Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1900 - Fear

Chapter 1900: Fear

Baili Liqing nodded his head slightly after hearing Su Mo’s words. Then, he flew towards the Spatial Crack.

At that point, although the entrance to the Spatial Crack had been destroyed, the Spatial Path inside it still existed.

“Su Mo, take care!”

As he passed by Su Mo, Baili Liqing cupped his fists slightly towards Su Mo, his voice was low and the intention behind it was deep.

He knew what Su Mo was trying to do. Su Mo was definitely trying to rob the Ancient Dream Grass from the rest of the people.

This action would mean that Su Mo would be making enemies out of everyone and hence, Baili Liqing tried to warn Su Mo.

Yet, Su Mo remained expressionless and only nodded his head dryly.

Gao Haoran, on the other hand, did not leave straight away. His eyebrows etched together as he hesitantly asked, “Brother Su, Zi Man is my friend, can you…?”

He wanted to take Zi Man out with him as he didn’t know what would happen if he left her behind.

Zi Man looked at Su Mo in anticipation. Even she was feeling fearful of Su Mo.

“If you don’t go now, then stay with everyone!” Su Mo calmly uttered.

“You…!” Gao Haoran’s face instantly fell. However, he didn’t dare to provoke Su Mo then. As he sighed inwardly, he asked Zi Man, “Do you have the Ancient Dream Grass on you?”

“Nope!” Zi Man shook her head.

“Pass your storage ring over to Brother Su to check, he won’t take your other items!” Gao Haoran instructed. With that, he didn’t delay any longer and his body flashed forward as he headed straight towards the Spatial Crack.

Zi Man felt hesitant. However, she could see that Gao Haoran was familiar with Su Mo and since she had a good relationship with Gao Haoran, she was willing to believe him.

With that, Zi Man flew towards Su Mo and lowered herself in front of him.

“This is my storage ring!”

Zi Man took her storage ring from her long, elegant fingers, her face full of reluctance as she handed it over to Su Mo.

The Storage Ring contained everything that she possessed and she was worried that Su Mo would not return it.

If that was the case, she wouldn’t have the ability to steal it back from him.

Su Mo took over Zi man’s Storage Ring and carefully checked through it before returning it to Zi Man. While she had a lot of Pine Flowers in the Storage Ring, she did not have any Ancient Dream Grass.

“Go!” Su Mo waved his hand dismissively.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zi Man’s body flashed and she speedily rushed towards the Spatial Crack.

Many people who witnessed this scene frowned in bewilderment. Was Su Mo really not going to rob them?

However, they would not hand over their Storage Rings voluntarily to Su Mo. This was not only risky, it was also a great humiliation to them.

At that moment, Fan Yunsheng’s face was also as dark as the night sky as Su Mo did not beckon him to leave.

He definitely would not hand his storage ring over to Su Mo because it had valuable treasures inside – so valuable that others would go mad for it.

Fan Yunsheng quickly made a resolution. He would wait. The crowd wouldn’t let Su Mo continue to be so arrogant.

“Everyone, this man has blocked the exit and is acting so arrogantly and outrageously. How about we collaborate together and kill him?”

Right at that moment, a middle-aged expert scanned his surroundings and said in a loud voice.

Many people nodded their heads silently. Although Su Mo’s strength was exceptional, with their numbers, they could easily kill him.


Suddenly, the middle-aged man waved his hand and flew directly towards Su Mo.

Others did not hesitate and flew towards Su Mo as well.

A cold flash of light crossed Su Mo’s eyes as he glared at the mass of people speeding towards him while he sighed inwardly.

Since the crowd did not comply, he could only be vicious with his actions.

Upon seeing that the crowd had entered the radius of the Devouring Fighting Soul’s strength, Su Mo immediately released the Fighting Soul.

Everyone in front of him were experts, and in order to ensure the full power of the Devouring Fighting Soul, Su Mo directly released it.

Instantly, the massive Devouring Fighting Soul rose into the air as a dark black devouring void rolled out and devouring power swept through the sky.


“What is this?”

“Not good!”

Before anyone could close down on Su Mo, a terrifying pulling force swept up them and caused the Dark Force and Blood Force inside their bodies to surge uncontrollably.

Middle Realm Martial Sages were better off as the influence of the devouring power was less significant for them. However, Initial Stage Martial Sages could barely control their bodies.

Swoosh swish swish!!

Right at that moment, Su Mo waved his hand continuously as streaks upon streaks of Sword Qi tore through the sky and speed towards the crowd.

Large Sword Qi that seemed invincible filled the sky with Sword Force.

However, Su Mo did not execute any killing moves as he wanted to give everyone a way out.

This meant that his Sword Qi would strike against many people’s bodies, but would not kill their Fighting Souls.

“Shit, dodge quickly!”

“Everyone attack together!”

Hearts jumped out of chests as screams filled the sky.

Boom boom boom!!

In an instant, a large mass of experts attacked, filling the sky with a mess of attacks.

However, others were also struggling to evade the Sword Qi and did not attack.

The entire battle scene was chaotic.

Although many people had attacked, their attack strengths were weak because of the influence of the devouring power.

Furthermore, these attacks were unleashed in a frenzy and hence they struck out in a complicated mess that were not targeted directly at Su Mo.

Fan Yunsheng had also attacked with the crowd. He knew that Su Mo would not let him leave and hence, he could only join with the crowd’s attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All in a second, numerous attacks struck against chaotic Sword Qi with deafening explosions.

Although the attacks of the many Martial Sages were strong, they could not be compared to the Chaotic Sword Qi.

Painful screams filled the air closely after.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Bone-chilling screams followed the splatter of blood throughout the long sky before blast waves swept through the sky.

Many people had been injured by the Sword Qi and many were also injured by the explosions’ blast waves. More unfortunate ones were struck by both sides.

Limbs flew in all directions and screams pierced ear drums. The entire area turned into a hell’s place.

Blood, explosions, viciousness without pity!

This was the most accurate description of the scene!

Luckily, Su Mo had held back in his strikes and hence, no one died.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

About 40 Middle Realm Martial Sages barely managed to block the blows and pull out of the force of the devouring power. Without hesitation, they retreated backward, out of the radius of the devouring power.

Fan Yunsheng was also strong as he avoided the attack and retreated backward, his face as pale as a sheet.

On the other hand, many experts whose bodies were destroyed had their Fighting Souls leave them. Unfortunately, they were unable to escape the devouring power and they flew helplessly towards Su Mo.


“How could this be?”

“Don’t kill me!”

Screams and shouts escaped the Fighting Souls as they struggled valiantly. Although they were all experts, the situation made them feel completely powerless.

Fear, shock, and disbelief enveloped the area.

Many people stared at Su Mo like they had seen the devil.

Su Mo remained expressionless as he ignored the screams and shouts. Looking at the bodies of the martial artists that flew towards him, he stretched his arm forward and grabbed ahold of them.

These bodies had Storage Rings on them and these were his objective.

In a breath, Su Mo obtained all the Storage Rings of the martial artists. A few storage rings had unfortunately been destroyed.

Limbs and body parts of the martial artists had been devoured by the Devouring Fighting Soul. These bodies contained Blood Force that was valuable to Su Mo.

“You may all go!”

Su Mo sighed a deep breath as he retrieved his Devouring Fighting Soul. He did not want to conduct a massacre and kill innocent men.

It was considered merciful for him to allow the Fighting Souls of the men to leave.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The Fighting Souls did not hesitate to escape through the Spatial Crack after hearing Su Mo’s words as sighs of relief filled them.

With that, Su Mo remained in front of the exit and began checking through all the storage rings.

One by one, Su Mo checked each storage ring carefully for whether they had the Ancient Dream Grass.

In the distance, the 40 people who had managed to escape stared with hatred at Su Mo as their faces filled with unbound spite.

Anyone who witnessed someone killing a few hundred Martial Sages easily could not help their hearts trembling in fear. There was no way they could go against Su Mo.

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