Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 974 - Once And For All

Chapter 974: Once And For All

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The massive crowd was the Emperor Xuan Palace disciples led by Shangguan Hao.

Dugu Sheng, who had escaped before, was also there.

After Shangguan Hao entered the Fighting Spirits’ Plane, he first found the Emperor Xuan Palace disciples and then searched for Su Mo.

But he did not find Su Mo in a long time.

Just then, he found Dugu Sheng, who lost an arm and was seriously injured.

Out of curiosity, he asked Dugu Sheng and found out Su Mo’s location.

Shangguan Hao was overjoyed and immediately took the bunch of people to Su Mo.

Dugu Sheng followed since he knew that Shangguan Hao was going to kill Su Mo.

He also wanted Su Mo dead.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The bunch of people rushed to the peak and then immediately surrounded Su Mo.


Shangguan Hao laughed as soon as he laid eyes on Su Mo. “Su Mo, today is the day you die!”

Su Mo sat-cross legged and swept around with his eyes.

Although they were not weak, they were still nothing in his eyes. The only one he could not see through was Ruan Yunxiu.

This man used to rank top 10 on the List. But he was now more than 30 years old, so he was removed from the List. His strength was unfathomable.

“Billion Demonic Sword!”

At this moment, Dugu Sheng was staring at the Demonic Sword with surprise.

Looking at the jet-black Demonic Sword, Dugu Sheng’s face was complicated. There were ecstasy, excitement, and greed. His face was full of all kinds of emotions.

He thundered, “Su Mo, how can you have our Dugus’ Billion Demonic Sword!?”

Su Mo was shocked. “What?”

He remembered that the owner of the Billion Demonic Sword was called Dugu Shang, surname Dugu.

In the Firmament World, only the Dugu Family members had the surname Dugu.

But it meant nothing since Dugu Shang was dead. He was the owner of this sword.

This sword was not that related to the Dugus, and it now did not belong to any one of the Dugus.

Su Mo ignored Dugu Sheng as his Dark Force surged. The nine Natal Spiritual Swords also appeared and revolved around him.

A killing desire was rising in his heart. Another day, another slaughter.

“Su Mo, the Billion Demonic Sword belonged to the Dugus. Give it back to me!”

Dugu Sheng thundered to Su Mo.

Shangguan Hao and the others were shocked upon hearing this, and their eyes came to rest on the sword in frontof Su Mo.

“This black sword is the Billion Demonic Sword!”

They had heard of this sword, which was notorious in the Archean times.

The power of this sword crushed the entire era.

Shangguan Hao’s face fell since he had not expected that Su Mo had such a powerful weapon.

Su Mo snorted with disdain. “It belongs to the Dugus? Funny. I obtained it for a great effort!”

Dugu Sheng’s face was shadowed. He knew that Su Mo obtained the sword from the Devilish Land.

This was not a secret. Many people knew that the sword was located in the Devilish Land.

The Dugus had sent many experts to take away the sword but failed.

At last, the Dugus gave up on this sword.

But now, Su Mo had the Billion Demonic Sword, which made Dugu Sheng both happy and angry.

The Dugus could have this sword again and thrive. By then, they would be more confident to fight the major calamity.

But Su Mo wanted to own this sword, and the Dugus could never accept this.

Murderous intent glittered in his eyes. He knew that it was impossible for Su Mo to hand over the sword.

“Brother Shangguan, let’s kill Su Mo, and I’ll take the sword away. What do you think?” Dugu Sheng said in a deep voice.

Shangguan Hao looked cold, and he was thinking. He also wanted to have this sword.

But it would be troublesome if he took this sword since it was indeed the Dugu Family’s belongings.


Shangguan Hao nodded and said, “It’ll be yours to take as long as Su Mo is dead.”

As long as they killed Su Mo, Shangguan Hao did not care about any treasure.

Dugu Sheng smiled and said, “Let’s kill him together then!”

His aura surged as a long spear appeared in his hand.

The spear radiance glowed as the killing desire on Dugu Sheng surged.


Shangguan Hao laughed because they were more likely to kill Su Mo now with Dugu Sheng’s help.

“Let’s move together!”

Shangguan Hao glazed at Su Mo as his Dark Forced surged.

Without a Martial Soul, Shangguan Hao had been cultivating by swallowing Spiritual Herbs.

Also, he could not absorb the Sun Essence, which decreased his strength.

But they won in numbers.

There were three Emperor Xuan Palace Deacons, which were far stronger than him.

Especially Ruan Yunxiu, who reached Peak Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm and was stronger than a Lv 4 expert.

Therefore, they could crush Su Mo this time.


In a split second, more than 30 Emperor Xuan Palace experts attacked. Radiance in all colors burst out.

The massive aura broke the void and swept around like billows in the raging ocean.

The space within thousands of miles collapsed and exploded. It was the end of the world.

Su Mo stood up and looked at Shangguan Hao with cold eyes. His murderous intent was strong to the extreme.

Fine. Today, just let him finish Shangguan Hao once and for all!

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