Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 971 - Are You Trying to Stop Me?

Chapter 971: Are You Trying to Stop Me?

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Su Mo ignored everyone’s shock and continued walking to the peak after killing the three Netherworld Devil Sect martial artists.

He did not provoke the others because he had no business with them.


Suddenly, Dugu Sheng flitted forward to block his path.

“Su Mo, I found this killing Ultimacy first! Go somewhere else!” he said with a grave face.

Dugu Sheng was not going to give up the Ultimacy easily. Although Su Mo was very powerful, he could not defeat Dugu Sheng easily.

“It really is the killing Ultimacy!” Su Mo thought to himself. It seemed he had guessed correctly.

The Ultimacy was indeed powerful. After comprehending the Ultimacy, even the killing desire emanating from one’s body could incapacitate weaker martial artists.

“Are you trying to stop me?” Su Mo asked coldly.

His heart was filled with disdain. “Why should it be yours just because you got here first? What’s the point of strength then?”

“I’m not the one in the wrong, because you’re trying to steal my Ultimacy!” Dugu Sheng said.

Su Mo’s face grew dark, and he yelled coldly, “Get lost!”

His unforgiving words echoed for hundreds of kilometers.

This man was truly laughable. How dare he claim the killing Ultimacy as his own?

Fighting Spirits’ Plane had countless Ultimacies for people to fight over based on merit. Dugu Sheng had the nerve to think the Ultimacy was his because he showed up a little earlier!

Therefore, Su Mo showed no empathy in addressing him, his aura crashing towards Dugu Sheng overbearingly.

“How insane!”

Everyone was shocked by how dismissive Su Mo was of Dugu Sheng when he told him to get lost.

Everyone backed up slightly, anticipating a battle between Dugu Sheng and Su Mo.

As a Number Six Supreme Talent on the List, Dugu Sheng could not let this disrespect slide.

His face instantly stiffened when Su Mo yelled at him, and his eyes glinted coldly.

He had gone too far!

He had no regard for anyone else!

Dugu Sheng was completely enraged!

“Su Mo, don’t assume you’re invincible just because you beat Shangguan Hao!” yelled Dugu Sheng.

The spear in his hand shone with increasing radiance, and his aura sky-rocketed. “I want to see today if you’re really as powerful as you’re rumored to be!”

With the silver spear pointing downwards, Dugu Sheng’s fighting desire boiled. His weapon surged with Dark Force and turned into an illusive shadow that flitted around him, giving off unbeatable aura.

“Not bad!” Su Mo said after sensing Dugu Sheng’s strength.

His opponent had really accomplished a lot in spearplay.

Even his spear will alone completely incomparable.

In terms of martial will, Dugu Sheng was much stronger than Su Mo, because Su Mo did not specialize in sword will.

In the time it would take him to comprehend sword will, Su Mo chose to instead break through a few levels in his cultivation.

With a thought, Su Mo retracted his nine Natal Spiritual Swords, and they circled around him.

“Die!” Dugu Sheng roared angrily.

He attacked immediately and charged toward Su Mo.

At that moment, the sharp spear radiance pierced through the void and flew forward with unparalleled speed.

This spear radiance let out a sharp squeal and contained the power of a raging dragon.


Su Mo remained unchanged and did not even set up a sword formation. Instead, he sent all nine swords out together.

The nine streams of sword Qi hit the spear radiance like bolts of lightning.


As expected, the spear radiance was instantly shattered.

After breaking the spear radiance, the sword Qi continued charging to Dugu Sheng without losing momentum.

“What?” Su Mo’s strength was much more than Dugu Sheng had expected.

Faced with an oncoming attack, Dugu Sheng retreated hastily, brandishing his weapon.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streams of spear radiance rained down like silver rain.

Dugu Sheng was only able to destroy all the sword Qi after sending out 7,749 strikes.

“Block me again, and you’ll die!” Su Mo said coldly and flew straight for the peak.

This person was not even as powerful as Shangguan Hao, so Su Mo was confident that he would not be a threat.

The onlookers were stunned. Su Mo really lived up to his reputation of being heartless!

He was obviously stronger than Dugu Sheng, so it was no wonder that he beat Shangguan Hao.

Dugu Sheng was steel-faced. He could tell from that one exchange that he was at a disadvantage.

However, he was still not willing to hand over the killing Ultimacy.

Although it was not the best Ultimacy in Fighting Spirits’ Plane, but it was in the top ten.

He gritted his teeth and roared, “Su Mo, if you can beat one more move from me, I’ll leave immediately!”

Dugu Sheng did not wait for Su Mo to answer before attacking.

With the tip of his spear in his left hand and the end on his right, he began spinning it furiously.


Like a high-speed drill, the spear ground through the air and gave off a sharp sound.

“Go!” with a shout, Dugu Sheng sent out the spear with a push.

It shot out so quickly that it disappeared into the air.

The high speed weapon had the ability to break through everything, even space.

“You’re looking for death!”

Su Mo kept walking up without turning around. He instantly combined all nine Natal Spiritual Swords into a giant sword.

The long sword tore through the sky and met the spear.

In the next moment,


With a defeaning explosion, the weapons crashed together like meteors smashing into the earth.

Endless power blew out like a destructive storm, sweeping all around.


Dugu Sheng’s spear did not stand a chance. In a flash, it disappeared into the void.

Su Mo’s Spiritual Sword, however, neared Dugu Sheng in an instant.


Dugu Sheng was shocked and grew cold. The sword moved too fast for him to dodge.

However, Dugu Sheng was also exceptional and twisted his body in the knick of time.


The Spiritual Sword flashed by Dugu Sheng’s side, drawing blood.

Although Dugu Sheng had not been killed, one of his arms had been torn off completely.


Dugu Sheng screamed in pain, and without hesitation, he dashed into the void.

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