Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 972 - Way of Killing

Chapter 972: Way of Killing

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Su Mo did not chase after Dugu Sheng.

He did not pose a big threat, and comprehending Ultimacies were more important.

Then, Su Mo retracted his Spiritual Sword and landed on the mountain.

He was immediately surrounded by endless killing Ultimacy, causing his body to go stiff and his blood to freeze.

He was immersed in an indescribably dense sea of killing desire and muderous intent.

The killing Ultimacy was amorphous, but its presence was felt all over the mountain.

Su Mo took a deep breath, sat down cross-legged on the mountain, and began comprehending this killing Ultimacy.

Quite a few experts were still watching from a distance, but they did not dare to fight Su Mo for it.

If Dugu Sheng could not defeat Su Mo, they would not stand a chance even if they fought him together.

One had to climb onto a mountain to learn its Ultimacy, and since Su Mo had already taken this mountain, they could only give up.

However, everyone knew that Su Mo would not be able to comprehend it in peace.

The killing Ultimacy was one of the strongest in Fighting Spirits’ Plane, so there would be many more experts coming to fight him for it.

After a while, everyone left.

On the mountain, Su Mo closed his eyes, immersing his consciousness fully in the sea of killing desire.

The killing Ultimacy was a special Ultimacy of heaven and earth, making it different from the visible Five Elements Ultimacies.

For example, Su Mo dabbled in wind Ultimacy before, which allowed him to control or even stir up wind.

However, the killing Ultimacy would endow him with mental power.

It could not only greatly improve his attack, but also allow him to give off killing desire strong enough to shatter his opponents’ resolve.

A blurry illusion appeared around Su Mo, looking like a ssea of corpses.

“Fighting Spirits’ Plane is really something!” Su Mo murmured.

Comprehending Ultimacies here felt like second nature.

It was usually very difficult in the outside world, while Su Mo felt dozens of times faster here.


Su Mo suddenly opened his eyes.

He realized that the Billion Demonic Sword in his storage ring was shaking uncontrollably, as if it wanted to break out.

Su Mo was shocked. Ever since he underwent the Martial King Ordeal and this sword lost a lot of Demonic Qi to the Lightning Punishment, he had left it neglected in his storage space.

Now, this sword was suddenly awakened.

“Is it because of the killing Ultimacy?” Su Mo guessed.

This Demonic Sword contained dark and evil Demonic Spirit, and it worshipped the way of killing.

It had even tried to convince him to enter the way of killing and become spellbound.

Su Mo sighed and prepared to take out the sword. Although its ability to mess with his mind was terrifying, that happened a while ago.

He was a very different man now.

Also, during the Martial King Ordeal, the sword was damaged by the powerful Lightning Punishment. The Lightning Punishment specialized in destroying evil powers, so it definitely weakened the sword’s Demonic Spirit!

Su Mo summoned the Billion Demonic Sword into his hands.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz~~

The sword was still shaking, with deep red sparks dancing on its pitch black blade.


In an instant, chilling Demonic Spirit moved up Su Mo’s arms and into his mind.


Su Mo’s eyes flashed intensely, and his consciousness spilled out of his mind to defend against the Demonic Spirit.

At the same time, he channeled Dark Force into his hands and shook forcefully, expelling most of Demonic Qi from the sword.

“What? How are you so powerful?” said the voice of the Demonic Spirit.

Then, the Spirit retreated instantly like a tide and shrank into the sword.

Su Mo smiled disdainfully. Did the spirit think he was still in the Enlightenment Realm or True Darkness Realm?

“Young man, how did you become so powerful?” a voice from the sword echoed in Su Mo’s mind.

“Of course. It’s been so long! Did you think I hadn’t improved?” Su Mo chuckled.

After hearing Su Mo’s words, the Demonic Spirit fell silent.

So long?

It had only been a year, which was nothing for some talented experts.

After a while, the Demonic Spirit continued, “Let’s strike a deal. You should let me absorb all the killing Ultimacy on this mountain!”

“Let you absorb it?” Su Mo frowned and asked confusedly, “Can you absorb Ultimacies?”

“Of course. My owner left this killing Ultimacy here!” it said.


Su Mo was stunned.

The owner of the Billion Demonic Sword was the Sword Devil, Dugu Shang!

Su Mo carefully recalled that the Demonic Spirit’s killing aura was quite similar to that of the killing Ultimacy.

It seemed that the Sword Devil Dugu Shang had comprehended the killing Ultimacy.

“Why should I let you absorb it?” Su Mo asked quietly. The Billion Demonic Sword was no use to him anymore, so he did not want a useless weapon to ruin his prize.

The Demonic Spirit was silent for a while and said, “I’ll give you something good in return!”

“What will you give me?” Su Mo asked quietly.

“I’ll let you enter the Way of Killing and fully take advantage of this sword!” it said.

“Bullsh*t!” Su Mo scoffed, “Enter into the Way of Killing? Do you want to keep destroying my mind?”

“I couldn’t even harm your mind if I tried!” the Demonic Spirit sighed. It was telling the truth, since Su Mo was much stronger than before.

“Stop wasting my time. I won’t do it!” Su Mo shook his head and prepared to put the sword back in the storage ring.


The Demonic Spirit hurriedly said, “If you don’t want to enter the Way of Killing, why would you comprehend the killing Ultimacy?”

Su Mo was stunned and said with a frown, “The killing Ultimacy is different from your Way!”

“Of course they’re the same. The killing Ultimacy is part of the Way of Killing, so how could they be different?” retorted the spirit.

“Uh…!” Su Mo was at a loss for words. He knew nothing about the Way of Killing.

He thought that entering the Way meant being entirely spellbound and becoming bloodthirsty!

“How about you let me absorb the killing Ultimacy here, and I’ll let you fully take advantage of this sword?” the Demonic Spirit asked.

“You’re no use to me right now, so what’s the point?” Su Mo chuckled coldly.


Hearing Su Mo’s words, the Demonic Spirit burst into maniacal laughter.

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