Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1948 - A Good Chance

Chapter 1948: A Good Chance

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Time flew by unstoppably. After a few hours, the wood, metal, fire and water Divine Elixirs fell silent, the sizes of all having shrunk to the minimum.

By this point, the Chaotic Divine Elixir had already grown to a large size, dense aura covering it.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Four light sounds emerged from inside Su Mo’s body as the four empty Divine Elixirs crumbled apart into baseless Dark Force that rolled inside Su Mo’s elixir field.

Although the four Divine Elixirs were devoid of more than half their strength, the moment the Divine Elixirs crumbled apart, the Dark Force that rushed out of them was still terrifying.

“Merge!” Su Mo shouted inwardly as he desperately controlled all the 4 elemental Dark Force to gather towards the Chaotic Divine Elixir before merging them with the Ground based Dark Force in the Chaotic Divine Elixir.

Buzz buzz buzz~~

Under the rush of the boundless Dark Force, the Divine Elixirs vibrated violently. Brighter and brighter light shone from the Chaotic Divine Elixir, its aura increasing tremendously as the ocean of Dark Force rushed towards it.

The merging process had gone smoothly. After a day and night of merging, all the four elemental Dark Forces had merged into the Ground Divine Elixir.

At the same time, the Ground Divine Elixir had completely turned into the Chaotic Divine Elixir. Bright rays of light shone from the Divine Elixir, showcasing the dense forces inside it.

Buzz buzz~~

The Chaotic Divine Elixir rapidly spun around in Su Mo’s body, solidifying and being refined as it shrunk in size.

Half an hour later, the Chaotic Divine Elixir finally relaxed.

“Chaotic Divine Elixir!” Su Mo’s eyes opened in fear as he placed his palms together. He allowed the Chaotic Divine Elixir to be activated. As he felt the energy through it, he smiled in satisfaction.

The merging of his Divine Elixirs into one had increased his overall strength sharply.

However, he couldn’t judge how much stronger he had become and could only have a guess if he exchanged blows with someone else.

This step had been simple and after one day, Su Mo ejected the Ultimacy Crystal from his Spiritual Soul, before entering it into the Divine Elixir.

Once the Ultimacy Crystal merged with the Divine Elixir, Su Mo felt a slight change in the Divine Elixir as a Sage force simmered in it.

By this point, he had already become a Sage-to-be.

“The last step is left!”

Su Mo muttered to himself. The next step would be to rush through the bottleneck of the Martial Sage Realm for him to become a real Martial Sage.

However, this step was the hardest step, especially because there was the curse stopping him as well.

Instead of rushing through the Martial Sage Realm, Su Mo decided to solidify his cultivation base and refine his Divine Elixir.

He needed to stabilize the Sacred Elixir further and grind it into his body.

Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill activated as chaotic energy circled through his body like a rushing river. Su Mo began to cultivate once again.

However, once he stared at the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill, Su Mo found another problem.

He only had one Divine Elixir now, how was he going to use the 5 elements?

For instance, the five elemental martial skills had only the Rank 2 Mastery. He had wanted to use some time to raise their mastery levels to the Rank 3 Realm.

However, now that he did not have the 5 Divine Elixirs, how was he going to raise the rank of it?

Su Mo could not be bothered with his problem. His martial arts way was different from others and he could only rely on himself. He decided to ponder over the matter further once he became a Martial Sage.

As such, Su Mo cleared his mind and stabilized his cultivation base while refining the Sacred Elixir.

When Su Mo started his cultivation, he forgot all about the events of the outside world. Yet, the rumors about him in the outside world continued.

After all, people inevitably talked about the target of the True Demons Hunting Order.

Through the Infinite Region, many people continuously discussed Su Mo’s whereabouts.

The True Demons Tribe became angrier and angrier after each passing day with no news of Su Mo. Yet, no matter what they did, they could not locate Su Mo.

As time flew by with still no news about Su Mo, the True Demons Tribe gave up on him.

At the same time as Su Mo’s fame dissipated through Infinite Region, another rumor emerged that Su Mo had died.

This made many people sigh disappointedly. Although no one had seen personally that Su Mo had died, there was always that possibility. Otherwise, why would Su Mo completely disappear?

Many top talents were disappointed. It was a pity for them to not have met the godly talent that was born once in a millennium.

Su Mo’s fame gradually disappeared and he became a subject of the past as time passed.

However, Su Mo had remained peacefully in the palace of Myriad World Mountain for the past 3 months.

That day, he ended his cultivation and stood up. Someone had come to visit him.

Su Mo picked himself up and opened the doors of his palace to see 2 young man standing in front of him.

Those 2 men were Xu Wushen and Jiang Shenye.

Xu Wushen had not changed much but Jiang Shenye had become much stronger. As he was wearing a white shirt, Su Mo could sense the dense aura and strength around him.

Like him, Jiang Shenye was now a Sage-to-be.

“Su Mo, there are rumors of you being dead in the outside world but I knew you would be in Myriad World Mountain!” Jiang Shenye stared at Su Mo as he smiled.

“I will not die so easily!”

Su Mo laughed before he invited his two guests in, saying, “Please enter!”

Xu Wushen nodded his head before he walked into the palace with Jiang Shenye following closely behind him.

“Long time no see, senior. I have to thank you again for the matter previously!”

Once Xu Wushen and Jiang Shenye were settled in the hall, Su Mo cupped his fists towards Xu Wushen.

Su Mo was being extra respectful firstly because he wanted to thank Xu Wushen for protecting him previously, and secondly because he wanted to seek guidance on the Space Ultimacy comprehension that Xu Wushen had gained enlightenment of.

“We are all fellow sect members, you don’t have to thank me!” Xu Wushen waved his hand dismissively as he surveyed Su Mo. In a low voice, he continued, “Su Mo, you are extraordinary indeed, you are already a Sage-to-be!”

Xu Wushen was surprised by Su Mo’s cultivation speed, as it was not slower than Jiang Shenye’s.

The reason why Jiang Shenye could become a Sage-to-be so quickly was because Xu Wushen personally took him under his wing and gave him plenty of resources for cultivation.

“It is nothing to be a Sage-to-be, I am still a far cry from being a Martial Sage!” Su Mo shook his head humbly.

“With your exceptional talents, you might be invisible among the Martial Sages. Entering the King Sage Board shouldn’t be a problem!” Xu Wushen said in a serious tone.

“Su Mo, I heard that when you were a Rank 9 Martial Honorable, you had the strength of a King Sage. Is that true?” Jiang Shenye stared curiously at Su Mo as his eyes brimmed brightly.

He was stunned when he heard the news and although he was in slight disbelief, he did not seem too doubtful of it.

Now that he saw Su Mo personally, he wanted to clarify the matter.

“I should have the strength of a King Sage now!” Su Mo laughed. Although he had the strength to go against a King Sage previously, that was because he sacrificed Fighting Souls in his attack. If just based on his strength, he would not be King Sage Jin Xu’s opponent at all.

However, now Su Mo was confident that he could challenge King Sage Jin Xu without losing.

“I see!” Jiang Shenye nodded his head. It seemed that the rumors had exaggerated the matter. Su Mo only had the strength of a King Sage when he was a Sage-to-be.

“How long will you two be staying in Myriad World Mountain?” Su Mo stared at his two guests and asked.

“I need to leave immediately to Black Death Galaxy but senior might be staying in Myriad World Mountain for a few days!” Jiang Shenye replied.

“Oh!” Su Mo’s eyes instantly brightened as he heard Jiang Shenye’s reply. This was a good chance for him to seek guidance from Xu Wushen about the Space Ultimacy.

With that, Su Mo turned towards Xu Wushen and asked hesitantly, “Senior, I have a question I need your guidance for. Can I seek your help?”

Since Xu Wushen was right before him, Su Mo didn’t delay and quickly raised his request.

“What questions do you have? Ask away!” A light smile crossed Xu Wushen’s face. He was pleased that Su Mo wasn’t arrogant although he was a godly talent.

“The Space Ultimacy that Senior comprehends is known as an Honorable Ultimacy that is full of mysterious. I am eager to learn the Space Ultimacy as well. Senior, do you have any guiding points on comprehending it?” Su Mo asked sincerely. The Space Ultimacy was incredibly strong and he had a huge desire to comprehend it.

Yet, the moment Su Mo’s words fell, Xu Wushen was shocked and a strange expression crossed Jiang Shenye’s face as well.

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