Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1947 - Merge Into One

Chapter 1947: Merge Into One

Time flew by quickly as Su Mo absorbed himself in his cultivation. There was no day or night in Myriad World Mountain, only a peaceful and serene calmness.

“Su Mo is really at Myriad World Mountain!”

“This is the only place where he can live!”

“He can only cultivate here for 3 years!”

Many disciples will occasionally arrive at Myriad World Mountain from various wormholes. Although there weren’t many, at least one of them would come every day.

The first thing that these disciples saw when they arrived at Myriad World Mountain was the sky full of blood-colored light. Everyone instantly recognized it as the True Demon Hunting Order on Su Mo.

However, none of the disciples took action although they had intentions to do so. Myriad World Mountain was a place they couldn’t act.

After a long while, everyone got used to the bloody sky of Myriad World Mountain.

Time flew by quickly and 3 months passed.

Su Mo statue like body shook slightly, dispersing the dust that had gathered on him. He slowly opened his eyes.

“It is finally at the 5th rank!” Su Mo spat out a mouth of saliva into the air.

After 3 months of comprehension, his Devouring Ultimacy had attained enlightenment from the 4th rank to the 5th rank.

This timing wasn’t considered long as he had continuously been comprehending his Devouring Ultimacy with the spare time that he had.

Th average martial artist would need at least a few years to raise any regular five elemental based Ultimacy from the 4th rank to the 5th.

“It is becoming harder and harder!” Su Mo sighed deeply. The comprehension of Ultimacy was getting harder and harder. Following the enlightenment of the Ultimacy, Su Mo found each progression to understand the core of the Devouring Ultimacy harder and harder to grasp.

He felt that he would need at least 3 times longer to raise the enlightenment of the Ultimacy from the 5th rank to the 6th.

A few moments later, Su Mo allowed his mind to drift, letting out a small thread of Ultimacy. Then, a large wave of devouring power rushed out of his body.

This devouring power was almost identical to the devouring power of the Devouring Fighting Soul since they both came from the same origin.

There shouldn’t be anyone else aside from him who would have this Devouring Ultimacy strength.

Even if others comprehended Devouring Ultimacy, it would not be similar to his.

“It is very strong!” Su Mo nodded his head in satisfaction as he immediately stopped displaying the Ultimacy strength. This Devouring power was strong, and it was about the full strength of when he unleashed his full devouring power when he was still a Rank 3 Martial Honorable.

Once the Ultimacy linked to his Fighting Soul, the force of it would be even stronger and more terrifying.

“Ultimacy Crystal!” Su Mo took a deep breath. The next step would be to create the Ultimacy Crystal. He had to be extra careful for this process.

From Bai Tiannan’s instructions, he had to solidify the Ultimacy strength in his Spiritual Soul before extracting it out to create the Ultimacy Crystal.

This wasn’t a complete extraction as the final crystal had to be linked to his mind before it could merge with the Divine Elixirs.

A few moments later, Su Mo closed his eyes and began to construct the Ultimacy Crystal.

In actual fact, this process wasn’t difficult and it only required the Rank 5 enlightenment of Ultimacy, so time was the only issue.

After Su Mo cleared his mind, he slowly gathered the Ultimacy force in his Spiritual Soul.

Ultimacy force was invisible, but it was an actual existence.

As Su Mo continuously activated and gathered the Ultimacy force, a small, solid ball formed in Su Mo’s Spiritual Soul after 10 days.

This solid ball was only the size of a seed and it was completely transparent, as though it was a tiny diamond.

With the Ultimacy force solidified, Su Mo did not strip off the Crystal from his mind as he still could not merge the Divine Elixirs in his body with the Ultimacy Crystal.

“The most important step!” Su Mo’s eyes flung open as he sighed lightly. He would have to merge the 5 Divine Elixirs in his body into one for the next stop.

This was a difficult process as he had to maintain the equilibrium in the Divine Elixirs to prevent them from exploding.

However, he could not ensure the stability of the Chaotic Energy.

Although the chaotic energy could only maintain its stability for a few dozen breaths previously, the increase in his cultivation rank and the increase in his mental strength had surged such that it should not be a problem to complete the step.

Su Mo began to merge the chaotic energy, finding and maintaining the equilibrium between the five elements.

Due to the large increase in his mental strength, the chaotic energy that he merged could exist for a much longer time!

15 minutes!

Half an hour!

As Su Mo continued to merge the energy, he found the balance between the 5 elements. At the same time, he strained his mental strength to control the chaotic energy, allowing it to materialize for an even longer duration.

Days passed.

Su Mo continued to try and test the chaotic energy. He had forgotten about the concept of time as he absorbed himself entirely into merging the chaotic energy.

After an uncountable amount of trails, Su Mo had lost track of the time but the chaotic energy finally stabilized completely.

A thick mass of chaotic energy circled in Su Mo’s palm, reflecting a greyish-white light.

This chaotic energy had already circulated in his palm peacefully for 3 days while maintaining its stability, there was no signs of it exploding.

3 days of time and nothing had happened to the chaotic energy. This meant that the chaotic energy was completely stable and could last for a long time already.

“Merging of the Divine Elixirs!” Su Mo’s eyes flashed as he sighed deeply. He had to be extra careful with this step. One misstep and he would fall into an abyss.

Before he merged the Divine Crystals, Su Mo fell silent for a very long time as he replayed the process of merging in his mind as many times as he could.

The Elixir Field was like a sea inside his body that stored a vast wealth of Dark Force.

Inside the Elixir Field were the 5 Divine Elixirs that were placed in a circle.

The ground, metal, fire, water and wood Divine Elixirs circled around each other as their auras blended perfectly with each other.

Right at that moment, a sudden, thick Dark Force emerged from the wood, metal, fire and water Divine Elixirs before they rushed towards the ground based Divine Elixir.

Ground, represented the large earth. The earth was known as the mother of nature that could encompass everything.

Su Mo used the Ground Elixir as his root and began the merging process of the 5 Divine Elixirs.

As dense Dark Force continued to surge towards the Ground Divine Elixir, the ground-based Dark Force in the Ground Divine Elixir slowly started to change to chaotic energy.

Dark Force was boundless and invisible. The Dark Force from the 4 other elixirs were like large oceans that contained an immense amount of Dark Force.

Slowly, the color of the Ground Divine Elixir changed to the greyish-white color. However, the aura of it was very unstable and it threatened to self-destruct at any moment.

That was because the ground based Dark Force was too strong, far exceeding the other 4 types of Dark Force. Nonetheless, as the 4 other elemental Dark Forces rushed into the Ground Divine Elixir, it stabilized the Ground Divine Elixir.

On the other hand, the wood, metal, water and fire Divine Elixirs grew weaker and weaker as the Ground Divine Elixir grew in size with bright light shining out of it.

The Ground Divine Elixir had already became a Chaotic Divine Elixir, although it wasn’t fully transformed yet.

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