Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 973 - The Trial Test Location

Chapter 973: The Trial Test Location

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The Demonic Spirit laughed crazily for a while before stopping to say, “You’re so ignorant to call me useless!”

His voice had hints of anger. How dare Su Mo claim that the Billion Demonic Sword is useless?

“Isn’t that true?” Su Mo was incredulous. He now had nine Natal Spiritual Swords, so the Billion Demonic Sword had no use to him.


The Demonic Spirit scoffed coldly, “The Billion Demonic Sword is more powerful than you can imagine. My power is not even at a tenth of what it was because my spirit was damaged.”


Su Mo smiled and asked, “How powerful were you at your peak?”

The strength of Divine Weapons with Item Spirits usually depended on the strength of the spirits.

Perhaps the Billion Demonic Sword was truly exceptional at its peak, since it was a weapon with an Item Spirit, making it much stronger than regular Imperial weapons.

However, Su Mo now had nine Natal Spiritual Swords. Although they were currently not extremely powerful, they would grow as his consciousness expanded.

Therefore, he did not value the Demonic Sword at all.

“At my peak?”

The Demonic Spirit fell silent, as if he was reliving memories.

After a while, it said quietly, “I was powerful enough to kill the martial arts emperor!”

“What?” Su Mo was stunned. How could that be possible?

He was quite suspicious. Martial arts emperors were high-level experts in the Martial Emperor Realm at above Lv 7. Had the Billion Demonic Sword really been so powerful?

“Young man, do you know why my owner wanted to forge me?” the Demonic Spirit said deeply after seeing Su Mo’s disbelief.

“Why?” Su Mo asked blankly.

“My owner forged me to fight against Trial Testers!” it replied.

“Trial Tester?” Su Mo’s eyes flashed. He had heard this name so many times, but still did not know anything about it.

“Who are Trial Testers?” he could not help but ask.

“They’re hunters!”

The Demonic Spirit said creepily, “All experts in Firmament World are their prey!”

The Firmament World included the Firmament and Continent and the surrounding seas.

“Hunter? Prey?” Su Mo frowned.

“Yes! They came to Firmament World to kill its experts!” The Demonic Spirit retreated to his memories and continued, “Ever since Firmament Palace fell, Firmament World sank into chaos and became their trial test location. They come once every millenium to reap all of our experts.”

Su Mo’s body trembled at the Demonic Spirit’s words, and his emotions went into turmoil.

The Firmament World today was only the trial test location of Trial Testers?

Was that not the same thing as Celestialspirit Sect’s Horned-demon tribe?

The Horned-demon tribe was raised by Celestialspirit Sect in the Horned-demon Territory for its disciples to conduct trial tests.

Now, all of Firmament World was the trial test location of someone else!

“What kind of people are Trial Testers? Where do they come from?” Su Mo took a deep breath and asked gravely.

“They’re called the Heaven-soul Tribe. I don’t know where they are from,” said the Demonic Spirit.

“Heaven-soul Tribe?” Su Mo murmured quietly. He had never heard of them before.

“Why do they hunt Firmament World’s experts?” he asked.

“They want to take their Martial Souls or Fighting Souls, but no one knows why they want them!” the spirit replied.

Su Mo was silent. Was this the so-called “major calamity”?

The Trial Testers would descend on Firmament World and slaughter large amounts of experts for their Martial Souls and Fighting Souls.

“My owner forged me to defend himself against Trial Testers, but he failed!” said the spirit bitterly. He never stopped grieving about Dugu Shang, his creator’s, death.

Su Mo was silent. If the Trial Testers were so powerful that the Sword Devil Dugu Shang could not stand a chance, then Firmament World would suffer greatly when they attacked!

Buzz! Buzz!

Just as Su Mo was deep in thought, the Demonic Sword in his hand buzzed slightly, and a small man made out of dark mist appeared.

He was around half a meter tall, with his body made out of obscuring mist.

The little man looked at Su Mo and said deeply, “Young man, you have a lot of talent, and your cultivation has risen faster than my master’s did. I can also tell from your Martial King Ordeal that you are exceptional, so that’s why I want you to take this sword to fend off the Trial Testers.”

“Fend of Trial Testers?” Su Mo smiled bitterly. This spirit really believed in him.

However, no matter what, Su Mo would try his hardest to protect himself and his loved ones if the Trial Testers came.

“Fine! I’ll let you absorb the killing Ultimacy!” Su Mo sighed and said after a while.

He believed the spirit, and the sword was under his control at the moment anyways.

Although the killing Ultimacy was valuable, he actually felt quite repugnant about it.


The Demonic Spirit was elated. Absorbing the Ultimacy would greatly restore his strength and increase the power of the sword.

“Don’t worry! Even if I take all the killing Ultimacy, you’ll still comprehend it from this sword!” said the spirit with a chuckle.

Then, it disappeared into the Demonic Sword.

In the next moment, the Billion Demonic Sword spewed out Demonic Qi and shot out sanguine light, and it began hovering up from Su Mo’s palms.

All the killing Ultimacy on the mountain entered it like it had a strong suction force.

Su Mo watched the sword quietly with joyful eyes. He could still comprehend the Ultimacy from the Demonic Sword?

If that were true, he was overjoyed!

He sighed and pointed at the sword continuously with his finger, shooting out beams of finger radiance.

Each beam contained powerful consciousness.

After entering the Billion Demonic Sword, the consciousness forged a powerful seal.

With this seal, Su Mo could control this sword.

Of course, this was on the condition that the Demonic Sword would accept him as a master.

However, even if the Demonic Sword rejected him and the Demonic Spirit tried to devour him, this seal would hold it off for a while.

This way, Su Mo was much safer from any sudden attacks.

Then, he closed his eyes again. He was not comprehending the Ultimacy, but refining his Dark Force.

He did this while he waited for the Demonic Spirit to devour all of the Ultimacy.

Every mountain contained a limited amount of Ultimacy, so the Demonic Sword would be done absorbing everything soon.

Su Mo was in no rush and waited patiently as he cultivated.

After about an hour, he opened his eyes when he heard piercing wooshing sounds coming from the distance.

Looking out, Su Mo spotted a large crowd rushing toward him.

There were over 30 people merging their auras into one and boldly painting the sky with their killing desire.

At first glance, Su Mo spotted Shangguan Hao among them.

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