ll be fine. Trust me! I assure you that!”

Ye Zhaojue nodded slightly when he heard Bai Aoxue’s words.

On any occasion, he would believe his niece as long as she said so.

So as to… make her less sad.

Bai Aoxue nodded. Although she knew her medicine could only relieve the poison for a while, she believed she could save Ye Zhaojue this time!

Although her heart was flustered, she was no longer like what she was just now. Now that her uncle chose to believe her, why wouldn’t she believe herself!?

In the past, the instructor said that no matter what happened, she should keep rational, sober and self-composed which were keys to success.

But now, she had put aside the words of the instructor and made a mistake that a professional killer should not do!

It was a taboo for killers!

Slightly closing her eyes, Bai Aoxue adjusted her breaths for a moment. When she opened her eyes again, the light in her eyes was completely different although the person was the same.

Be firm, self-composed, sober and prudent!

This was the real Bai Aoxue, different from the one who changed to be panic!

Looking at Bai Aoxue at this moment, Ye Zhaojue smiled in relief.

Bai Aoxue checked the pulse for Ye Zhaojue again. For a moment, there was only silence in the wrecked house.

Perceiving that the pulse of Ye Zhaojue gradually returned to steady, Bai Aoxue was relieved as well.

“Uncle, do you know where we are?” Bai Aoxue observed around and asked slightly.

When she came in, she felt a little familiar but didn’t know why.

She was sure that she had never been here, but why was she familiar?

Ye Zhaojue looked around, saying in a calm but weak voice, “This was the Concubine Su’s palace in the past. Afterward, a fire annihilated all of it including Concubine Su of course. But Jun Yeyan survived from the wreckage of it.”

When Bai Aoxue heard Ye Zhaojue’s words, her body trembled a bit.

She did not expect that there was such a secret room in Concubine Su’s palace, and such a ruined place was Concubine Su’s palace.

The palace she once saw was luxurious and unattainable. She still remembered clearly the young boy kneeling down in the heavy snow. But now people had gone while things were still here.

Bai Aoxue just sighed slightly without other emotions.

She was such a person. She only lived for today!

“Uncle, let’s leave here first. Later, when someone comes to change the shift, it will definitely cause chaos and we may not be able to go out.” Bai Aoxue turned to look at Ye Zhaojue and said.

Ye Zhaojue agreed with Bai Aoxue’s words but he couldn’t walk by himself. He slightly shook his head and said, “Aoxue, you should go. As long as I’m here, they won’t cause riots by searching on a large scale. You can leave safely. But if I leave with you, I’m afraid that neither of us can leave.”

Hearing Ye Zhaojue’s words, Bai Aoxue clenched her fists, raising the jaw stubbornly.

“If I am about to leave, I must bring you, my uncle. This will never change!”

After saying, she helped Ye Zhaojue up.

The scrawny shoulders were thin but tough, seemed to be able to withstand the weight of the world.

Looking at Bai Aoxue, Ye Zhaojue’s eyes were slightly red.

He was a man who shouldered the safety and security of the country and left life and death out of consideration. He experienced military adventures for half of his life and even when his companions died on the battlefield, he never cried.

However, looking at the niece who took responsibilities and endured hardships with her thin and weak shoulders, his eyes could not help turning red.

He still remembered that last time he cried because of his younger sister’s death. He had never shown his weakness again since then. At this moment, even he as a stubborn iron man seemed to have become dependent.

It seemed that… the child who was as innocent as a deer had grown up at this moment.

Before they noticed and participated in, she had thrived fearlessly to be a towering tree that could shade them.

However, Bai Aoxue didn’t know Ye Zhaojue’s thoughts. She paid all her attention to support Ye Zhaojue with her arms, going out of the dungeon and the broken palace that was timeless and everlasting.

Ye Zhaojue held the lighted kindling in his hand that Zhaoye carried when he came and leaned on Bai Aoxue to walk carefully. They heard some sound in front.

Bai Aoxue and Ye Zhaojue exchanged a glance and Ye Zhaojue quickly put out the flame.

Bai Aoxue helped Ye Zhaojue hide on the side and lean on the wall while she looked forward sharply.

The sound of footsteps gradually approached. Bai Aoxue’s eyes darkened, concealing a perfect scheme of killing.

“Why were they not active in changing the shift today?”

“Yeah… If we had known it early, we should have come later!”

The voices of the two men, accompanied by slow and leisurely footsteps, sounded together.

Bai Aoxue counted down silently, waiting for the two to arrive and give them a fatal blow.

Because Ye Zhaojue hid at the corner, the two who came to change the shift didn’t found out. Bai Aoxue at this moment seemed to be integrated with the air. Even Ye Zhaojue could not feel her existence.

As the fire flickered, neither of them detected any abnormalities and just walked straight.

“Uh…” A call was stifled in the throat, making a weird noise.

When the two perceived, they slightly raised their eyes and saw Bai Aoxue’s feet hooked on the beam of the broken eaves, her body bending down. Before they reacted, the daggers had already cut through their throats!

In their eyes, Bai Aoxue’s hair was hanging upside down and her long and narrow eyes flashed with coldly scarlet light in which some excitement looming could be perceived.

Bai Aoxue looked like a female ghost demanding death.

The two fell down quickly. As Bai Aoxue slightly hooked her legs and bent her body, she landed safely on the ground.

On that daggers, there was no blood dripping!

Having come to this different world for a long time, she had never made full use of the technique of assassination and her fighting had been head-to-head. However, assassination was her strength.

Ignoring the two who had fallen down, Bai Aoxue walked to the corner and lifted Ye Zhaojue up.

“Uncle, let’s go.”

Although Ye Zhaojue did not see the movement of Bai Aoxue clearly, he knew it was not easy to kill two people in a short time. Ye Zhaojue didn’t say more and was aided by Bai Aoxue, leaving quickly.

“Aoxue, where do we go after we go out?” Ye Zhaojue asked in a deep voice.

Bai Aoxue frowned slightly and said, “Come out of the Imperial Palace first.”

When Ye Zhaojue heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he stopped saying more.

Bai Aoxue fled with Ye Zhaojue. Jun Yeyan in jail met Zhao who told the news to him.

Looking at the scarlet moonlight outside the window, Jun Yeyan frowned slightly.

The moonlight tonight was a bit unusual.

Most of the prisoners in jail had fallen asleep but there were still a few merely taking a nap so as to watch Jun Yeyan.

Jun Yeyan seemed to have perceived their gaze. He turned his head slowly and looked at the direction of that gaze. A trace of sneer showed in the corner of his mouth.

Looking at Jun Yeyan’s evil smile, the people who watched Jun Yeyan slightly stifled.

They were about to speak when their blood splashed instantly in the moonlight that got through the narrow window!

Those people were dead with eyes open!

“Master, General Ye has been found,” Zhao who was in black said respectfully. He put one hand on his chest, dropped his head and knelt on one knee.

When Jun Yeyan heard Zhao’s words, his thin lips curled slightly, showing extreme evilness in the cold moonlight.

“Where is he?” A hoarse and magnetic voice sounded.

“General Ye was hidden by Jun Wuhen in the dungeon of the Imperial Study.” Zhao said peacefully, facing Jun Yeyan’s back.

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