Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1952 - Entering Heavenly Underworld City Again

Chapter 1952: Entering Heavenly Underworld City Again

Star Guzhou of Ancientspirit Galaxy

Tall and short mountains were interspersed with each other on a barren mountain range.

A cluster of buildings resided in the mountain range, built with splendid décor and grand designs. Tall stone pagodas in the city overshadowed the mountain.

This was Firmament Sect, a new sect in Star Guzhou.

Firmament Sect was officially introduced as a new sect two years before and it invited disciples to join it. In just two years, the number of disciples that entered it had reached the hundred thousands.

Many people wondered where such a sudden sect had appeared from.

That was because it had appeared too suddenly and managed to attract many disciples. It had also competed for resources in the area and hence was challenged by a few other small sects in the star.

However, these small sects were no match for Firmament Sect and they were mercilessly defeated after paying a huge price.

As such, Firmament Sect had gained a reputation for itself through the star.

It was growing smoothly now and it was one of the stronger superpowers in the vast area of Star Guzhou.

Up in the sky and among the clouds, Su Mo gazed proudly down on Firmament Sect.

He was informed by his avatar Suyi about the growth of the sect and these were arrangements that he had made before he left.

After all, the sect was growing quickly and the Spiritual Qi and resources in Tushan Town was limited, so it was simply not sustainable for the strong sect.

As such, two years prior, they had constructed a new area for the sect in a new area

The reason why it was called Firmament Sect was for its safety. While previously they were growing secretly in the dark, now the sect was growing in the public’s eye.

The Sorcerer Tribe would definitely recognize the name ‘Firmament Palace’ and hence, to prevent attracting their attention, the sect was named Firmament Sect instead.

“The Spiritual Qi is not bad!” Su Mo nodded his head silently. Spiritual Qi was dense and thick in the mountain range. Although it could not be compared to the top superpowers, it was much better than Town Tushan.

A few moments later, Su Mo left. He did not stay at Firmament Sect for long and he flew through the starry sky like a streak of a meteor.

He was certain of the progress of Firmament Sect. The Imperial Ancestor Court Faction did not take advantage of them and Su Mo temporarily did not have to worry about it.

“Elder Jia Shen, I wonder if you are in Heavenly Sorcerer Star.” Su Mo muttered to himself as he lifted his head to stare into the sky.

With that, his body flashed and he zipped through the starry sky, heading to the star that the Sorcerer Tribe was at.

He was not headed to Heavenly Sorcerer Star. After all, that was the main camp of the Sorcerer Tribe and there were three Empty Gods there.

He would head to Heavenly Underworld Star first and obtain the resources that he needed.

Su Mo had used quite a number of the Spiritual Crystals with him and was also left with a few Fighting Souls. He had to replenish this stock.

The heavenly Underworld Star side branch was the ideal place to do this.


Su Mo’s body flew across the sky at an unimaginable speed.

His speed had greatly increased now that he was a Martial Sage. Just flying normally was comparable to him standing on the Natal Spiritual Sword to travel.

In just ten days, Su Mo had closed in on Heavenly Underworld Star.

Heavenly Underworld Star was not small and although it could not be compared to the major stars in the Infinite Region, it was a medium-sized star.

As he stared at the Heavenly Sorcerer Star in the distance, Su Mo headed to Heavenly Underworld Star. Although the Heavenly Sorcerer Star appeared close to the Heavenly Underworld Star, it was far off in the distance.

Even with his speed, he needed at least half a day of flying to reach his destination. As such. Su Mo wasn’t afraid of any Empty Gods in the main Sorcerer Tribe branch.

There wasn’t an Empty God in the Heavenly Underworld Star, only the Tribe Leader who was a King Sage.


A few moments later, Su Mo closed in on the nine heavens atmosphere of Heavenly Underworld Star before he slowed down.

“I wonder if there is a protective array around Heavenly Underworld Star?” Su Mo mumbled as he stood outside the Heavenly Underworld Star.

He didn’t want to devour the entire star as that might not be possible and he could not devour the Sorcerer Tribe in a large-scale way.

However, the Heavenly Underworld Star, as the side branch of the Sorcerer Tribe, would have protective measures around it. Su Mo threw aside the thought.

Furthermore, he had to consider whether the Firmament World would have fragments of it being held by the experts in the Heavenly Underworld Star side branch.

If that was the case, there was a possibility of reviving Firmament World.


A few moments later, Su Mo changed his appearance and headed towards the Nine Guards City and Heavenly Underworld City.

Su Mo lowered himself in the air above a dense forest and gazed at the Heavenly Underworld City and Nine Guards City.

“The security is much more intense!” Su Mo uttered. He had stayed at the area previously before and could clearly tell that the Nine Guards City and the Heavenly Underworld City was more heavily guarded.

Outside every city gate were more than ten martial artists securing the area, all of them strong experts who were Martial Honorables.

Furthermore, in every squad was a leader who was a Rank 9 Martial Honorable.

This did not exist previously as the squad leader was typically only a low-ranked Martial Honorable.

Su Mo’s face darkened as he decided to enter Heavenly Underworld City and begin his actions.

A short while later, Su Mo observed the Rank 9 Martial Honorable leader walk out of Heavenly Underworld City and fly to a distance not far away.

The leader was a young man who wore a black shirt. He had a strong figure and a rough appearance.

Su Mo gave a mental thought and activated the Illusionary Technique for his appearance and aura to instantly change drastically to become identical to the black-shirted young man.

With that, he put on a black shirt.

After waiting a while longer, Su Mo flew into the air and he headed towards Heavenly Underworld City.


Su Mo’s figure appeared before the city gates of Heavenly Underworld City.

“Wu Zhen, why are you back?”

Outside the city gates, a middle aged guard immediately asked Su Mo upon seeing him land in front of the gates.

The middle-aged man had mistaken Su Mo to be the black-shirted young man.

“Back to collect resources!” Su Mo laughed before he headed into Heavenly Underworld City, easily infiltrating it.

“This lad really knows how to joke!” The middle aged guard shook his head. That was the first time he had seen Wu Zhen play a joke.

Without thinking much, the middle aged man continued to guard the city gates.

He felt very helpless about the guarding. He was an esteemed elder, but had been actually sent to guard the city gates.

However, he also knew that there was no choice in the matter. After all, the Heavenly Underworld Star had been attacked by Su Mo twice, where so many Sorcerer Tribesmen had died.

The tribe had no choice but to take precautionary measures.

Not only was there an array around the Heavenly Underworld Star, there was an even stronger array in each of the cities. If Su Mo came, he would not be able to easily massacre any city.

If Su Mo dared to attack a city, the array would be activated and the news would immediately reach Heavenly Underworld City.

The Sorcerer Tribe had made sufficient precautionary measures.

“Sigh! There is still six months more!”

The middle aged elder let out a long sigh. He had guarded the city gates for six months and could only finish the mission after six more months.

The guards of the city gates would change once every year.

“Elder Wei, Su Mo might have died already. The tribe doesn’t need to take such measures!” A young guard shook his head after seeing the elder sigh.

“Su Mo is an exceptional talent. He would not die so easily!” The middle aged guard sighed.

“It has already been a few years and there has been no news about Su Mo!” The young guard added.

“According to the calculated time, the True Demon Hunting Order is over. Su Mo might show himself again and now is the time that we enhance our vigilance!” the elder warned.

The Sorcerer Tribe was not dumb and they knew that Su Mo’s strength would be terrifying by now. If he came back, he would inevitably return to the Heavenly Underworld Star.

As such, the tribe had taken precautions. If Su Mo came, he would not return.

“He is chased all around by enemies, how will he dare to return?” the young guard scoffed. He didn’t think that Su Mo would return and attack them.

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