Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1950 - Success

Chapter 1950: Success

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After Jiang Shenye left, Su Mo entered the Bangle Space.

He did not rush to comprehend the Space Ultimacy as now was evidently not the time to do so. Becoming a Martial Sage was of utmost importance.

“Should be soon!” As he sat down crossed-legged below the Demon Head Mountain, Su Mo took in a long breath. His cultivation had been stable for a long time and it was about time to break through to the Martial Sage Realm.

Su Mo raised his focus. He had to be ultra careful against the curse.

“Elder Jia Shen, I will kill you first after I become a Martial Sage!” Su Mo muttered to himself. If he wanted to get rid of the curse, he had to kill Elder Jia Shen.

However, even if he broke through to a Martial Sage, he didn’t have the absolute confidence of killing an Empty God. After all, an Empty God had lived for many years and Su Mo didn’t know what hidden cards they held!

A few moments later, Su Mo waved his arm and a large mountain appeared in front of him.

There was a heap of Spiritual Crystals, so many that they were uncountable. Any Martial Honorable would find it sufficient to last for a hundred years with it.

The Devouring Fighting Soul was activated and Su Mo began to devour the Spiritual Qi on a large scale. Once the Spiritual Qi entered his body, Su Mo began to refine it into the five elemental Dark Force first before merging them into chaotic energy to be channeled into the Chaotic Divine Elixir.

As the Divine Elixir shook slightly, it glowed brightly under the dense Spiritual Qi that covered it. It immediately started to break through the bottleneck of the rank.

Right at that moment, the inner demon appeared.

Qian Xunyue’s figure repeatedly harassed Su Mo’s mind and it slowly started to become a jail that attacked and locked him up.

A sharp sword seemed to attack Su Mo’s Spiritual Soul, causing his Spiritual Soul to vibrate and his mind to destabilize.

Blood Force shook violently in Su Mo’s body and he barely avoided spurting out blood.

The destabilization of his mind was a very grave danger to breaking through of a bottleneck.

At the same time, the Chaotic Sacred Elixir started to shake violently as it was similarly destabilized.

Luckily, Su Mo was prepared for it and he devoured a Buddha Fruit without much delay.

The Buddha Fruit had enlightenment properties and as one achieved enlightenment, the mind would lift and be in high spirits as though it had entered a whole other world.

As such, Su Mo had planned ahead and devoured a Buddha Fruit immediately.

In the next few moments, Su Mo desperately tried to calm his mind and control the Chaotic Sacred Elixir in his body as he refined the Buddha Fruit.

A warm wave of energy flowed out of the Buddha Fruit and entered Su Mo’s mind, allowing him to calm down considerably.

However, although he had calmed himself down, the inner demon still existed.

The white shirt of Qian Xunyue flowed in his mind and continuously attacked him, every sword piercing his Spiritual Soul.

Not only that, the scene repeated thousands and thousands of times. The warm feelings as the two were at Wild Mountain Range and the scene where Qian Xunyue died.

Everything seemed to hook up Su Mo’s memories, bringing back the pain in his heart.

However, Su Mo remained determined. In addition to the increase in strength of his Spiritual Soul and the surge in his mental strength, the control towards the curse had increased with the Buddha Fruit.

As he gritted his teeth tightly, Su Mo focused on controlling his mind and Sacred Elixir while he devoured Spiritual Qi at an even faster rate.

He directly allowed the Devouring Fighting Soul to appear, letting the massive Devouring Void devour all the Spiritual Qi in the Spiritual Crystals.

He wanted to only attempt this once. However, since he could control his mind now, he wanted to dash through the bottleneck in this one shot.

There was only success, he could not fail!

These were the current circumstances that Su Mo had to face since the period of time that the Buddha Fruit could be used was limited and the effectiveness of it would decrease every time he used it.

He still had one last Buddha Fruit with him as he had given the rest to Si Kongyan and the others as to Firmament Palace.

These two Buddha Fruits was his insurance to break out of the curse. If he failed to do so, it would only be a harder challenge for him in the future.

Su Mo knew all this and hence, he increased the speed with which he devoured Spiritual Qi.

Dense Spiritual Qi gushed into the devouring void and entered his body in a huge wave.

This Spiritual Qi was so strong, it was like the waves of the large ocean and the winds in the sky. It immediately started to cause his entire body to shake and almost placed him in a dangerous self-destruction moment.

Right at that moment, blinding light shone from Su Mo’s body. This light was greyish-white in color, similar to the color of Chaotic Qi, but somewhat different at the same time.

This was caused by the Blood Force in Su Mo, the color of the Blood Force dissipating in all directions.

With the Blood Force being activated, the pain around Su Mo instantly disappeared. The reason why his Blood Force was strong was because it was a combination of more than 30 Blood Forces and it strengthened his physical body.

For instance, the Gold Ape Fighting Soul, the Sky Bones Body, and the Colored Glaze Treasure Body could strengthen his body and soul.

Under the effects of the Blood Force, Su Mo’s bones, muscles and blood become incredibly dense, not even destructible by swords and spears.

Thick Spiritual Qi was refined into Chaotic Qi before they entered the Sacred Elixir, causing it to spin as quickly as possible.

This process continued and the Sacred Elixir seemed to have entered a certain bottleneck, increasing the strength of the Divine Elixir greatly.

However, the Spiritual Qi was dense and Su Mo refined it very quickly. It was like a river of chaotic Qi was gushing into the Sacred Elixir.

Dense Spiritual Qi provided a great support and addition for Su Mo to break through the bottleneck of his rank.

Time passed by slowly and the Sacred Elixir in Su Mo’s body spun faster and faster, increasing the aura around him.

A few moments later, the Buddha Fruit had been used finished and Su Mo was left with one last Buddha Fruit to use.

“I have to break through it!” Su Mo gritted his teeth tightly and took out another mountain of Spiritual Crystals to devour.

Boom boom boom!

Booming sounds erupted in his Elixir Field continuously as boundless Spiritual Qi rushed through it.

The speed of Su Mo refining the Spiritual Qi was pushed to his limits and he used all the mental strength that he had to control himself.

Not only did he have to stabilize his mind and overcome the curse, he had to break through the bottleneck.

This took a large toll on his mind and he felt an immense pressure on him.

The breaking through of the bottleneck continued as the curse harassed Su Mo’s mind and pulled on his Spiritual Soul, ripping his mind apart. Without the Buddha Fruit, he would not be able to control his mind at all.

“Faster! Faster! Faster!”

Su Mo urged himself forward. The Buddha Fruit was almost used up. This was the result of him using it too many times before and he had to break through the bottleneck before it was used up.

Bam bam bam!

Hollow sounds sounded from the Sacred Elixir as the ocean full of Chaotic Qi continued to rush in and push through the walls of the realm.

Time seemed to stop as every breath of time was immensely valuable to Su Mo.

The effectiveness of the Buddha Fruit slowly started to decrease and Su Mo knew that he was running low on time.

Su Mo could feel that the control of his mind was getting weaker and weaker as the curse seemed to strengthen.

His anxiety level was raised to its maximum. He was running out of time and could no longer control his mind. Under the influence of the curse, Su Mo felt as though his mind was being pulled away from him.


Right at that moment, Su Mo yelled out loud. All the Chaotic Qi in his Elixir Field rushed into the Sacred Elixir.

This was a highly dangerous method and the Sacred Elixir could break apart under this. However, Su Mo had no other choice and could only bet everything on this move.

Boom boom boom!

Under the pressure of the rush of Chaotic Qi, the Sacred Elixir stopped circulating and started to shake violently, so violently that Su Mo’s physical body shook as well, as though he was undergoing a spasm.

One breath!

Two breaths!

Three breaths!

The invisible realm slowly dissipated as the Buddha Fruit was finally used finish.

Su Mo’s heart seemed to have sunk to the bottom of the earth. Did he fail?

Right at that moment, the Sacred Elixir jerked violently and stopped moving. A large and powerful energy surged out from the Sacred Elixir.

“Succeeded!” Su Mo’s heart jumped in glee and his bright eyes flung open. He was so ecstatic, it seemed that his eyes were bright lanterns shining in the night sky.

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