Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1951 - : Come Back

Chapter 1951: Come Back

There was a strong sucking force from the Sacred Elixir that continuously sucked up the remaining Spiritual Qi in Su Mo’s body, strengthening itself.

An invisible Sacred Force rose from his body becoming incredibly dense. Su Mo had finally stepped into the Martial Sage Realm, entering a new chapter in his martial arts journey.

At that point, the curse had disappeared without a trace, as though it never appeared.

A few moments later, the sucking force from the Sacred Elixir disappeared and all the Spiritual Qi in Su Mo’s body was wiped clean.

The Sacred Elixir had become incredibly strong, a few times stronger than when all his 5 Divine Elixirs were combined together.

“I am finally a Martial Sage!” Su Mo exclaimed to himself. After so many years of cultivating, he had finally reached the Martial Sage Realm.

He had actually taken slightly longer than he had expected but this wasn’t a big obstacle for him.

Su Mo had expected to become a Martial Sage by age fifty. However, he was just about there.

If it weren’t for the curse, the True Demon Hunting Order and Qingxuan, he could have become a Martial Sage 3 years earlier.

These matters took up a great amount of his time. Granted, they also gave him a lot of experiences.

Becoming a Martial Sage was the real beginning for him. From now on, he had the ability to travel through the universe.

As he felt the ocean-like power in his Sacred Elixir and the surge in his mental strength due to the breakthrough, Su Mo felt his confidence increase.

He was now a Martial Sage and he could do many things that he wanted to do, including killing Jia Shen, rescuing Qingxuan, finding the Gate of Reincarnation and Xi’er.

He had many things that he still needed to accomplish.

After sitting for a very long time, Su Mo began to cultivate again. He was in no rush to leave Myriad World Mountain because the True Demon Hunting Order was still on him.

Although his strength had increased exponentially and he feared no one in the Martial Sage Realm. He wasn’t too confident that he was now invincible and unrivalled in the whole of Infinite Region.

Over the next few days, Su Mo did not step out of his palace at all as he solidified his cultivation base and tried to comprehend the Devouring Ultimacy and refine the Grand Chaos Five Elements.

At the instant that Su Mo broke through, Elder Jia Shen stood alone in the empty space, staring off into the distance with his eyes.

“It has disappeared!” Elder Jia Shen’s face turned as dark as water. The curse had been activated for a long time but it had finally disappeared.

He knew that Su Mo had ended rushing through his bottleneck. However, he didn’t know whether Su Mo had succeeded or not.

If the curse wasn’t activated, Jia Shen wouldn’t be able to sense the curse.

“How could this be?” Elder Jia Shen muttered to himself as he stared off into the distance, his eyes full of confusion.

He did not chase after Su Mo because they were too far apart and he could not catch up in time.

Most importantly, he could vaguely feel where Su Mo was.

This location wasn’t Ancientspirit Galaxy nor Ming Xu Galaxy but – God’s Path!

Jia Shen was completely taken aback. How could Su Mo be at God’s Path?

“He shouldn’t be at God’s Path, but somewhere close to it!” Elder Jia Shen convinced himself. Without an Empty God’s strength, the God’s Path couldn’t be entered by anyone.

As such, Elder Jia Shen guessed that Su Mo was somewhere close to God’s Path.

Time flew by, month after month and year after year. Three years passed by in the blink of an eye.

Summer, autumn, winter and spring arrived in the outside world but Myriad World Mountain remained unchanged as only day was present in the world.

Su Mo shut himself out from the outside world and he focused on his own cultivation.

His fame also gradually disappeared in Infinite Region and he was only occasionally mentioned in the outside world.

Many new godly talents appeared in Infinite Region during this period.

The person who was most well known was Si Kongyan, whose name rang through the universe.

Si Kongyan had become a Martial Sage within a hundred years and he was known as Sage Yan. The reason why he was so famous was because he had a high status and his strength was exceptional.

He was known to be invincible in the same rank as him as he looked down on the talents of various tribes and galaxies, hence meeting many challenges by the geniuses.

However, Si Kongyan had never rejected the numerous challenges to him and after defeating a string of godly talents from various galaxies, he had become very famous.

Granted, aside from Si Kongyan, there was also Long Teng who was even more well known.

As the Five Claw Golden Dragon, Long Teng’s Blood Force had completely evolved and he had become a real Five Claw Golden Dragon. He had reached the King Sage Realm in a single shot and his strength surprised the entire Infinite Region, shocking many.

Inside a palace.

Su Mo, sitting as still as a statue, slowly opened his eyes, his body covered in a layer of dust.

“It has finally ended!” Su Mo muttered to himself. The blood-red light that shone from his body instantly disappeared at the same time as he opened his eyes.

The True Demon Hunting Order had finally ended!

“Three years!” Su Mo exclaimed. This was the first time he had closed himself in cultivation for so long ever since he had escaped Firmament World.

His cultivation had reached the peak of the Initial Stage of the Martial Sage Realm, and he was not far off from the Middle Stage.

His Devouring Ultimacy had also reached the Great Completion Rank of the Rank 5 Realm.

The cultivation speed of one would decrease sharply once they reached the Martial Sage Realm. The Sacred Elixir was like a black hole, devouring all the Spiritual Crystals that Su Mo had on his body.

Comprehending the Ultimacy had also become even harder. Not to mention increasing a rank, Su Mo had used six months to increase the comprehension of the Devouring Ultimacy from the End Stage to the Great Completion Rank.

Ever since Su Mo had broken through to the Martial Sage Realm, Su Mo did not practice anything else, but focused on raising his cultivation rank and comprehending the Devouring ultimacy.

He had also tried to connect to the Ancient Dream Fighting Soul to no success. However, he wasn’t too disappointed in it.

“No wonder there are some Martial Sages who are stuck at the same rank for a few hundred years!” Su Mo sighed out. Breaking through a rank of the Martial Sage Realm required a large wealth of Spiritual Qi.

Thankfully, Su Mohad devoured Spiritual Qi quickly and he anticipated that he would reach the Middle Rank of the Martial Sage Realm soon.

However, he did not have much Spiritual Crystals remaining with him.

There was only the Initial Stage, Middle Stage, End Stage and the Grand Completion Stage of the Martial Sage Realm. Every difference in rank was a large step and raising the rank of one was a difficult step.

If he had known that he would need so much Spiritual Qi for the Martial Sage Realm, Su Mo would have left some more Spiritual Crystals for himself and not left so much for the Firmament Palace.

Su Mo fell silent, the Hunting Order had disappeared and he could leave Myriad World Mountain.

Yet, Su Mo pondered what he should do next.

Save Qingxuan?

His strength now was still insufficient. Yin Shen was a Rank 3 Empty God and was not someone that Su Mo could take on.

Su Mo had no choice but to put aside Qingxuan for now. Getting rid of the curse on him was the first and most important task to tend to and he could save Qingxuan after destroying the curse.

As such, Su Mo decided to head to Ancientspirit Galaxy first.

Su Mo activated the wormhole teleportation and began to move out after 3 years of staying in Myriad World Mountain.

This time when he came back, he would disrupt the whole Infinite Region and remain fearless of everything.

This return was the real start of the legend he would make!

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