Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1899 - Inflict Fear In the People

Chapter 1899: Inflict Fear In the People

Su Mo gave it his best shot with that blow. He fully activated his chaotic power and the powerful chaotic Sword Qi was filled with destructive aura.

As his mental strength had become stronger, Su Mo’s ability in activating his Fighting Soul became more powerful. He was able to activate more than 30 Fighting Souls in one go.

The vast sword power filled the sky and pierced the universe.

When the people saw the power of the blow, they were shocked.

“How can that be?’ Mo Lin said as he stared at the powerful attack. It was comparable to a blow that was thrown out by an End Realm Martial Sage and it could not possibly be done by a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

However, Mo Lin was not afraid and he countered the attack immediately.

The Ghost Force in his body surged, and he grabbed the saber with both hands. His aura increased tremendously.

A gigantic, Demonic Shadow then appeared on his body and it grabbed the air as though it was grabbing a long saber.


Mo Lin waved his hand and slashed out. The sharp Saber Qi was formidable and its aura was comparable to that of the chaotic Sword Qi.

In an instant, the chaotic Sword Qi and the horrifying Saber Qi clashed together.


The Sword Qi smashed the Saber Qi, and likewise, the Saber Qi destroyed the Sword Qi. Vast Sword Rain and saber radiance shot up to the heavens and hit the ground, engulfing a large area.

The firmament had been pierced through with holes around it and black air billows swirled up from the ground that had been utterly destroyed.

The people who were watching the fight moved back hastily to avoid being implicated.


At that moment, a dim green light shot toward Mo Lin at an incredibly fast speed.

The dim light was sharp and it pierced through the air billows and all other things, heading straight toward Mo Lin’s head.

“Oh no!” When Mo Lin saw the light, he was shocked. Fortunately, he had quick reflexes. He twisted his body to shimmy away from the blow.

However, another ray of dim green light shot out again before he could react further. In an instant, it was already before him.

Mo Lin was shocked. He was familiar with the attack that Su Mo had thrown out.

It was their True Demon Tribe’s Ancient Demon Eye which was specially used to attack one’s Spiritual Soul. Its power was overbearing.

Mo Lin had never expected Su Mo to possess the Ancient Demon Eye as it was simply impossible for that to happen.

However, the dim light was indeed the Ancient Demon Eye.

Mo Lin tried to avoid the blow again but suddenly, something strange happened.

A strong devouring power came over Mo Lin and caused him to come to a standstill just as he was about to move away.

That slight delay had caused Mo Lin to miss out on the opportunity to escape.


The dim green light entered Mo Lin’s head.


Mo Lin screamed and his body shook suddenly. His face turned pale and the pupils in his eyes started to roll back. His mind then went into a temporal state of turmoil.

Su Mo had fully activated his mental strength and the power of the blow was mighty.

Mo Lin would not be able to fend off such a powerful attack unless he had strong mental strength. Apparently, he was not a genius in that aspect and he was severely hit by it.

Su Mo knew that Mo Lin’s combat strength was comparable to his, and the Ancient Demon Eye was his only hope to defeat Mo Lin.


Su Mo was good at grabbing hold of opportunities. After the Ancient Demon Eye had attacked Mo Lin, he immediately slashed out with the longsword in his hand.

Vast chaotic Sword Qi appeared once again and it was like a Death Blade, moving speedily toward Mo Lin to kill him.

Mo Lin, whose mind was in turmoil, did not have the ability to resist the blow and he was slashed by the Sword Qi.


There was an explosion when the Sword Qi slashed past Mo Lin. It blasted Mo Lin’s head and upper body and they were gone in an instant.


Black Demon Blood shot up from Mo Lin’s lower body and the scene was poignant.

Su Mo then stretched out his hand and grabbed one of Mo Lin’s arms and removed the storage ring from his finger.

He was disappointed after checking through the storage ring. Although there was considerable wealth in it, the Ancient Dream Grass was not in it.

Su Mo was depressed. He was wondering if he should continue to wait since he could not find any Ancient Dream Grass around.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if any of you have the Ancient Dream Grass, please hand it over to me and I will compensate you for your loss. If you do not hand it over to me, you will end up like Mo Lin!” Su Mo said loudly as he looked at the crowd that was watching from afar.

The area was dead silent as the people watched Mo Lin’s lower body falling to the ground. They were taken aback.

Mo Lin is dead!

Mo Lin, the Middle Realm Martial Sage whose strength was comparable to an End Realm Martial Sage, had been killed effortlessly. That was astounding.

When the crowd heard what Su Mo had said, they turned to look at him, still in a state of shock.

Is he… truly a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist?

If that is true, Su Mo is no longer considered gifted. He is not a human being!

Baili Liqing and Gao Haoran took a deep breath. Although the three of them were the disciples of Myriad Worlds Mountain and they were geniuses, the two of them felt that their strength was too far from Su Mo’s.

Fan Yunsheng’s expression looked interesting. He almost threw up blood as he had expected Su Mo to be killed by Mo Lin. However, the situation was totally contrary to what he had thought!

He was angry and fearful at the same time, and he hoped that Su Mo would not create trouble for him.

However, when he remembered that Su Mo had saved them before, he felt more at ease.

“Did you hear what I said?” Su Mo’s tone was domineering. He held the sword in his hand and looked at the crowd with an imposing look, as though he was the Emperor.

“That…!” When the people heard what Su Mo had said, their faces turned pale and they started to look at one another.

However, they were not afraid of Su Mo. There were many top powers around and more would be coming to join them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many top powers continued to flood toward them. When those top powers saw the scene, they were puzzled and they stopped to watch.

When they found out what had happened, they were shocked.

“Are all of you pretending not to hear me?”

When Su Mo saw that everyone was silent, his face darkened. He then looked around and rested his gaze on Baili Liqing and Gao Haoran.

“May I know if Brother Baili and Brother Gao have the Ancient Dream Grass with you?” Su Mo asked.

When Baili Liqing and Gao Haoran heard Su Mo’s question, they pondered for a while before shaking their heads.

They truly did not have the Ancient Dream Grass with them. If not, they would be willing to hand it over to Su Mo as they believed that Su Mo would not snatch it away from them since they were from the same sect.

When Su Mo saw their responses, he sighed. He waved his hand and said, “The two of you may leave!”

Su Mo did not make things difficult for them. Baili Liqing was worth befriending and although Su Mo did not like Gao Haoran, he did not want to make things difficult for him.

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