Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1949 - Good Luck On The Introduction

Chapter 1949: Good Luck On The Introduction

Xu Wushen was silent for very long before he finally persuaded, “Su Mo, although the Space Ultimacy is strong, comprehending it is very difficult and it will take up a lot of your time. It is not an optimal choice for you!”

Xu Wushen didn’t not want Su Mo to comprehend the Space Ultimacy. Instead, he didn’t think that Su Mo should waste his time comprehending it when he was someone with so much potential.

“Su Mo, I also wanted to learn the Space Ultimacy before but I gave up in the end!” Jiang Shenye said. He had tried to learn the Space Ultimacy before but gave up because the difficulty was too high.

For his cultivation and to not waste so much time, he could only abandon learning it.

As such, he felt rather at a loss for words that Su Mo would have the same thought as him.

“Senior, I have comprehended other Ultimacies and the Space Ultimacy is just an additional side Ultimacy. After all, comprehending it will be beneficial for me and I won’t spend too much time on it!” Su Mo said in a serious tone. He would not give up on something just because it was too hard.

“Since you want to learn it, I will help you!”

Xu Wushen nodded his head before he added, “However, you should focus on raising your cultivation with your talents. Don’t waste too much time on the Space Ultimacy.”

Xu Wushen had a first-hand understanding of the difficulty of learning the Space Ultimacy. He had comprehended it for a few hundred years to achieve the enlightenment of it.

Furthermore, the reason why he comprehended the Space Ultimacy was to inherit the path of the ancient times.

That was the reason why his enlightenment of the Space Ultimacy could reach such a level.

However, even despite that, the Space Ultimacy had taken a huge toll on his cultivation rank.

Since the Space Ultimacy was so strong, he had started to disregard cultivation rank and only focused on the enlightenment of the Space Ultimacy. This greatly influenced his growth potential in the cultivation rank.

If it wasn’t the Space Ultimacy, he would have the hopes of entering the Second Rank of the Empty God Realm one hundred years ago.

“Understood!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“Mm!” Xu Wushen lightly acknowledged before he flipped over his palm and retrieved an egg-sized blue Spiritual Stone.

Xu Wushen lightly touched the stone with his fingers and a few moments later, a small change appeared on the Spiritual Stone.

A mysterious energy dissipated from the Spiritual Stone, causing the space around the stone to start to vibrate and flow away from it.

“I have left a bit of my Space Ultimacy energy on this Spiritual Stone and it can last for 50 years. That should be enough to help you in the introduction stage of it. You will have to guide yourself for the later stages of enlightenment!” Xu Wushen said as he handed the Spiritual Stone over to Su Mo.

“Thank you Senior!” Su Mo retrieved the Spiritual Stone and thanked Xu Wushen sincerely. With the Spiritual Stone, he would be able to achieve the Introductory Enlightenment of the Space Ultimacy.

“It is nothing!”

Xu Wushen waved his hand dismissively as he said, “Actually, the top-ranked Ultimacies on the Archean Boulevard Board are not too much different from each other. Any Ultimacy that you comprehend there will be able to defy nature if you achieve enlightenment for it.”

“Understood, the most important thing is the enlightenment rank of it!” Su Mo nodded his head. Even if he comprehended the Space Ultimacy, if the comprehension rank wasn’t high, it would be comparable to any regular Ultimacy.

“Mm!” Xu Wushen nodded his head before he stood up and said, “I have to go and see Senior Bai Tiannan now. Su Mo, I hope you can become a Martial Sage as fast as possible!”

“I will guide you out!” Su Mo immediately stood and ushered Xu Wushen out of his palace.

With that, Su Mo returned to the palace. Jiang Shenye had not left and was waiting for him there.

“Su Mo, what exactly is your relationship with Qing Ya?”

Xu Wushen had left and Jiang Shenye did not hold anything back as he arrived in front of Su Mo and asked curiously.

“Why?” Su Mo broke into a smile.

“I find that Qing Ya is really strange. Her talents are becoming better and better!” Jiang Shenye said in a serious tone.

“Oh? What is it? Tell me!” Su Mo laughed. He naturally knew why Qing Ya’s talents were getting stronger.

The Qing Ya now was a Quadruplet Fighting Soul godly talent. Aside from Si Kongyan and the others, there wouldn’t be many people whose talents exceeded hers.

Furthermore, Su Mo merge the Fighting Souls with the Spiritual Souls when he gave the Firmament Palace people the Fighting Souls. They were real talents who seemed to be born with many Fighting Souls.

Although he had a large number of Fighting Souls, he did not merge them with his Spiritual Soul and he actually only had one Fighting Soul.

However, Qing Ya did not have a special body constitution. Otherwise, her talents would be even more exceptional.

“Qing Ya’s cultivation speed is becoming faster and faster. Logically speaking, the greater the cultivation rank, the slower one’s cultivation rank will rise. However, Qing Ya is the complete opposite of that!”

Jiang Shenye fell silent as he hesitantly continued, “Junior Qing Ya has a Twin Fighting Soul, but I feel that she might have a third Fighting Soul!”

“Triplet Fighting Souls, isn’t that the same as you?” Su Mo asked.

“Her talents might even be better than mine!” Jiang Shenye sighed. Qing Ya’s cultivation rank would soon catch up to his.

Qing Ya had such high talents and Xu Wushen had taken her under his wing as a pro-disciple, giving her a lot of focus of teachings.

“Do you like Qing Ya?” Su Mo fell silent as a joking smile stretched across his face.

“Yes, it is one-way only!” Jiang Shenye sighed helplessly. Qing Ya was pretty and she had an innocent personality. Who wouldn’t like a godly talent like her?

Qing Ya had already become a goddess in many of the people’s eyes.

Even Xue Juntian and Qin Yun wanted to get close to her.

However, Qing Ya did not have such intentions and she maintained her distance from everyone.

“You should just try your best to become a Martial Sage!”

“Su Mo, in actual fact, I am really anticipating you to become a Martial Sage. Once you become a sage, you will definitely rank highly on the King Sage Board!” Jiang Shenye sighed deeply as an eager expression crossed his eyes.

“It is just a ranking!” Su Mo shook his head. He didn’t care too much about the King Sage Board.

“No, it is not just a ranking. There is a King Sage Hall near Levitation Galaxy and Grand Legion Galaxy. Those that rank highly on the King Sage Board will have the opportunity to become Empty Gods!” Jiang Shenye corrected Su Mo.

“The opportunity to become an Empty God?” Su Mo’s eyes lit up. If that is the case, he must head over to the King Sage Hall in the future.

“That’s right. The higher the ranking on the King Sage Board, the higher the opportunity!” Jiang Shenye nodded his head.

“If I have the chance in the future, I will surely go over!” Su Mo said. He would not let go of such an opportunity.

“Oh right, there hasn’t been a human that has ranked in the top ten on the King Sage Board for a few hundred thousand years!” Jiang Shenye sighed. Although there were a lot of humans, the top talents of the universe could not compare to the demonic tribes and clans.

The top ten ranks in the King Sage Board were always dominated by the Dragon tribe, the True Demons Tribe, the Undying Tribe, the Battling Sacred Apes Tribe and the other tribes.

“One will appear very soon!” Su Mo smiled. If he became a Sage, he would sweep off all the Sages in the Infinite Region.

“You are very confident. I will anticipate it when you make it to the King Sage Board!” Jiang Shenye smiled.

Jiang Shenye stayed in Su Mo’s palace for 15 minutes and left after that to head towards Black Death Galaxy.

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